How to Create and Edit Sorting Options in Shopware

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Designing sorting options for stores in eCommerce in general and Shopware, in particular, could be very beneficial as it helps to improve your site’s organic traffic, enhance customers’ shopping experience as well as boost sales and revenue. Therefore, any shop needs to be customized with sorting options to make your stores more functional and professional. However, it is not a piece of cake when you do not know about it because you will need skillfulness not to endanger the position in your search results.

This is why we have come up with this piece of article to help you know in detail how to create and edit sorting options in Shopware. Now, let’s thrive in learning how to do it and take your Shopware store to the next level.

Table of contents

An overview of Shopware sorting options

With sorting options, you can create and edit them according to which products in the Product Listing will be sorted. The overview within this area aims to list every sorting option created with the inclusion of the criterion’s indication that the sorting can be done. Moreover, it also includes the priority where the option order will be available in your front end. And you could also modify the priority easily by clicking on your current priority two times.

Those options of sorting will be available to consumers in your front end for soring the listing of products accordingly. In your Theme Standard Responsive, you could notice your dropdown menu that could help you select your sorting option being located on your right side above your product listing.

How to create and edit sorting options in Shopware

Now, spend time reading how you could create and edit sorting options in Shopware. In doing so, you see on your right side near every sorting option, you can explore your “context menu” where you could be able to edit as well as remove your sort options. Here, the “Add option” button will take you to another screen to create a new one.

Step 1: Create the sorting options

After you have finished clicking on that button, you will encounter the below screen:

Create the sorting options

In the “General” section, you are supposed to fill in the option name, then decide if it needs to be active and therefore become available for consumers in your front end. On the other hand, in the “Sorting criteria” section, every chosen criterion that the sorting option is sorted will be selected. At first, the sorting will be done in accordance with your sorting criteria with its highest priority, then in accordance with the criterion with a lower priority.

Use your dropdown menu to add a new criterion to your sorting option. Some criteria that are available are release date, product review, product stock, product name, product price list, custom, field, sold units, and product number.

Step 2: Edit the sorting options

That is what you need to do when creating sorting options in Shopware. However, there are several cases that you prefer to edit, there is a good way to perform this task. In this situation, you could choose to add the “custom field”. Then, this activity assists you in opening one dropdown menu by hitting on it two times. Here, it is possible for you to choose the wanted custom field.

Edit the sorting options

Proceed to the next step by double-clicking on the section “sequence” in order to determine if your respective criteria are sorted in descending or ascending order. Then, do not hesitate to click on the section priority two times for changing each criterion’s priority. On the flip side, the section “context menu” that lies on your right side could help you remove the criterion that has been created.


In conclusion, sorting options are of great significance to the overall performance of your Shopware store. Without it, your store will become a mess without function, thus decreasing the satisfaction of customers who shop in your store. So, you should accomplish this task as soon as possible in order to make it get ahead with uninterrupted success. Hopefully, you will enjoy our tutorial and find it helpful. Also, keep yourself updated with our upcoming tips and tricks!

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