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Magento 2 Gift Card extension - Better design & Free Personalization

Short Overview.

  • Clean and eye-catching design
  • Design gift cards with ease by drag and drop
  • Delivery via SMS, emails, mail
  • Buyers can personalize their gift vouchers
  • Mail, Print at Home, eGift cards
  • Support Gift Message
  • Export Gift codes to use offline
  • Easy to install and customize
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Magento 2 Gift Card extension allows admins to create gift card samples and configure them with ease. Beside this, electronic gift certificates can be personalized by users and more interestingly. Furthermore, Gift Card extension can help store admins manage gift codes, discounts, gift card usage and other gift card features.

As a result, this motivates gift voucher users to buy more. Gift Card extension will be helpful for online stores this holiday season.


Our clients talking about Mageplaza's Gift Card

  • Judy

    " My customers even gave feedback that they were really satisfied with the flexibility in creating their own gift card templates"

  • Vanessa

    "... this extension can’t be omitted in an online store ..."

  • Samuel

    "... I’m 100% pleased with premade gift voucher templates, they look good and useful ..."

Highlight Features Highlight features for your understanding
Magento 2 Personalize Gift Cards

Personalized Gift Cards

Upload photos as gift card templates

Buyers are allowed to personalize their gift vouchers by using their own photos as templates. .gif, .png and .jpg files are supported.

Leave gift messages and personal info on gift certificates

Card buyers can leave their message and fill in their names along with recipient's information on cards. This feature makes a gift card become personalized

Drag and drop to design

Store admins are able to drag and drop blocks in the backend to design gift certificates. Additionally, admins can freely adjust the size of each block with ease

Magento 2 Design gift cards
Magento 2 gift card delivery

Gift Card Delivery

Buyers can choose to send digital gift vouchers by SMS, emails or via online messengers such as Whatsapp, Viber, Facebook Messenger or Tango. Otherwise, physical gift cards can be printed out and sent via post office.

SMS Notification

Allows admins to send SMS to gift card recipients about card’s status. Messages can be customized to appear as personal SMS with customer name. Screenshot.

Print at home

Customers can use the coupon code or print the gift card at home to use at the local store.

Gift Card's More Features

Some of the Features that are gonna blow your mind off

Preview gift cards

Allows buyers to view gift vouchers and their usage before sending

Gift card tracking

Allows buyers to keep track of the gift card’s status and get notifications if there’s any change

Discount options

Store admins can set discount on product’s price after or before tax

Use gift cards offline

Mageplaza's Gift Card extension allows merchants to print out physical gift vouchers and use them offline

Gift Expiration dates

Ability to set expiration dates for gift certificates and allow to show or hide them in the frontend

Restrict and condition gift codes

Store owner is able to let admins limit the number of gift codes or/and set conditions for gift codes

Usage conditions

Enable setting gift voucher usage conditions

Flexible Gift Card price

Buyers are able to filter gift card’s price by using a fixed value or using a price range

Rest API

Rest API is well supported

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered a wide range of Questions for your Convenience

Q. How is Gift Card / gift voucher supported for offline payment?

Your customers can use gift card as a payment method for online and offline orders. With offline orders, recipients only need to present gift codes or print cards out as normal gift vouchers. It is so convenient, right?

Q. Is it monthly fee?

No, it is one-time payment, and there is no hidden cost.

Q. How to change Gift Card layout?

Gift Card layout will be chosen instantly in the frontend by CMS Static Block, there are some pre-made layouts that are available to pick. Moreover, admins can easily drag and drop to design new gift card layout templates.

Q. How many gift card codes can shoppers apply?

There is no limit for gift codes. Your customers are allowed to add multiple codes as they have. In addition, the remove is so easy to implement.

Q.`Is Gift Card compatible with Gift Wrap?

Yes, definitely. Besides, it is also compatible with Better Coupon, OneStepCheckout, SMS Notification, Email Attachments, Reward Points, etc.

Q. What should I do if my gift code is stolen?

Don’t worry about that! The gift code is secured tightly by replacing the part of code by X symbol.

Q. Can I offer an expiration for any gift card / gift certificates?

Of course, you can set expiration date, enable it to show up or hide it in the frontend. Check it out in the Magento admin

Q. How many gift codes can I generate at the same time?

The minimum number of gift codes you can generate at once is 10 and the maximum is unlimited. Therefore, please feel free to issue gift card codes in bulk

Q. What edition does this module support?

Yes. Mageplaza Gift Card is compatible out-of-the-box with Magento Open (Community), Magento Commerce (Enterprise), Magento Cloud 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x.

Reviews (16)

What our customers say
  • Best gift card extension

    I tried several gift card extensions before settling on this one. This one is the most flexible in design and application and works great. I like working with Mageplaza - probably the most responsive Magento extension provider I have worked with.

    Posted by merance on 19 June 2020
  • Very appreciate

    Very friendly and patient support, even though the holidays! Although in our case, it turned out that the problem was another extension.

    Posted by Jan Hemmingsson on 24 February 2020
  • Great service

    Desmond was awesome and very prompt with his response. He offered creative solutions to solve the problem. Thank you!

    Posted by Dancor Solutions on 24 February 2020
  • Dev

    I like the attention to details that Mageplaza put in all their modules. Highly recommended

    Posted by Lucio on 06 February 2020
  • Thumps up for guys

    As always awesome :)

    Posted by Oleg Kravenkov on 30 December 2019
  • Very recommended

    We are very satisfied with the purchase of this extension. We had to ask for support due to an incompatibility problem with another extension and the support responded very well even during out-of-office hours since we have a lot of time difference between countries.

    Posted by Nicolas on 13 August 2019
  • Exclusive Support Service

    Thomas has been exceedingly helpful, correcting issues and customizing extensions to our needs in a very timely fashion. He clearly is very knowledgeable and eager to help and is one of the main reasons we elected to choose the Mageplaza Social Links extension. We intend to, in the future, look at more Mageplaza extensions as needed thanks to this wonderful service.

    Posted by Bryce Chavez on 20 June 2019
  • President

    Great product and great service! We had an issue on installation that was fixed very quickly by support.

    Posted by J R on 17 April 2019
  • This module is necessary for Holidays

    Our shop was in need of this. We were able to get up and run with gift cards immediately, just in time for the holidays. Also, you can get the professional installation from them if purchasing their installation package.

    Posted by Q Dev on 28 November 2018
  • Awesome extension !!!

    Gift Card extension is very easy to use. I love it!! Customers can buy gift cards and send to friends!! It's still new, so I didn't see it in real action. It's exactly what I was looking for. I love the fact that we can now use it to apply the credit toward an account. Also, Mageplaza offers a great customers service and support.

    Posted by LoveMagePlaza on 14 November 2018
  • Good product with the fast support.

    I have seen a problem form our side. I got it rectified by the support. I recommend you should add this extension to your store for creating and managing gift cards.

    Posted by N Pinnath on 17 September 2018
  • Excellent Thusfar

    Support was very thorough. Took a minute to get past a few small issues, but seems well thought out. I like the options, and the balance of features is better than other brands I've used.

    Posted by Scott on 19 March 2018
  • Great

    Great extension that makes it really easy to Gift Cards. Now our online shop looks very professional. Simple installation and very good manual. I ordered more extensions and had a positive experience everywhere.

    Posted by Claudio on 16 March 2018
  • It’s worth every penny

    I’m surprised by what this module has done in my store. All the functions mentioned work perfectly. And I’m 100% pleased with pre-made gift voucher templates, they look good and useful. I’m also glad to know that I can even drag and drop to design my own samples or let my customers create their owns. Moreover, Mageplaza support team did well to help me deal with some problems. Thank you much!

    Posted by Samuel on 27 September 2017
  • Really impressive

    I think this extension can’t be omitted in an online store, especially when digital gift cards are becoming so popular worldwide. I’ve just installed it and the extension is really easy to configure. User-friendly interface and multiple features are reasons why I prefer this module from Mageplaza. With this reasonable price, I think it must be in wish list of every Magento 2 stores

    Posted by Vanessa on 27 September 2017
  • A good extension

    I have to send my compliment to Mageplaza for this extension. Everything is working well and precisely and we’re looking forward to seeing a boom in our revenues this upcoming holiday shopping season. Some of my customers even gave feedback that they were really satisfied with the flexibility in creating their own gift card templates. So I hope you can optimize this feature more in the future! Thanks again!

    Posted by Judy on 27 September 2017
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    Gift Code Configuration

    • Easy to generate new gift codes
    • Ability to edit gift codes
    • Ability to set general default gift code pattern and gift code pattern for each group
    • Allows admins to enable or disable gift card redeem ability
    • Allows admins to hide codes under characters like X
    • Ability to generate gift codes when an invoice is created or an order is completed
    • Ability to select store view(s) to apply gift code
    • Allows admins to set the expiration date for gift codes
    • Able to follow gift code history

    General Configuration

    • Enables admins to generate an unlimited number of gift cards
    • Ability to configure gift cards as products in the backend
    • Ability to set gift card’s lifetime
    • Ability to select information which goes with gift card: Gift card amount, Sender, Recipient, Delivery method, Message, Template,...
    • Enables admins to select gift card types: eGift, Print at home or Mail
    • Allows admins to set price and value separately for gift cards
    • Allows admins to restrict gift card’s value and the proportion of gift card price to value

    Template Configuration

    • Ability to upload a logo for the gift card template or use the default logo
    • Allows store admins to select types of information displayed on cards
    • Ability to restrict the number of letters in gift message. Default: 120 characters
    • Ability to add/edit/use default note or to create a new one for each gift card
    • Allows admins to name gift card templates in the backend
    • Enables admins to upload images to use as gift card background
    • Allows store admins to configure the customer’s ability of personalizing their own templates
    • Ability to select the font family for gift cards
    • Buyers are able to select pre-made gift card templates or create their owns by uploading images
    • Admins are able to design a new template only by “drag and drop” function
    • Admins are able to adjust sizes of fields shown on the card.
    • Ability to use custom CSS in designing gift card templates
    • Allows admins to rearrange the order of appearance of templates
    • Allows admins to view gift card template information in a grid including status, thumbnail and created date

    Delivery Options

    • Allows admins to select delivery methods for gift cards: Email, Text message, Print at home or Post office
    • Allows store admins to configure the buyers’ ability of selecting delivery time and time zone
    • Enable shoppers to select sending methods (email, SMS, online messengers or post office)
    • Depending on the delivery method, necessary information including sender name, sender email, mobile number or others can be filled

    Gift Card Usage

    • Allows shoppers to leave names of themselves and their recipients on cards
    • Ability to leave a message on the gift card
    • Ability to display the Magento default coupon box or custom coupon box to apply gift card
    • Ability to redeem gift codes into gift card balance
    • Ability to use multiple gift cards
    • Allows multiple users to use gift code
    • Enable recipients to add gift cards to their lists by clicking the link attached to email
    • Allows sending gift codes and gift card’s content in a printable PDF attached to the email
    • Ability to show gift card summary in the grand total block in a dropdown box
    • Ability to use gift card for shipping amount
    • Ability to enable customers to refund gift cards
    • Admins are able to import and export gift codes from a CSV file
    • Gift cards can be printed out to use offline
    • Show gift card image as item image on the Checkout page
    • Import Gift Codes to Pool
    • Set cart condition for Gift Code
    • Rest API is supported


    • Ability to keep track gift card’s status and buyers and recipients can get notified if any change is made
    • Allows admins to send notifications to recipients
    • Ability to send email notifications in cases: Gift card is sent, updated, is going to expire, unused or when the balance is changed
    • Ability to notify gift card recipients about updated gift card balance
    • Ability to send SMS to recipients about Gift card information
    • Ability to create messages and message templates in certain cases: Update notification and Before expired notification