How to insert Order Attributes to Transactional Emails

How to insert Order Attributes to Transactional Emails

Step 1: Take the Order Attribute code

  • Admins need to go Sales > Order Attributes > Manage Attributes, edit Order Attributes that you want to add to the email. Copy Attribute code of Order Attribute.

order attribute

Step 2: Create an email template

Go to Marketing > Communications > Email Template, choose Add New Template (or edit the template you want)

order attribute1

  • Load Template of New Order Email

order attribute2

Insert Order Attribute to the template on any positions that you want. Please follow the structure below:

  • For Input Type = Text, Text Area, Date, Content, Media Image, Single File Attachment
{{depend order.getOrderAttrText1()}}
     <p>{{var order.getOrderAttrText1Label()}} {{var order.getOrderAttrText1() |raw}}</p>

  • For Input Type = Yes/No, Dropdown, Multiple Select, Single-select with Image, Multiple-select with Image
{{depend order.getOrderAttrText1Option()}}
     <p>{{var order.getOrderAttrText1Label()}} {{var order.getOrderAttrText1Option() |raw}}</p>

  • For Single File Attachment, when inserting this code, the attachment will show in the email under the link format. Customers can click on the link to download this file.
{{depend order.getOrderAttrText1()}}
     <p>{{var order.getOrderAttrText1Label()}}: <a target="_blank" href="{{var order.getOrderAttrText1Url()}}">{{var order.getOrderAttrText1Name()}}</a></p>
  • For Media Image, when inserting this code, Media Image is displayed in the email. Customers can click on the link to open the image in a new tab.
{{depend order.getOrderAttrText1()}}
     <p>{{var order.getOrderAttrText1Label()}}: <a target="_blank" href="{{var order.getOrderAttrText1Url()}}"><img title="View Full Size" alt="{{var order.getOrderAttrText1Name()}}" src="{{var order.getOrderAttrText1Url()}}" /></a></p>

In case: Depend tag is used to check whether if the attribute is empty or not, if yes, it will not show the HTML code. OrderAttrText1 is an Attribute code that is capitalized every first letter.

For example:

  • For Order Attribute as Input = Date, attribute code is delivery_time, so you need to add the following code:
{{depend order.getDeliveryTime()}}
   <p>{{var order.getDeliveryTimeLabel()}} {{var order.getDeliveryTime() |raw}}</p>

  • For Order Attribute as Input = Dropdown, attribute code is choose_gift_wrap, so you need to add the following code:
{{depend order.getChooseGiftWrapOption()}}
   <p>{{var order.getChooseGiftWrapLabel()}} {{var order.getChooseGiftWrapOption() |raw}}</p>
  • For Order Attribute as input = Single File Attachment, attribute code is attachment, so you need to add the following code:
{{depend order.getAttachment()}}
     <p>{{var order.getAttachmentLabel()}}: <a target="_blank" href="{{var order.getAttachmentUrl()}}">{{var order.getAttachmentName()}}</a></p>
  • For Order Attribute as input = Media Image, attibute code is media_image, so you need to add the following code:
{{depend order.getMediaImage()}}
     <p>{{var order.getMediaImageLabel()}}: <a target="_blank" href="{{var order.getMediaImageUrl()}}"><img title="View Full Size" alt="{{var order.getMediaImageName()}}" src="{{var order.getMediaImageUrl()}}" /></a></p>

Step 3: Apply the Email Template that you just created

  • Go to Stores > Settings > Configuration, choose Sales > Sales Emails
  • In the New Order Confirmation Template, choose the Email Template you just created

order attribute3

Step 4: Check

  • Place the order on the frontend
  • Check the email that the system has just sent to customers

order attribute4

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