How to Translate All Texts in Shopware store

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Shopware is an innovative solution for creating online stores, with an ever-increasing customer base due to the numerous benefits it provides and its commitment to innovation and agility to match the current demands of digital business.

Shopware is a platform for the establishment of modern and creative online stores, distinguished by its simplicity of use and emphasis on the emotions of clients throughout the purchasing process. And it is also the ideal tool for creating one-of-a-kind and remarkable user experiences, owing to its versatile and user-friendly environment, which requires no specialized knowledge of web design or programming.

This topic will show you How to translate all texts in Shopware store to complete your online store’s setting-ups.

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  • Activate foreign countries: The first step is to enable international nations so that clients from those countries may register in your store. Make sure that the nations are assigned to the correct area; this will be required later in the VAT regulations.

  • Create categories: Using the globe, you can immediately translate the categories for your languages in the backend under Articles > Categories.

  • Create the shop: You must construct the store depending on whether you want to create a language shop or a sub shop with a different URL. Pay close attention to the correct localization and, if necessary, “Adopt translation,” as well as the setup of the appropriate category.

  • Different configuration for your shop: Eventually, you’ll want to configure the shop differently than your main shop, for example, different address formats or if your payment method requires different login info for the new nation. This must also be considered. When a new store is formed, and the Backend is reloaded, the different configuration options are accessible. You’ll see it on the individual settings modules’ separate tabs:

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Dropdown field configurations can be inherited from the main store or specified separately.

  • Translation: Snippets for German and English are sent by default by Shopware. If necessary, you may add other languages to Shopware at any moment by translating yourself or using a translation plugin from the Shopware shop.

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  • Emails: To successfully internationalize your store, you must also translate your emails. You may accomplish this in the email template module under “Configuration > Email templates” by selecting your email and the necessary content (plaintext or HTML-text) and clicking on the blue globe; this allows you to translate your emails as you would in any other module.

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  • Translating items: Aside from snippets, you must also translate your products, which you may accomplish by clicking the blue globe in the upper right corner of the required fields. The window that follows allows you to translate the content for each language- or sub-shop. Remember to save your modifications!

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The following item based data is transatable:

  • Item name
  • Description
  • Meta-Information
  • Free text fields (if used)
  • Property sets / groups / options
  • Meta Information of images
  • Variant groups / options

  • Testing: After you have set up all of the necessary components, you can begin testing your internationalization. This is where you can see if everything is translated and, more importantly, if all of your payment and shipping interfaces are working properly. If your test is successful, you will have successfully internationalized your shop!

How to translate all texts in Shopware store 6

  • Snippets:

The system texts, such as the Add to Cart button, can be changed under Snippets. Snippets may be found in the administration under Settings > Shop > Snippets. Each language has its own set of snippets. We provide the sets for English and German by default, which already include all system texts in these two languages.

It is advisable to copy an existing collection if you wish to provide your store in another language, such as Dutch.

The individual bits may then be translated into the chosen language. Initially, all texts that you do not translate immediately will utilize the duplicated set.

Alternatively, you may check our Plugin Store to see whether a language pack for your selected language is currently available.

  • Individual texts:

Aside from the predefined snippets, there are specific texts in several places of the shop that must be translated. These can include article names, shipment names, payment names, as well as various descriptive texts or worlds of experience.

  • Languages: Shopware employs the configured languages for individual texts, which may be found in the administration under Settings > Shop > Languages.

The standard system has the languages English and German preset. Additional languages, such as Dutch in this case, can be added by selecting the Add language option.

In the Shopware Administration, a language selection will now appear at the top of any section where translations are available.

  • Translate: We will now demonstrate how to produce translations using a product.

First, open the product overview and, at the top, pick the language in which you produced your product.

You now open the product information for the product you wish to modify.

Change the language selection at the top of the product overview to the language into which you wish to translate your texts.

You will then be presented the product’s language version in the language you chose. All fields may now be translated into the target language. When you created the language, you defined inheritance. As long as you haven’t translated a field, the inherited language’s information will be shown in a somewhat grayed-out typeface.


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