How To Manage A Cash Register In Odoo

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It is pretty challenging to operate a profitable company if one does not have a solid plan in place to manage cash flow and a grasp of how cash flow works. This is true across many industries, but the cash flow of an e-commerce firm may appear quite different from that of a traditional store.

When introducing a brand-new product, firms involved in e-commerce must contend with a number of unknown factors. Creating a minimal viable product (MVP) and achieving product market fit (PMF) need some amount of informed speculation based on significant research.

There is no reason why cash flow should be another mystery. If you have the appropriate instruments, you can make predictions, carry out measurements, and exercise command over them. This post will discuss how to manage a cash register in Odoo for an online business and some of the most typical mistakes that should be avoided. ‍

Table of contents:

Importance of managing cash flow in eCommerce

Cash flow may be thought of as a company’s “lifeblood” because it fuels the core of the company. It pumps blood in and out of the body like a human heart, providing the body with the life force and energy it needs to carry out its routine tasks. The primary distinction lies in the fact that e-commerce enterprises typically experience unequal amounts of cash inflows and financial outflows. In order to achieve financial success, there must be a more significant amount of cash coming in than there is being spent.

Cash flow

Maintaining a healthy cash flow is necessary for the continued operation of any firm. Any endeavor, no of how promising it once seemed, will quickly fail if it maintains a negative cash flow. On the other side, having a positive cash flow might excite investors and lead to an increase in share prices. When determining target share prices, market analysts use the long-term “free cash flow” (FCF), also known as the difference between cash earned and cash expenditures.

It is challenging to keep a positive cash flow in the early years of an e-commerce firm since there are rarely any tangible assets to use as security for loan financing. This is one of the primary reasons why it is tough to maintain a positive cash flow. Because of this, the burden of providing the required funds to keep the operation going until profits can be generated is squarely on the shoulders of the company’s owner as well as the investors. That post will be discussed in greater depth in the next section.

How to manage a cash register in Odoo

A journal for recording transactions involving payments and receipts, a cash register serves this purpose. It computes the overall balance by adding together all of the money that has been deposited and withdrawn.

Step 1: Get familiar with the Configuration

Set up the Cash journal under the Configuration tab of the Journals section of the Accounting menu.


The Default Debit and Credit Accounts may be adjusted on the Journal Entries tab, along with the journal’s currency.

Step 2: Register cash payments

You should follow these procedures to record a cash payment that is particular to another one of your customers: To view transactions made at registers, navigate to Accounting > Dashboard > Cash > Register Transactions. Please complete the beginning and ending balances. Register the transactions and make a note of the consumers that are associated with each transaction.

Step 3: Put money in

The phrase “put money in” refers to the process of manually placing your cash prior to beginning your transactions. From the window that displays your Register Transactions, navigate to More > Put money in.

Put money in

Step 4: Take money out

After completing all of your transactions, you may manually collect or obtain your cash by using the “take money out” function. To access the More menu, select More from within the Register Transaction box > Take money out.

Take money out

The transactions will be added to the cash payment registration that is currently in progress.


When you’re a business owner, having a healthy cash flow means having more significant influence over both your company and your financial destiny. You can usually locate an athlete who was clueless about their cash flow and the implications of that for their future financial situation when you look behind such stories.

If you understand cash flow, you will be able to plan cash flow and anticipate any difficulties. This gives you the freedom to address issues before they get so severe that you are unable to function.

We hope this tutorial will help you clear your mind on how to manage a cash register in Odoo. You will experience less tension and worry while gaining clarity regarding the amount of money you are able to take from or maintain within your company securely.

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