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Magento 2 Who Viewed This Also Viewed extension by Mageplaza allows suggesting a group of related products which are viewed by other customers in a period of time to the current viewer. This is an effective tool for online stores to introduce cross-sell or up-sell products, and boost up sales significantly.

  • Various product types and Categories
  • Show in various positions
  • Slider or Grid display
  • Filter View
  • Add to Cart/Wishlist/Compare also-viewed products
  • Set time by day(s) to collect results
  • Looking for REST API, GraphQL? ETA: 2-4W Chat now.


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Magento 2 Who Viewed This Also Viewed for Magento 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x

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2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x

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Who Viewed This Also Viewed

Who Viewed This Also Viewed for Magento 2

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Who Viewed This Also Viewed for Magento 2

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Problems and Solutions

As a customer, you are likely to be curious about what products are also concerned by others. You would like to know to view accordingly and find the preferred items more quickly.

The common block - “You may also like” is also a suggestion for customers but it lacks credibility. Customers can easily realize this is some kind of promotion plan of the store.
As a result, they do not pay too much attention to this kind of products.

Magento 2 Also Viewed extension helps stores show to customers the items which are exactly clicked on and viewed by other store visitors. As a result, this suggestion can be seen as a reliable report and customers tend to be more concerned about and make further purchases

It is easy to mix sales opportunities with also-viewed product suggestion. Stores can do cross-selling and up-selling with the recommended products of the higher price, or from the same categories.

A customer can know the action view of others, know the concerned products, find the related items. As a result, they can quickly find out their favorite items and find the store suggestions helpful. They feel satisfied and would like to come back next times.

Various product types and categories

Customers Also Viewed extension allows displaying suggested products with various product types. Therefore, there is not any restriction for stores to show suggested also-viewed products to potential customers.
In details, the extension supports product types including:

  • Simple Product
  • Configurable Product
  • Group Product
  • Virtual Product
  • Bundle Product
  • Downloadable Product

Besides, products in any available categories can be shown with ease just via clicks for selecting from admin backend.

Various positions to display

To make the suggested products become more visible and reach customers better, the extension allows admins to select where to display also-viewed product block. Here are 8 strategic positions:

  • Top of Content
  • Bottom of Content
  • Replace Related Products
  • Before Related Products
  • After Related Products
  • Replace Up-sell Products
  • Before Up-sell Products
  • After Up-sell Products

Depending on each sales campaign, store owners can decide where to show the also-view product lists suitably and effectively.

Multi-line or slider block layout

Interestingly, the suggested product block can be shown in two different style: multi-line or in slider. With Multi-line style, also-viewed products will be listed in static rows. This style is suitable when there are not many products and customers can take a look quickly all items.

Meanwhile, Slider style helps stores show suggested products in a moving slider, which makes the appearance more vivid and eye-catching by moving effect. Slider works effectively when there are many products to show and attract customers’ notice.

Filter View

A noticable and important feature of Magento 2 extension: Who Viewed This Also Viewed is filter function. The Customers also-viewed products are suggested to customers and displayed based on a specific similarity. From the admin backend, admins can easily select conditions below to filter a group of similar products:

  • With higher price: Only show also-viewed products with a higher price than the currently-viewed product.
  • In stock: Only show also-viewed products which are available in stock.
  • In the same category: Only show also-viewed products which are in the same category with the currently-viewed product.

Filtering suggested products aims that customers are not confused and focus on a product group with the same specific criteria easily.

More features

Limit suggested results

Set the maximum of recommended products

Time setting

Set time by day(s) to collect suggested results

Sort results

Arrange the products in the block by name, price, relevancy or stock quantity

Extra actions

Easy to Add to Cart/ Wishlist/ Compare also-viewed products

List display

Two ways to show the product list: Ajax or Block

Mobile friendly

Properly display on both PC and mobile devices

Full Features List

For store admins

  • Enable/ Disable the module
  • Set title for the also-viewed product block
  • Select Product types to apply
  • Select Categories to apply
  • Select how to show: Ajax or Block
  • Select display position of the block
  • Select display types of block: Slider or Multi-lines
  • Set the limitation of suggested product quantity
  • Select criteria to filter suggested products
  • Select criteria to arrange results
  • Set time by day(s) to collect data
  • Select actions appearing on suggested product block
  • Compatible with Mageplaza extension: Quick view, Who Bought This Also Bought, Newsletter Popup, Automatic Related Products...

For customers

  • Be suggested related products to the current products they are viewing
  • Saving time in searching for products
  • Have better shopping experience


Who Viewed This Also Viewed can be applied to all product types including Simple Product, Virtual Product, Bundle Product, Downloadable Product, Configurable Product and Group Product.

Yes, all the available categories of your store are supported in this extension.

There are two styles including Ajax and Block. With Ajax, results will display some seconds after the page is loaded. While with Block, the results will display immediately when the page is loaded. Ajax for better accuracy while Block is better for user experience and SEO

There are 8 places to show the block: Top of Content, Bottom of Content, Replace Related Products, Before Related Products, After Related Products, Replace Up-sell Products, Before Up-sell Products, After Up-sell Products

The products can be shown in a moving slider or in static multi-lines.

Yes, you can set the maximum of products quantity from Limit Number of Products Section from the admin backend

Yes, it can be done easily from the Show only Products section from the backend.

From Check Data in the last (days) section, please fill a number of days to collect the data.

Yes. You can select to arrange the order by price, name, relevancy or quantity in Sort By section.

Yes, you totally can do it. The extension support you to add the recommended items to Cart/ Wishlist/ Compare list quickly right from the block.


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05 February 2021

Filter feature

I love the filter feature because now I can set and change conditions based on my campaign at that time. And thanks for being supportive all the time. I definitely recommend this extension.

Racky -Verified Purchase
02 February 2021

Cross-selling and up-selling

More sales are coming and this is great. Highly recommend this extension. Great solution to expand customer shopping cart. Cross-selling and even up-selling is possible. Look forward to more solutions from you.

Aniya White -Verified Purchase
26 January 2021

Another good one

I've purchased a few times before and this time Mageplaza still doesn't let me down. This one is good for anyone who wants to cross-sell your products. A good way to go!

Claire McGuire -Verified Purchase

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