How To Pay A Supplier Bill With A Check In Odoo

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It is impossible to place an adequate amount of importance on the part that invoices and other forms of billing play in the process of keeping a record of the business’s activities. Invoices from suppliers are only one of the various types of invoices that are commonplace in commercial settings.

An invoice from a supplier is a document that is used to record the money that is owed to the provider, as well as any taxes that are relevant to the transaction in question. When a buyer receives an invoice from a supplier, this does not always indicate that the buyer is also billing the supplier.

Simply put, it is a phrase that is commonly employed in professional settings. You have the option to pay a supplier bill by check once you have made the decision to pay the payment. That’s why today’s guide will show you how to pay a supplier bill with a check in Odoo. So, let’s dive in!

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Importance of supplier bills in eCommerce

Invoices are the most common method for documenting monetary transactions that take place between two parties. An invoice from a supplier details the amount of money owed to the provider in return for the services or products the supplier has provided.

Supplier bills in eCommerce

In its most basic form, it is a bill of sale written from the supplier’s perspective, placing him in the accounts payable category. The unpaid products or services he provides must be listed on the invoice or bill issued to the customer. The following will illustrate some of the benefits of supplier bills in eCommerce: Prompt Payments: Invoices and invoices often include the date the invoice was issued and, in most cases, the date that payment is anticipated to be received. Because of this, the businessman is in a position to guarantee that payments are made on time to maintain a positive connection with the supplier and to keep him from experiencing any problems. As a Friendly Reminder: The dates shown on the invoices and bills act as a reminder to ensure that payments are made promptly. In addition, the information included on the invoice, such as a description of the items or services that were delivered, provides the company with a clearer image of the commodities that have been supplied or the services that have been utilized, depending on the context. Functions as a Tool for the Maintenance of Records: Typically, businesses will keep all documents for eight years to comply with any requests made by the relevant authorities should the need ever arise. If there is a disagreement over a particular bill, which frequently occurs in the business world, the invoices and statements can serve as a record. Performs the Function as a Tool for Advertising: At the moment, invoices and bills include all of the essential business data of the provider, including the provider’s company logo. In addition, the supplier invoices raise the customer’s awareness of the brand by the method they are developed and presented to the consumer.

How to pay a supplier bill with a check in Odoo

The following actions are required when paying a provider with a check:

  • Indicating on the bill that you would like to make a payment of any kind.
  • Printing checks for all registered payments in one large batch.
  • Perform a bank statement reconciliation.

    Step 1: Register a check payment

    To record a payment that has been made on a bill, access any vendor bill by selecting Purchases > Vendor Bills from the main menu. You can record a payment for the provider when the bill has been verified. Check should be selected as the payment method, and the payment dialog should be validated.

Indicating on the bill that you would like to make a payment of any kind

Step 2: Print checks

You should be able to find a link that says “X checks to print” on the accounting dashboard, which is located on your bank account. If you click on this link, you will be provided with a list of all of the checks that have not yet been printed. You have the option to print all of the checks at once or to go through each one individually from this screen.

Printing checks for all registered payments in one large batch

Open the payment, and if you wish to print the check after reviewing each individual payment one at a time, open the payment, and then click the Print Check button if you accept the payment. You will be prompted to enter the check number in a dialog box. It will suggest the following number to you automatically, but you have the option to modify it if it does not match the next number on your check.

To print all checks at once, choose “Print Check” from the “print” menu at the top of the screen after selecting “all payments” from the list view.

Step 3: Perform a bank statement reconciliation

After you have processed your bank statement, Odoo will automatically suggest that you match the check that was credited from your bank account with the payment. This will happen when Odoo detects that the check has been deposited. This action will designate the payment as having been Reconciled.

Perform a bank statement reconciliation

When you access the list of payments and filter on the Sent state, you will be able to go through checks that have not yet been credited. Check the status of any payments with a date more than two weeks old.


The invoicing of suppliers is a laborious operation for the financial departments. When they are manually handled, the challenge becomes considerably more difficult. Companies of all sizes have difficulty locating a system that can manage invoices in a streamlined way at every stage of the process.

In most companies, the accounts payable department is responsible for handling the administration of supplier invoices. This Function is frequently delegated to multitasking office managers or workers who are knowledgeable about finances in organizations that are not as large and do not have a dedicated AP.

We have high hopes that this tutorial on how to pay a supplier bill with a check in Odoo will be of use to you in accomplishing both of those tasks. Be sure to save this post so you may refer to it later if you find yourself in a bind. In addition, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support staff if you encounter any problems using the Odoo software.

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