How to Change the Booked Plan for a Shopware Store

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Shopware is an Open Commerce platform that powers all aspects of an eCommerce business, supports any business model and growing, and provides individualized customer experiences and loyalty. With the assistance of a global network of developers, Opensource software may be tailored to suit business requirements.

Shopware may be utilized in either B2B or B2C company formats and is available in both cloud-based and on-premise options. The Shopware admin tools have a basic, straightforward layout and are simple to set up. Setting up processes and standards for customized pricing, delivery, and content is possible using the Rule Builder tool.

This article will show you How to Change the booked plan for a Shopware store to complete your online store’s setting-ups.

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How to change the booked plan for a Shopware store?

Method #1: From the admin area

Step 1: Open Plans & Billings

You can view the edition booking under Settings > Account > Plans & billing once you’ve entered into the administration of your cloud instance.

To reserve the Professional Edition, click the Continue in the Cloud option. The booking assistance is now activated.

We invoice the fees using PayPal. You may link your PayPal account by selecting the Connect to PayPal option in the payment method area.

You may also set up several PayPal accounts and choose which one is used as the default payment method. Alternatively, you can link a PayPal account during the booking procedure.

-Information on billing: If you have previously linked your shop to your Shopware account, the business information will be pulled immediately from your Shopware account. In this instance, you can either verify the data in the store administration under Settings > Account > Company or in the Shopware account and edit it if required.

Step 2: Change the plan

As previously stated, we charge the incurred expenses using PayPal. If you haven’t yet added a PayPal account, you may immediately click the connect new PayPal account option. When you click the button, you will be sent to PayPal to log in to your account.

After you’ve added a PayPal account, click the Save button to go to the summary, where you may complete the booking.

If you already have a PayPal account set up as your default payment option, please skip this step, then go straight to the summary page.

Step 3: Plan Completion

Following that, you will receive a summary containing the selected payment information, billing details, and plan.

Before completing the booking, you must agree to the terms and conditions.

Please leave the booking assistance if you need to make changes to the details before booking.

Change your PayPal account by going to Settings > Account > Plans & Billing. You can manage existing PayPal accounts or create new ones there. In the Cloud environment, the default payment method is utilized for invoicing.

Billing information is kept under Settings > Account > Company.

When you return to the booking wizard, you may pick the chosen edition and the updated information will be implemented.

Method #2: From Shopware account

Step 1: Open Shops

In the Merchant part of your Shopware account, you will discover a list of your cloud-shops under Shops.

You may discover which version is presently reserved for the particular stores right away. To reserve a copy, click the book now button. If you have not yet built a cloud store, you can use the button build new shop to summon the shop-creation helper.

Step 2: Change the plan

You will be directed to the next stage in the assistance by clicking on the button book plan with the appropriate version.

-Information on billing: When booking a Professional Edition through the Shopware account, the account’s default billing information is utilized. If this information is available, it is loaded into the background and the step is skipped. If your Shopware account does not have billing information saved, you will be prompted to fill out a form to input the information.

Step 3: Plan Completion

We utilize PayPal to settle any costs that may arise. As a result, under the Shopware account, PayPal must be configured as the default payment option. If you do not already have a PayPal account in your Shopware account, you may add one in this step by selecting the Define as standard payment method option. You will be redirected to PayPal, where you may log in with your PayPal account.

Finally, you will receive a summary containing your selected edition and the saved PayPal account.

Before completing the booking, you must agree to the general terms and conditions.

Notes when changing plans on Shopware

The following prerequisites must be satisfied in advance in order to book an edition.

-Company information is saved in the Shopware account:Enter your general contact details and billing information under Settings > Account > Company.

-PayPal in Administration: You can link your PayPal account after the company information has been saved. After clicking the button Connect your new PayPal account, you will be sent to PayPal for this reason.

The fees for the cloud instance are invoiced using PayPal. In the article fees, you may find out exactly which costs may occur and how they are made up.


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