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Customers are the most critical asset when it comes to both brick-and-mortar and online businesses. Good customer support services may be a game-changer for your organization in today’s complicated and competitive eCommerce field. While eCommerce customer support services may provide answers to your clients’ questions, they also help create consumer confidence, which encourages them to make a buy. That’s why today’s tutorial will show you how to get Support in Shopware.

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The importance of Support sections in Shopware

User experience is the most crucial factor in turning a one-time visitor into a long-term client in the online world. On the internet nowadays, there are several distractions that might deter prospective buyers. A few examples include various forms of social media and YouTube. The browser window of your prospective consumer may be closed at any time. The customer experience may make all the difference in this case—competitive advantage: Having a devoted consumer base is a good thing. Your business’s reputation may be enhanced via the use of eCommerce customer support services, and as a result, online buyers are less likely to consider switching to another brand. You may gain the trust of your consumers in this manner. Keeping and gaining consumers’ confidence is one of your eCommerce business’s primary goals. Customers’ questions may be answered, and your online reputation can be improved with extensive customer service.

The importance of Support sections in Shopware

When a consumer receives real-time service, their frustration disappears. When customers have questions about payment and checkout, you may help them by integrating the eCommerce accounting system with customer support services. It reduces the number of people who give up on a project. No one will quit a shopping cart during a transaction if they are not annoyed. You may also reap the benefits of cross-selling and up-selling because of satisfied consumers. Online marketing might benefit from customer care services. You might focus your web marketing strategy on making it easier for your customers to use. You may use promotional material to persuade prospective clients that your customer support services address their concerns and questions. Using forums and social media, you may draw attention to your company’s stellar customer service department.

How to get support in Shopware

Request support for customers

Customers who have purchased a commercial license and are currently subscribed to a software subscription may request manufacturer assistance. Customers that use the Community Edition will not be eligible for any help from Shopware.

Request support for customers

If you want technical assistance for any client projects, you should contact Shopware support.

Create support ticket

It is possible to submit a support ticket in the Partner section > Support. This may be accomplished by clicking on the icons Request support or Request developer support in the upper right corner.

Choose the client store for which you want assistance and jot down your issues, including the login information for the Shopware administration, the database, and PHPMyAdmin, in a separate document. The Support Team of Shopware will get in touch with you as soon as possible using the support form on your account. The complete contact with the Support Team happens only via the partner account and not through any other communication channels. You will get an email from the Support Team informing you that they have responded to your request.

Receive response

The response time for a support ticket that has been generated is dependent on the subscription. There are four distinct subscription tiers to choose from Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. The response timeframes range from three working days and two working hours, depending on the complexity of the request. Please keep in mind that the response times for developer help vary from those for customer assistance.

You will receive response in three days

Shopware support and extension support

Shopware’s Technical Support staff may be contacted via the Support portion of the partner account, or you can create a support request for an extension using the Support section of the partner account. You or a client bought extensions from the Community Store but are experiencing technical difficulties? Shopware’s Technical team will handle your problems. Then, using the support form provided by the extension manufacturer, you should seek assistance.

Support for extensions

Support section

All support tickets submitted by your clients in relation to your extensions will be stored in the Support section. The “support overview” displays all of the open tickets for your goods in the order in which they were received. This enables you to see at a glance the requests you have to deal with at any given time, saving time. If you choose All, Open, Answered, or Closed from the drop-down menu, you may modify the view and show the tickets based on their respective state. On the right-hand side of this line, you will discover the filter, which can be used to sort the tickets based on the phrases they include, as shown in the example.

Support section

The tickets are displayed in the column Ticket ID, and they are ordered according to their unique ID. When you click on an entry, the ticket for that entry is opened, and you may read the history. Your client has described the nature of his issue in the email’s subject line. If you sell various items, you can determine which products were targeted by the ticket by looking beneath the extension field. The name of the client is shown in the following column. Behind it, you can see the current state of the ticket (open, answered, closed), as well as the deadline by which it should be responded to. The “eyes” sign allows you to see more information. Configure email for assistance is presented in the bottom portion of the screen. If new support requests or responses are received, you will be alerted through email to the address you provided. If you wish to change, just choose the Edit email address option from the drop-down menu.

Configure tickets

When editing a particular ticket, you have two options for seeing the information: Messages and Notes. The general information about the ticket, which is presented on the right-hand side of the screen, is always visible. In this section, you may see information about the ticket you are now amending, including its ID, when it was made by a customer, who created it, and what domain can be used to access the customer’s store. You can check which Shopware version is being used, which extension the ticket was created for, and which version of your product the client is now operating in the section below.

The general information about the ticket

In the end, you may view the support status, which includes information on whether or not a valid subscription is available, as well as how long the subscription is valid. When you look at the last piece of information, you can see by what date the consumer should have gotten a response.

This page displays the ticket’s status as it has progressed thus far. You will be able to examine your customers’ contributions and your responses in chronological order. An image of the preceding procedure is presented above the “Write a response” option. You may examine the client’s responses as well as your own in chronological order on this page. There are a number of formatting choices available in the header of the reply section. You may also make lists and include hyperlinks and pictures in your documents.

This page shows the progress of the ticket

The button on the right side of the editor allows you to zoom in and out to full-screen size and back again. You may type your response in the white note area. If you want to format your text using HTML tags, you may switch to the HTML editor by selecting Edit > Switch to HTML Editor. To send files, click on Add attachment and then pick the files you want to send. Once you have completed editing, you can submit your input by clicking the Send response button.

Using the notes feature on an open ticket allows you to make remarks on the issue without the customer seeing them.

The Notes section

The existing notes are presented in chronological order in the top section of the screen. You may then utilize the Add note feature to add more text. Your text will be included if you click on the Save notice button. Notes that have been saved can no longer be changed.

Limited time to response tickets

Because your consumers have come to anticipate rapid responses, you will have four days to react to their tickets. This is also included in your manufacturer’s agreement.

Are you able to answer in less than four days? That’s fantastic! It will be noted in your manufacturer’s profile that “This manufacturer responds promptly/very quickly to support inquiries” as a result of your vigilance.

The guideline when missing the response time limit

In the event that tickets are still available, Shopware will send you an email reminder to the default contact address. If these tickets are not replied to within three business days of the reminder, Shopware will issue another reminder with a processing deadline of approximately three business days. If this period passes without a response, the administrative staff will contact you by phone to discuss the situation and possible solutions. After then, if the phone conversation were unsuccessful, the administrator would delete your applications from their respective stores and suspend the commission payment until you contact them again.

You can be banned by the Shopware's staff when missing the response time limit

About the award

Obtain the honor “This manufacturer reacts swiftly to support requests” if you reply to your support tickets within three days of receiving them.

The award “This manufacturer responds exceptionally fast to support queries” is given out if you react in less than a day on average.


According to the terms of your manufacturer contract, you are expected to offer a problem patch within eight business days of receiving the issue report. If you need the support from Shopware Support team, you can visit this link.

Support during vacation

Given that these are your extensions in the shop, and because you are the authority on your extensions, the burden for providing help falls on your shoulders. Please make sure that your customers are aware of the support alternatives accessible to them if you are unable to provide them with direct assistance.

Migrate support tickets

“Is it feasible to transfer the support tickets from another system to my system?” The ability to move support requests to other systems is not available at this time, unfortunately. Shopware is currently working on a solution for the foreseeable future, but no specific timetable has been established.

Final Words

We hope this short tutorial will help you understand how to get Support in Shopware. Customer support services are essential for both online and offline companies. In a highly competitive business world, it may help your brand remain one step ahead of the competition. eCommerce customer support services may be very beneficial to your company in a variety of ways, from developing a long-term connection with clients to expanding your brand online.

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