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Magento 2 One Step Checkout vs. One Page Checkout

While there is not much cart abandonment at brick-and-mortar stores, this figure is double in E-commerce, according to recent research by Barclaycard.

The reasons behind this phenomenon can be unexpected fees, difficulty in navigating, or lack of trust signals. Among these problems, online stores should be especially concerned about their checkout page, as this is the most vital factor in a successful checkout.


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One Step Checkout

In default Magento 2, the old one-page checkout containing 6 lengthy steps has been innovated to a new one with only 2 steps. This improvement simplifies the buyers’ checkout process and reduces cart abandonment rates.

Besides this solution provided as default by Magento 2, One Step Checkout extensions are developed to optimize the checkout process with more apparent indicators, convenience, and quicker info processing.

If you are ever confused between Magento 2 One Step Checkout and One Page Checkout, you will get them clear now through this post.

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Magento 2 One Page Checkout

Magento 2 One Page Checkout is a product of default.

Magento 2 One Page Checkout becomes much better than the previous version with a change in the number of checkout steps. Compared to Magento 1, the checkout page in Magento 2 includes only 2 simple steps.

Magento 2 One Page Checkout

You may wonder why the checkout page shows two steps, but people still call it “One Page.” The truth is you perform both steps on the same page. There will be no reloading or redirecting to another page.

After you’ve entered all the required information, the default Magento 2 One Page Checkout will move you to the next step to complete the process.

Instead of the painfully long checkout process, in Magento 2, buyers can proceed much quicker. Moreover, the 2-step indicator makes shoppers feel less overwhelmed, making them more likely to pay. Consequently, your cart abandonment rates will go down, and conversion rates will go up.

Advantages of Magento 2 One Page Checkout:

  • Fewer steps - faster checkout. With fewer steps, Magento 2 One Page Checkout helps customers complete their transactions faster. All operations become more optimized and smooth than those in the multi-page checkout.

Disadvantages of Magento 2 One Page Checkout:

  • Slow loading speed. You may know that there’s nothing free that offers optimal results. This statement makes sense in the case of Magento default. A long checkout page consumes lots of time for customers to load the page. No one has the patience to wait for that.

  • High risk of cart abandonment. Even though shoppers know what they need to fill out, the length of your checkout page can frustrate them. As a result, they’ll abandon carts immediately. Why don’t you use a one-step checkout page instead of two?

  • Anonymous reasons. There are many reasons why customers abandon their carts, and you desire to know why. However, Magento One Page Checkout doesn’t offer advanced analysis to help you track the cause of the problem.

  • Lack of extra features. Magento 2 One Page Checkout doesn’t provide advanced features like gift wrapping, custom delivery date, order comments, and many more.

Magento 2 One Step Checkout

Magento 2 One Step Checkout is an advanced version of the Magento One Page Checkout. All billing, shipping, payment, and review processes are presented on one page, and buyers are not restricted to finishing one field before moving to the others.

While all actions happen on a single page, the key difference is that Magento 2 One Step Checkout can help customers complete the checkout process in just one step.

Magento 2 One Step Checkout

To some extent, Magento 2 One Step Checkout doesn’t completely oppose One Page Checkout. But you can differentiate them based on their quality. One Step Checkout offers a more pleasant customer experience than its counterpart.

Advantages of Magento 2 One Step Checkout:

  • Flash checkout speed. Magento 2 One Step Checkout helps customers save significant time and effort to complete purchases on your online store. After using this module, store owners will be impressed by the growing customer satisfaction and soaring conversion rates.

  • Full concentration. Customers stay on only one page to perform the entire checkout process. In addition, they can implement various actions, such as leaving gift messages, choosing gift wrapping, writing order comments, applying coupon codes, etc., on a single page.

  • User-friendly interface. The guest checkout, IP address detection, and address autocomplete can effectively support customers. With just a few clicks, everything will appear in front of customers invitingly.

Disadvantages of Magento 2 One Step Checkout:

  • A little delay. The loading speed may be a bit slow because customers perform all actions on a single page. However, when compared to the enormous amount of the cut-off time mentioned above, it’s just a minor inconvenience. The total time customers spend on the one-step checkout page is much shorter than on the one-page checkout.


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Magento 2 One Step Checkout vs. One Page Checkout: Which is better?

This comparison table briefly summarizes the main differences between Magento 2 One Step Checkout and One Page Checkout.

Magento One Page Checkout Magento One Step Checkout
Definition The default Magento checkout A Magento 2 extension
Pros - Fewer steps - faster checkout - Flash checkout process
- Full concentration
- User-friendly interface
Cons - Slow loading speed
- High risk of cart abandonment
- Lack of analysis features
- Lack of extra features
- A little delay

After reading the comparison table, you may realize that Magento 2 One Step Checkout has reigned on the throne, knocking out Magento 2 One Page Checkout.

Thanks to the great convenience that Magento 2 One Step Checkout brings, many suppliers on the market have developed and gained a reputation. If you’re looking for a trustworthy and high-quality vendor, Mageplaza is a great choice for you!

Choose Magento 2 One Step Checkout by Mageplaza for your store

Let’s have a closer look at how the Magento 2 One Step Checkout extension by Mageplaza works on your site through the following highlights:

Optimized checkout page

This is an optimized checkout page because two steps of default Magento 2 are now combined into one step only, and they are featured on one single page to optimize the customer experience. All the checkout fields are well-arranged and contain all the needed information for the process.

Quick sign-in and sign-up at checkout

Quick sign-in and sign-up at checkout

One of the most outstanding features of One Step Checkout is that a first-time buyer can register right at the checkout page with some steps. This feature also allows non-login users to log in during their checkout process or continue as guests.

Why is this important in reducing cart abandonment? Customers prefer quicker and less complicated checkout, yet the sign-in/sign-up process can take up to a few minutes. This will terribly affect your cart abandonment rates. Keeping customers on only one page is the aim of Mageplaza One Step Checkout, so it is vital to enable buyers to log in at checkout.

Smart shipping/billing address completion

Google address suggestion is integrated into One Step Checkout, so buyers can easily find their exact addresses after typing only some characters. Furthermore, when a street address is completed, other respective information fields will be auto-filled.

Significant cart abandonment recovery

Mageplaza One Step Checkout offers detailed reports of abandoned carts

In Magento default, if buyers leave the checkout page without buying anything, nothing available can help bring them back. With the Mageplaza One Step Checkout extension, you can detect customers who abandoned carts and send them a series of reminders and offers to get them back to your checkout page again.

Outstanding compatibility

Mageplaza One Step Checkout is completely compatible with various payment methods, shipping methods, third parties, and themes. Let’s look at the following popular compatible objectives:

Payment methods:

  • Paypal
  • Paypal Pro
  • Amazon Pay
  • Bitcoin
  • Google Checkout

Shipping methods:

  • Store Pickup
  • Flat Rate
  • Table Rate
  • UPS
  • USPS
  • FedEX
  • DHL

3rd-party extensions:


  • Porto
  • Yourstore


Both One Page Checkout and One Step Checkout offer solutions for a better checkout page that merchants are looking for.

However, the default Magento 2 One Page Checkout still has many disadvantages in boosting customer shopping experience and reducing cart abandonment rate and checkout time. According to our research, with Magento 2 One Step Checkout, up to 66% of abandoned carts are cut down, and 80% of checkout time is reduced.

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