How to Connect Sendcloud Shipping to your Shopware store

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Sendcloud is an eCommerce shipping software that streamlines the entire shipping process by offering an all-in-one solution. Shipping labels can be printed straight from the Shopware administration panel and are billed through the Sendcloud account. You can select from a range of delivery options, and buyers can specify how they want their products delivered. For instance, based on the shipping method’s setup, when you select a shipping option, a map appears that displays parcel collection & drop off services that can receive the parcels.

This article will show you the easiest way to Connect Sendcloud Shipping to your Shopware store.

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What is Sendcloud Shipping?

Sendcloud is the leading eCommerce shipping solution in Europe. We offer an all-in-one solution that aids in the optimization of your entire shipping workflow. Spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on what matters most: expanding your internet business. Sendcloud is used by over 10.000 online merchants; join the revolution today!

Key Features:

  • Checkout: Increase conversions by giving multiple delivery methods during the checkout process.
  • Picking: Orders are picked up to seven times faster.
  • Shipping: Streamline your shipping process using automation.
  • Notify: Send Branded Tracking Notifications automatically.
  • Returns: Streamline your return procedure by automating it.

Why might you need Sendcloud Shipping for your Shopware store?

According to research, over 66% of all shoppers abandon the checkout process owing to a lack of delivery options. By connecting your Shopware store to Sendcloud, you gain quick access to all major carriers on the market, enabling you to offer all available shipping ways throughout the checkout process. Your customers can select the service point at which their delivery should be delivered using our location picker.

After connecting your Shopware store, you may convert your purchases to shipping labels and print them all in a matter of seconds. If you have a query about an order, the shipping dashboard’s extensive search option will help you locate the answer in a matter of seconds. This is how you may save valuable time while expanding your internet business.

With the customizable Track & Trace tools, you can keep your customers informed about the status of their order as soon as it ships. Whether it’s the tracking page or the tracking emails, you may use our easy-to-use editor to tailor the entire tracking procedure to your store’s aesthetic and send the appropriate message at the appropriate moment.

How to Connect Sendcloud Shipping to Shopware store

Step 1: Install the Sendcloud App

Navigate to Settings in your Shopware backend and click on the Plugin icon.


Go to the Shopware shop in the plugin settings to be sent to the Shopware marketplace. Type Sendcloud into the marketplace’s search box and click on the application.


Add the application to your purchasing cart.

Add the application

Select your shop and license domain on the checkout page and click the Send Order button.

Send Order

Visit the plugins page in your Shopware backend and click the Licenses tab. There you’ll discover the Sendcloud plugin, which you can download by clicking the appropriate button.


Click on the My Plugins tab. Select Install. Please activate the plugin after installation by clicking the switch next to it.

My Plugins

Step 2: Connect the Sendcloud App

On the left navigation bar, browse to Orders and select the Sendcloud option. If this item is not separately mentioned, you can locate it under Orders. It will display a screen with the Sendcloud logo and the text Login or establish a free Sendcloud account.

Connect the Sendcloud App

Connect by entering your Sendcloud credentials. The dashboard panel will appear once the account is connected. Please note that the notice will be displayed if your Sendcloud account does not have Service Point enabled. You will be redirected to your Sendcloud account page after clicking the Go to Sendcloud button.

Step 3: Create new shipping labels

3.1: After successfully connecting to Sendcloud, shipping labels for orders can now be created in the Orders section.


  • Shipping method (1): This column indicates the Sendcloud shipping method used for this order. This can be modified in the order’s details section.
  • Shipping labels (2): Here, you can construct the proper label for the Sendcloud shipping method you’ve selected. Depending on the shipping option selected, the cost of creating a label may vary.
  • Context menu (3): This menu allows you to view and amend the order’s information. Here, you can modify the Sendcloud shipment method.

3.2: Connecting to Sendcloud expands the delivery possibilities in the Order details area.

Order details

The Sendcloud Package Status (1) enables tracking of the current package status as reported by the shipping service provider.

If the option Enable Service Point Delivery is enabled for the shipment method selected under Settings > Shop > Shipping, the Service Point Delivery (2) option indicates the customer’s preferred delivery location.

The Sendcloud shipping method option (3) enables you to alter the shipment method specified for an order after it has been placed in edit mode. Following the name are the rates for each shipping method.

3.3: Produce a Label

Once the shipping method has been decided, a label containing the necessary information about the order can be prepared. This process can be started directly from the order overview by clicking the Create label, or from the order details page. Additionally, you may use this location to initiate the development of a label in the delivery area.

Produce a Label

After creating the label, it can be downloaded using the Download label (1) command or cancelled using the Cancel label (2).


With just a few steps, this is how you have connected Sendcloud to your Shopware store! No more manual rework necessary. This saves you significant time and might boost the efficiency of your business.

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