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Fixed: Magento 2 Navigation Menu Not Showing

Top navigation allows browsers to navigate through the Magento 2 store conveniently. Any problem with the navigation menu is serious because it impacts the customer experience in your business.

Magento developers often encounter the problem of the top navigation menu not showing in the front end. If you don’t solve this issue early, your visitors might feel upset and uncomfortable, and leave your site soon.

For that reason, check out at the following article to find out the instructions to fix Magento 2 navigation menu not showing.

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About The Issue of Navigation Menu in Magento 2 Stores

In your Magento 2 shop, the main menu is a list of different choices. A common issue with the main menu is that it does not display the product categories on the frontend. It does not even display after you add to the admin panel. It happens when you make changes in the Root category. You have to check the extra configuration settings when changes are implemented in the default category or the new root category is generated.

Step by Step to Fix Magento 2 Navigation Menu Not Showing

Step 1: Include a Root category

  • Log into the Admin Panel
  • Go to Product > Category and choose the Add Root Category option
Include a Root category
Include a Root category
  • Add a name to the Category Name field and ensure the triggers above are turned to Yes
  • Click on the Save button

Step 2: Generate a subcategory of the new Root Category

  • Select the just-out category and click on the Add Subcategory option
  • Ensure that the name is added, the triggers are switched to Yes and the Included on the Nav Menu is set to Yes

Step 3: Select the new Root Category

  • Go back to the main sidebar, navigate to the Stores > All Stores, choose the Main Website Store option and look through the content.
Select the new Root Category
Select the new Root Category
  • Select the Root Category drop-down menu and choose the category you’ve generated
Select the new Root Category
Select the new Root Category
  • Click on the Save Store button


After implementing all the above steps, you can certainly display the navigation menu on your Magento store. If you have any problems when performing these steps, please drop a line in the comment box. Our support team is dedicated to helping you.

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