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Most people are familiar with the term Amazon these days. Through AWS, the firm is in charge of everything from the world’s largest online marketplace to cloud computing solutions. Amazon Pay, Amazon’s own payment service provider, is also available. The simple platform guarantees that your consumers can finish their transactions on your website quickly and easily. Things like online donations and regular payments are also supported. Unlike other payment processing options, Amazon allows you to complete your transaction in real time. This means that after you’ve integrated Amazon Pay inside your website, your consumers won’t have to leave to make a transaction. For all of the benefits that it brings to online store owners, we decided to write a post instructing Shopware users on How to install Amazon Pay in Shopware. Let’s get started!

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An overview of Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay is an Amazon checkout mechanism that allows millions of Amazon consumers across the world to log in to third-party websites using their Amazon login and pay conveniently using payment and shipping information from their Amazon account. You can quickly and simply implement Amazon Pay on your website with the Amazon Pay addon for Shopware 6. You only need an Amazon Pay merchant account. Please follow the procedures outlined under “Amazon Pay access information” after creating the account to receive the access data necessary to configure the extension.

Amazon Pay


  • Customers may be verified and confirmed using a trustworthy and reliable login.
  • At no additional expense, protect your consumers with the Amazon A-to-Z Guarantee.
  • Payments in international currencies are supported.
  • Foreign language assistance
  • Payment processing only, no item or shopping cart data transfer
  • Amazon Pay is continually developing to meet the requirements of merchants and customers.

How to install Amazon Pay in Shopware

Let’s see how you can install Amazon Pay in Shopware.

System requirements

Shopware version

The following conditions must be met before installing Amazon for your Shopware:

  • Shopware 6.1.0 or above is required.
  • HTTPS is enabled and a valid SSL certificate is used.
  • Amazon Pay merchant account that is active

Amazon Pay Access Credentials

To acquire the access details needed to configure the extension, you must have a valid Amazon Pay merchant account. If you do not not have a merchant account, you may open one here:

  • Germany (EUR):
  • United Kingdom (GBP):

After logging in to your Seller Central account, proceed with the instructions outlined below.

Step 1: Open Integration Central

Please log in to Seller Central, then pick Amazon Pay from the drop-down menu at the top of the page (Sandbox View). Then, on the top menu, choose “Integration” > “Integration Central”

Integration Central

Step 2: Select an eCommerce service provider

Make the following choices at the top of the page:

  • Website or mobile app for integration (1)
  • Shopware 6 is an eCommerce solution supplier that you may choose from (2)
  • Obtain Directions (3)

Integration Central 2

Step 3: Select “Create API keys” in the “Create API keys” dialog box

First, scroll down to the section “API access”, then select the Create keys option. If this button is not accessible and instead displays “Add Store ID”, click it first and then proceed to the next page to create a new application. Return to the original page by selecting “Integration” > “Integration Central” from the top menu once the application configuration is complete. The Create keys button should now be available.

API keys

Step 4: Generate API keys

Give the key pair a name in the dialog window and then click “Create keys”. A file containing the “Private Key”, which is akin to a password, will be downloaded to your computer. It should be kept in a secure location, much like a password, and never exchanged via an insecure channel like email. A subsequent import dialog will be used to upload the Private Key to the Shopware instance.

Create API keys

Step 5: Write down your login credentials

Please keep the following information in mind when setting the extension:

  • ID of the store
  • ID of the merchant
  • ID of a Public Key

Login credentials

Step 6: Generate a Buyer Test Account

A test account is necessary to login to Amazon in the sandbox environment in order to test the checkout. To create this account, go to the top menu and select Integration > Test Accounts, then click “Create a new test account” on the next page. Fill in your name, email address, and password, then choose a delivery address that is representative of the nations you are helping with your business (for instance, an address in the UK, in Ireland and maybe in Germany). To complete the buyer test account creation, click Create Account when you’re ready.

Installation via Shopware Community Store

Go to Extensions > My Extensions and download and install the Amazon Pay extension in your administration.

It is critical that you have already logged in with your Shopware account and licensed the extension in the store.

You may activate the extension using the button to the left of the extension after it has been installed.

Manual Installation

If the extension is already accessible in your Shopware account, you may download it from the Merchant area.

  1. Select Extension >My Extensions from the backend menu.
  2. Select an Upload Extension
  3. Select the ZIP file you already downloaded and confirm.
  4. Wait until the extension has been uploaded and the installation has been validated (may take a moment)
  5. After the upload has been completed successfully, enter the right-hand menu for the new entry, select “Install”, and wait for the “Success” prompt.
  6. Activate the extension using the center selection on the same screen.

Manual Installation


A payment gateway is the greatest solution if you want to improve your clients’ online purchasing experience by providing a secure, reliable, and rapid payment system. Adding Amazon Pay as a payment option has the potential to attract a large number of customers who trust and are acquainted with Amazon. We hope that our blog post has been helpful in setting up Amazon Pay in your Shopware businesses.

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