Product Management Suite for Magento 2

Mageplaza Product Management Suite for Magento 2 - let you fully control your product data and effectively manage the product inventory. From advanced product grid to catalog permission, you can flexibly develop business and marketing tactics from a solid product management system.


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Magento 2 Product Management Suite for Magento 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x

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Product Management Suite

Product Management Suite for Magento 2

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Product Management Suite for Magento 2

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Manage Product smartly and Create Amazing Shopping Experience

Case #1: Take advantage of an extended product grid to reduce product managing time and increase the level of accuracy

In Magento Default, merchants always find it difficult to manage products with a great flexibility. There are a number of visible drawbacks:

  • The lack of critical and useful data such as Product Category, Availability, Qty sold, Frontend Product Link, etc.
  • Disability to to quick-edit product attributes right from the grid
  • A limited filterable columns of attributes
  • A disorganized design with no classification of attribute type

These limitations will stop you from reaching the highest productivity and business efficiency.

Mageplaza solution

Provide an extended advanced product grid which allow merchants to:

  • Provide an official system to let customer submit their requested quote
  • Merchants can review and modify the quote

Case # 2: Do mass action in the product grid to optimize product management and save a lot of time

  • “My store has a lot of products"
  • "I have limited human resources for product management"
  • "I desperately need a “Mass-action” feature in my Magento backend"

Those are top concerns raised by our customers.

Besides the default mass actions in Default Magento Product Grid, there are several ones that are totally useful for every store:

  • Mass-change product price
  • Mass-update inventory
  • Mass-update upsell/cross-sell/related products
  • Mass-update product options

If you can access these mass-actions, you can save a lot of time and resources. However, Magento default does not offer these add-ons.

Mageplaza solution

Provide a tool that allows merchants to do mass action in the product grid. At once, you can update a huge number of products with one action:

  • Instantly update product price, inventory, options, upsell/cross-sell/related items on a large number when there is a mass update on these product attributes
  • Get rid of monotonous tasks which can be replaced by a few clicks
  • Flexibly adjust product attribute in mass to match your business strategy

Case #3: Add various product options to create flexible products

Product options are an engaging tactic in online shopping. Customers will love shops that offer a wide range of options because of its customization and personalization.

For example, if you are selling foods, your custom options possibly should be: flavor, delivery or pick-up date/time, gift wrap,. If you are selling paints, the options might be: size, colors, sheen.

However, with Default Magento, you might have a hard time creating flexible product options. You can only create multiple options through the form of child products of a configurable parent one.

Mageplaza solution

Help you to add custom options directly to products of any type:

  • Easily add various related attributes, items, services to products on the same product page
  • You can choose from a wide range of options types: date, visual swatch (color, material), file (print-on-demand), etc.

With this feature, you will build up the attractiveness of products because customers appreciate brands that value their personal needs and tastes.

Case #4: Use visual swatches/ customer segment options to win customers’ heart

When many stores out there that are offering exciting options, What will you do to make your store standout?

The answer should be focusing on visual and customization!

Mageplaza solution:

Let’s get creative! Our solution offers useful features that are:

  • Visual swatch
  • Product options based on customer groups
  • Option dependency

Favorable outcome:

You can do a lot of things to make your products & services look different amongst many alternatives out there:

  • Add an image to describe your options (e.g. pattern, material, color, sheen, etc.
  • Craft amazing offers for special customer groups or particular features for each segment
  • Create custom dependence: offer the right child options to who has selected the corresponding parent option one(s).For example: show the premium extended warranty option for luxury products to increase the order value

We believe that you can add more variations to your services and ultimately increase benefit with this amazing feature.

Case #5: Use catalog permission to treasure wholesalers or VIP customer groups

One store might have different customer groups such as:

Benefits for you:

  • Wholesalers, Retailers
  • Age groups
  • Platinum, Gold, Silver groups
  • Not Logged in, Logged in

With each group, you will need to craft particular product offers. For example:

  • Discounted prices for wholesalers
  • New arrivals for VIPs
  • Limited editions for Platinum first
  • Customizable products for Logged in only
  • Seasonal collections for Logged in only

However, you can set permissions of category viewing to customer groups on Default Magento.

Mageplaza solution

Let store owners limit customer group access to certain catalogs. By doing this, you can:

  • Flexible create purchasing priority (i.e. on special occasion or for business strategy)
  • Maintain the relationship with loyal and important customers
  • Target products to relevant customer groups
  • Share sensitive information with particular customer groups

Flexibly customize your product grid

Add 13 needful columns into Product Grid

Mageplaza Product Management Suite supports store admins in controlling products with an extensive collection of attributes:

  • Quantity Sold
  • Categories
  • Frontend Product Link
  • Availability
  • Creation Date/Last Modified Date
  • Related Products/ Up-Sell/ Cross-Sells
  • Low Stock
  • Tier Price
  • Backorders/Last Purchase Date/Recent Order

Ajax edit product details right from the grid

Once you are on the grid interface > hover the mouse to the place where information needs to be edited > make a click > edit the information right there without being redirected to the product page.

Save a lot of time on Product Editing with Mass Product Action

Using this solution, you will be able to decrease workload by allowing taking actions on a mass of products at the same time.

This helps you to save a deal of time because you will no longer have to update products one by one. Various actions available includes:

  • Bulk price update: if you need to change the price of many products at the same time and in a hurry
  • Status update
  • Attribute update: if you have to adjust some attributes when there is a mass update
  • Image update: if you need to quickly add a featured images to a number of products
  • Upsell/ Cross-sell/ Related products update: if you want to adjust product relations for specific business tactics

Drive more sales with Advanced Product Options

Product Management Suite will add upgrades to your product management work and custom shopping experience with such as flexible system of custom options:

  • A wide range of option types: customers can input texts, upload files to the frontend product page. They can also choose the visual/color swatch or select options or choose a specific date
  • Create option dependence to optimize the offer and enhance the shopping experience
  • Show custom options for selected customer groups to target the right audiences
  • Allow setting special prices for options based on customer groups to motivate costumes to, for instance, log in to receive a better price
  • A lot more ideas you can generate to multiply your sales

Add options quickly via templates

Also, you can create product custom option templates for mass-assign and quick update.

Restrict category access to build up benefits

Mageplaza Product Management Suite Ultimate version allows merchants to decide whether to show certain product categories to some customer groups or not. With this ability, you can easily match the category with targeted customer group for business reasons:

  • Strengthen and protect the relationship with special groups such as wholesales or VIPs with private discount products or limited season edition
  • Limit CMS pages and blocks to some customer groups that are not related to the content or information
  • Create Shipment
  • Customers will be redirected to a selected page after they fail to access the category

Explore Product Management Suite's more features

Edit product grid with all input types

Support edit for input types: Text Field, Text Area, Date, Yes/No, Multiple Select, Dropdown, Price

Export all product columns

Allow copying custom options from other products

Copy product custom options

Store admins can print shipments and invoices of various orders quickly via pop-up

Mass update category

Copy, Replace or Remove Categories of many products at once

Mass update inventory

Quickly update inventory status for mass products

Mass-assign product templates

Assign templates for mass products via Actions box at Product Grid

Import/ Export product Template

Copy, Replace or Remove Categories of many products at once

Hide on Category Page & Widget

Hide or Show restricted products on category page and widget

Hide catalog search box

Hide or Show the catalog search on the header of pages

Full Product Management Suite's Features

Product Grid

  • Upload thumbnail images for products via popup
  • Edit multiple cells of different products at the same time
  • Edit details info of Related/Cross-sell/Up-sell columns: ID, Thumbnail, Name, Status, SKU, Price
  • Export all product column data
  • Specify the start date/end date to count the products as "Sold"
  • Select the order statuses to be counted as "Sold"
  • View full features list

Mass Product Actions

  • Mass action to update product attributes/ attribute sets
  • Mass action to update category
  • Mass action to update website
  • Mass action to update price
  • Mass action to update related/ cross-sell/ up-sell products
  • Mass action to copy custom options
  • Select the mass action to show at the catalog grid
  • View full features list

Custom Product Options

  • Select multiple products and assign the same template at the same time
  • Select option type: Text (Field/ Area), File, Date & Time/ Date/ Time, Select (Drop-down/ Radio Buttons/ Multiple Select/ Checkbox)
  • Add SKU for an option
  • Assign the template by Product ID(s) or Product SKU(s)
  • Select templates for a product via a popup
  • View full features list

Catalog Permissions

  • Select customer groups to hide catalog search
  • Input IP(s) and IP range(s) which is excluded from restrictions
  • Input URL to redirect restrict customers to another page
  • Customers get notified about catalog permissions
  • View full features list

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Crafted for a Great Webstore Start

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  • Save a lot of time in managing products
  • Mass Product Action
  • Product Grid


$ 846

Crafted for Your Webstore Growth

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  • Completely control product management
  • Boost customer shopping experience
  • Mass Product Action
  • Product Grid
  • Product Options
  • Catalog Permissions


$ 647

Crafted for a Great Webstore Start

Image Description
  • Save a lot of time in managing products
  • Boost customer shopping experience
  • Mass Product Action
  • Product Grid
  • Product Options

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Product Management Suite

Product Management Suite for Magento 2


Mageplaza Product Management Suite is one-time payment. We commit that there is no hidden fee. You might have to pay subscription fees after one year if you need the package updates and technical support. Please learn more here ->

Yes. Each version of the package consists of some extensions. We have designed versions to match certain demands of each store.

Sure. The package will work normal with all features on your store. If you have any question about the compatibility, please do not hesitate to contact us righ here.

Yes, definitely. We highly recommend this package for all stores because it provides basic features which enable you to please customers' demand and optimize your profit.

Yes, of course. You can install it like installing any extensions to website, follow our Installation Guide. Otherwise, you can purchase Installation Service option, our Magento experts will install on your website within 24 hours and resolve any issue arise during the installation.


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