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Countdown Timer for Magento 2   v1.0.0

Countdown Timer for Magento 2
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Magento 2 Countdown Timer helps e-commerce stores to drive sales effectively by adding extra countdown clocks to special products or offers. It brings effectiveness for stores and enhance shopping experience significantly.



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Compatible With

CE, EE 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x

Great Benefits and Applications of Countdown Timer

Limitation of Magento 2 Default

  • signal_wifi_offThe way to display discounts is not attractive

    In Magento 2 Default, when a product is discounted, the way to display the prices is so simple with just two numbers of discounted price and original price. Therefore, it does not attract customers’ attention or even that they do not know they have missed the discounted products.
    As a consequence, the conversion rate is very low and the store’s sales campaign becomes ineffective and unsuccessful.

  • blockUnable to show the remaining time of discount to customers

Benefits of Countdown Timer

  • contact_phoneEasy to attract customers’ attention

    When you put a lively countdown clock on store pages or right besides the special products, customers will quickly be attracted. As a result, they will not miss the chance to get the good price or special events of the store.

  • rss_feedMake the sales campaign more sounding and impressive
  • add_shopping_cartWork as an effective sales driver
  • call_mergeSupport customers in plan making

Applications of Countdown Timer

  • settings_backup_restoreCountdown the sale on every discounted product

    Putting a countdown timer next to specific sales product reminds the shoppers that they only have limited time.

  • languageCountdown timers for storewide sales
  • local_offerCountdown timer for a discount code
  • airport_shuttleCountdown timer for special shipping
  • event_availableCountdown timer for upcoming products/ events

Two automatic types of Countdown Timer

To make the sales campaign more attractive to customers, Countdown Timer offers store owners two types of clock timer. They will be activated automatically based on the configured countdown time: Before Start Countdown and Time Remaining Countdown.

The first type is countdown clock displaying before the sales campaign begins. In the second type, there will be the countdown clock showing the time remaining before the campaign ends.

Display countdown timers by conditions

Magento 2 Display Countdown Timers

There are various conditions in which the countdown timers will be activated based on typical real situations of online stores. In details, countdown clocks will be run in these following cases:

  • All products with special price: The countdown timers are displayed besides all the products at special price at the stores.
  • Specific products with special price: Display the countdown clocks besides specific items which are applied particular conditions. For example, the items with special prices at Men Category and with black color will be applied Countdown Timer.
  • Inherit conditions from catalog rules: The products which belongs to specific catalog price rules will be applied with countdown timers.
  • None Product Base: The countdown clock will be applied without depending on the special price product. This type of condition is often used in occasions such as coming-soon items, or upcoming events at the store.

5 ready-to-use customizable templates

Store admins can freely select the favourite clock styles with 5 ready-to-use clock samples offered by Mageplaza Countdown Timer for Magento 2. Each style with the speciality in color, shape, and other elements allows stores owners to match with store themes easily.

Besides, these available styles can be customized to meet exactly the store owners’ expectations.

Schedule to display countdown timer

Magento 2 countdown timer module

One of the most noticeable feature of Mageplaza Countdown Timer for Magento 2 is setting schedule for countdown clock. In case the sales is not based on the product price, there is particular schedule configuration section to set start date and end date for the clock in the backend.

Besides, with the cases with special products, the clock will be limited to run in the specific time according to the discount time of the products.

More features

Widget supported

Countdown Timer Widget is supported so admins can select places to add at store pages.

Snippet supported

Snippet allows store admins to display the countdown anywhere quickly.

Grid management

View, edit all the countdown timer rules via the Countdown Timer grid.

Rule priority

Set the priority for the rules to be applied with easy.

Full Features List

Countdown Timer for store admins

Create Rules

  • Set the name for a new rule Store admins can easily put any appealing labels for each new countdown rule with the aim to attract customers attention.
  • Enable/ Disable the rule From the admin backend, admins can allow/ disallow the countdown rule by clicking enable/ disable Countdown Timer options.
  • Select the store views Thanks to Countdown Timer, admins can choose the suitable store view for a countdown rule.
  • Select the customer groups to apply the countdown rule It is able for store owners to apply the rule for particular customers groups including NOT lOGGED IN, General, Wholesale, Retailer.
  • Select the types of conditions to apply the rule There are various cases in which countdown clocks will be run including All products with special price, Specific products with special price, Inherit conditions from catalog rules and None Product Base.
  • Set the priority for the rule With the support of Countdown Timer extension, store admins can easily set the priority for the rules to be applied.
  • Enable/ Disable Before Start Countdown To show countdown clock before the sales campaign starts, store admin can active Before Staring Countdown timer. In case, admin, want to disallow it, they can easily click Enable from the admin backend.
  • Enable/ Disable Before Start Countdown Countdown Timer offers 5 available clock stypes so it is convenient for the stores to choose the appropriate styles.
  • Enable/ Disable Time Remaining Countdown If the store admins want to show the time remaining before the campaign ends, they can choose Time Remaining Countdown timer.
  • Select clock type for Time Remaining Countdown There are 5 ready-to-use clock styles which store owners can choose to use instantly.
  • Customize the clock styles by Custom CSS Admins can easily make changes in the clock styles with the support of custom CSS.
  • Compatible with Page Builder by Magesolution


  • Select to display the countdown clock on Category Page or Product Page From the admin backend, store admins can select Category Page or Product Page to display the countdown timer.
  • Use widget or snippet to display the countdown clock at any position on store site Widget and Snippet allow store admins to show Countdown Timer block any places they want.
  • Properly compatible with Mageplaza extensions: Daily Deal, Custom Stock Status, Gift Wrap, Special Promotions...

Countdown Timer for customers

  • Easy to notice about special offers at stores Customers can easily be attracted by a lively countdown clock on store pages or right beside the special products, so they can keep an eye on special offers of stores.
  • Make plan to order discount products or join events Basing on countdown timer, it is more convenient for customers to make their shopping plan to buy the products at preferred prices or prepare to join special events
  • Have better shopping experience on store site It is likely that the customers will feel more satisfied and happy during the shopping journey because they will not miss the chance to get a good price or special events of the store.


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  • filter_drama Can I add any title to the countdown timers as I want?
  • filter_drama Are there any available clock styles to choose?
  • filter_drama If I would like to apply countdown for all discount product, which condition should I choose?
  • filter_drama How can I apply the countdown for specific products?
  • filter_drama I already create some Catalog Price Rules. Can I activate the countdown timer based on it?

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