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15 Tips to check your Shopify gift card balance effectively

In this e-commerce world, where online shopping has become a trend, Shopify gift card has become an important feature that business owners have to consider when building their e-commerce platforms. 

Shopify gift card has proven vital in boosting sales and enhancing customer loyalty. It is a convenient gifting option that store owners can give to their customers. Hence, every e-commerce website nowadays displays the Shopify gift card feature.

In today’s article, let’s explore every detailed information about Shopify gift cards and ways to manage your Shopify gift card balance effectively.

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What is a Shopify gift card balance?

A Shopify gift card balance represents the amount of money available on a Shopify gift card, which can be employed for acquiring goods and services from any Shopify merchant.

What is a Shopify gift card balance?

These balances are digitally stored and can be accessed either by the gift card holder or the seller. Gift card holders can monitor their balance through the Shopify gift card page or by contacting the merchant. Merchants, on the other hand, can review gift card balances via their Shopify admin panel.

Shopify gift card balances are versatile, as they can cover expenses related to all products and services offered on a Shopify store, encompassing not only the cost of items but also associated shipping expenses, taxes, and duties.

What sets Shopify gift card balances apart is that they do not have an expiration date and can be employed multiple times. If the balance on a gift card is insufficient to pay for a purchase in full, the gift card holder has the flexibility to cover the remaining amount using an alternative payment method.

In essence, Shopify gift card balances serve as a convenient and adaptable means of giving and receiving gifts. Moreover, they play a significant role in supporting small businesses and fostering repeat customer engagement.

Why does checking gift card balances matter?

Why does checking gift card balances matter?

Checking gift card balances is important for several reasons:

  • Managing Finances: For customers, checking gift card balances is a way to keep track of their available funds and make informed spending decisions. It helps them avoid overspending and ensures they have sufficient funds to cover their purchases.
  • Avoiding Overdraft: When using a gift card as a payment method, customers need to know the exact balance to prevent overdraft or declined transactions. This is especially crucial for online and in-store purchases where customers may not see the remaining balance.
  • Planning Purchases: Customers may want to plan their purchases based on the available balance. By checking the gift card balance, they can decide what items or services they can afford and what they should save for future transactions.
  • Providing Customer Service: For merchants, checking gift card balances is essential for providing good customer service. Customers often inquire about their gift card balances, and merchants must be able to provide accurate and up-to-date information.
  • Preventing Fraud: Monitoring gift card balances helps in preventing fraud. By verifying balances, both customers and merchants can identify unauthorized or fraudulent transactions and take appropriate action.
  • Offering Support: When customers encounter issues or have questions about their gift cards, being able to check and provide balance information demonstrates excellent customer support. This can help build trust and loyalty.
  • Compliance: In some regions, there are legal requirements for merchants to disclose gift card balances and expiration dates. Ensuring that balances are accurately checked and communicated helps businesses comply with these regulations.
  • Accounting and Reporting: For business owners, keeping track of gift card balances is essential for accounting and financial reporting. It allows them to account for liabilities associated with outstanding gift card balances.
  • Inventory and Stock Management: Checking gift card balances assists retailers in handling their inventory and monitoring stock quantities effectively. If many customers redeem gift cards, the business needs to ensure it has enough products or services available.

10 Steps to check Shopify gift card balance for store owner

Shopify provides a simple way for store owners to verify the remaining balance on their gift cards. Here are the 10 steps to check the gift card balance for a store owner:

Step 1: Log in to your Shopify admin panel

Go to the Shopify website and log in to your store’s admin panel using your credentials.

Shopify admin panel
Shopify admin panel

Step 2: Access the gift card section

Once you’re in the admin panel, click on the “Products” tab on the left sidebar.

Click on the Products
Click on the Products

Step 3: Select gift cards

Under the “Products” tab, you’ll see “Gift Cards” as an option. Click on it.

Choose Gift card tab
Choose Gift card tab

Step 4: View gift cards

You’ll be taken to a page where you can view a comprehensive list of all the gift cards that have been issued in your store.

View Gift cards
View Gift cards

Step 5: Find the Gift Card in Question

Navigate through the list by scrolling or utilizing the search bar to locate the specific gift card for which you want to check the balance.

Step 6: Select the Gift Card

Click on the specific gift card to view its details.

Step 7: Check the Balance

On the gift card details page, you’ll be able to see the remaining balance of the gift card.


Step 8: Review Additional Information

You can also review other information related to the gift card, such as its purchase date, activation status, and usage history if applicable.

Step 9: Adjust the Balance (Optional)

If necessary, you can adjust the balance of the gift card, add funds, or deactivate it from this page.

Step 10: Update or Confirm

After checking or making any necessary adjustments, make sure to save or confirm the changes if you’ve made any.

This process is fairly straightforward and can be done directly from your Shopify admin panel. Remember to keep your gift card information up to date to ensure a smooth experience for your customers.

Best practices for gift card balance checking

As a store owner, managing gift card balances and ensuring a positive experience for your customers is crucial. Here are some best practices for gift card balance checking:

1. Easy online access

Easy online access is the first factor that store owners should consider to enhance a best practice for Shopify gift card balance checking. Maintaining easy online access can offer A streamlined and customer-friendly method for customers to handle their gift cards. 

It streamlines the process, making it quick and convenient, which is essential in the e-commerce world where customers expect simplicity and speed. This approach not only reduces customer frustration but also encourages them to continue shopping or redeem their gift cards. 

Easy online access is significantly factor

Furthermore, it demonstrates your commitment to providing a seamless online shopping experience, enhancing customer satisfaction and possibly resulting in higher sales and enhanced customer loyalty

In the highly competitive e-commerce space, providing easy online access can give your Shopify store a significant edge in customer retention and acquisition.

2. Quick and intuitive process

A quick and intuitive process is needed to prioritize the customer experience. In the fast-paced world of online shopping, customers expect efficiency and ease of use. 

By offering a process that is both quick and intuitive, you reduce friction and frustration, encouraging customers to check their balances and continue shopping on your platform. This not only enhances the user experience but can also lead to increased sales and customer loyalty. 

Quick and intuitive access demonstrates your commitment to providing a hassle-free shopping environment, setting your Shopify store apart from competitors, and fostering a positive brand image.

3. Clear instructions

For eliminating confusion and reducing customer frustration, clear instructions are important. Providing step-by-step guidance on checking a gift card balance ensures that customers can easily navigate the process without encountering unnecessary obstacles. 

This clarity enhances the overall user experience, encourages customers to engage with their gift cards, and potentially increases sales and customer satisfaction. 

Furthermore, it conveys a commitment to transparency and customer support, which can foster trust and loyalty, benefiting your Shopify store’s reputation in the long run.

4. Secure authentication

Secure authentication adds a layer of protection for both customers and the business. For this reason, it is an important factor to maintain best practices for Shopify gift card balance checking.

By implementing authentication, such as requiring customers to log in to their accounts or verify their identity before checking a gift card balance, you can safeguard against potential fraud and unauthorized access. 

This instills trust and confidence in the process, reassuring customers that their financial information is handled securely. It also helps protect your business from potential losses due to unauthorized use of gift cards. 

In the era of heightened cybersecurity threats, secure authentication is essential for maintaining the integrity of your gift card program and protecting customer data.

5. Multiple check methods

Implementing multiple check methods is a great choice if you want to cater to diverse customer preferences and needs. Not all customers may be comfortable or familiar with the same checking methods. 

By offering various options, such as online checking, in-store checking, or even mobile app-based checking, you ensure that customers can access their balance in a way that is most convenient for them. 

Implementing multiple check methods helps cater to diverse customer

This flexibility enhances the customer experience, making it easier for everyone to engage with their gift cards. It also demonstrates that your business is adaptable and customer-focused, which can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, ultimately benefiting your Shopify store’s reputation and bottom line.

6. Real-time balance updates

Real-time balance updates provide customers with the most accurate and up-to-date information. This guarantees that customers can make well-informed choices about their purchases and minimizes the risk of discrepancies. 

With real-time updates, customers can confidently use their gift cards, knowing exactly how much value remains on them. This not only enhances the customer experience but also reduces the likelihood of disputes and errors. 

It shows that your business is committed to transparency and accuracy, ultimately building trust and satisfaction among your customers, which can result in increased sales and customer loyalty.

7. Mobile apps

There is a growing number of customers who prefer to manage their gift cards through their mobile devices. Hence, mobile apps become a must-have for Shopify gift card balance checking.

A dedicated mobile app provides a convenient and user-friendly way for customers to check balances, shop, and redeem gift cards on the go. 

It streamlines the process, offers a seamless mobile shopping experience, and enables push notifications to remind users to check their balances or use their gift cards, which can lead to increased customer engagement and sales. 

In an increasingly mobile-centric world, offering a mobile app for gift card management reflects your commitment to meeting customer needs, which can enhance brand loyalty and drive business growth.

8. Email and SMS alerts

Email and SMS alerts actively engage customers and remind them to use their gift cards. Sending periodic notifications about gift card balances not only encourages customers to check their balances but also prompts them to consider making purchases. 

These alerts serve as a valuable marketing tool, keeping your brand as the primary focus in customers’ thoughts and potentially leading to increased sales and customer loyalty. 

Moreover, it enhances the overall customer experience by providing timely and convenient reminders, which can positively impact your business reputation and customer retention.

9. Integration with loyalty programs

Integration with loyalty programs is a way to add value for customers by creating a seamless and rewarding experience. 

When gift card balances are linked with loyalty programs, customers can earn rewards or points through their gift card usage, fostering loyalty and incentivizing further engagement with your store. 

Integration with loyalty programs can add value for customers

This integration encourages customers to check their balances, use their gift cards, and make repeat purchases, all while enjoying the benefits of a comprehensive loyalty program. 

It creates a win-win situation, where customers receive additional incentives, and your store gains increased sales, customer retention, and a strong brand reputation as a customer-focused business.

10. Transaction history

Including a transaction history in your gift card balance-checking process can enhance transparency and accountability for customers and your business. 

Transaction history allows customers to review their previous gift card usage, track purchases, and verify the accuracy of their balance. It provides peace of mind and helps in resolving any discrepancies or concerns. 

For your business, transaction history is a valuable tool for auditing, customer support, and fraud prevention. It demonstrates a commitment to customer satisfaction, fosters trust, and ultimately contributes to a positive customer experience, which can result in higher sales and greater customer loyalty.

11. Accessible customer support

Business owners must take care of accessible customer support as it ensures that customers can easily obtain assistance when needed, making for a more user-friendly experience. 

Offering readily available customer support channels, whether through live chat, phone, or email, empowers customers to seek help and resolve any issues related to their gift card balances or transactions. 

This accessibility not only mitigates frustration and confusion but also demonstrates a commitment to superior customer service. It can lead to quicker problem resolution, increased customer satisfaction, and foster a positive image for your brand, ultimately driving customer loyalty and repeat business.

12. Accessibility and inclusivity

To ensure that the Shopify gift card balance checking process is open to all customers, regardless of their abilities or preferences, accessibility and inclusivity are important. 

A diverse customer base may have varying needs, including individuals with disabilities who depend on assistive technologies to access digital platforms. 

Ensuring that your gift card balance checking process complies with accessibility standards, such as WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines), and is compatible with screen readers and other assistive technologies, enables a wider audience to engage with your business. 

This commitment to inclusivity meets legal requirements. Plus, it showcases your brand as customer-focused and socially responsible, potentially broadening your customer base and fostering a positive reputation.

13. Multilingual support

If you aim to serve a wide-ranging customer demographic and expand your reach to international markets, don’t miss the multilingual support.

By offering the option to check gift card balances in multiple languages, you eliminate language barriers, making the process accessible to a wider range of customers. This demonstrates cultural sensitivity and inclusivity, which can attract a global audience and promote a positive brand image. 

Additionally, it minimizes potential misunderstandings or errors during the balance-checking process, ensuring that customers can confidently engage with their gift cards. Thus, it enhances customer satisfaction and potentially leads to increased sales and loyalty in both local and international markets.

14. Promote balance checking

Promoting balance checking helps actively engage customers, and remind them of the value they have stored in their gift cards. 

Regular reminders through email, SMS, or other marketing channels encourage customers to check their balances and consider making purchases. It fosters a sense of urgency and enhances customer engagement with your brand. 

Promoting balance checking helps engage customers

Moreover, it maximizes the likelihood of customers using their gift cards, resulting in increased sales, reduced liability for unclaimed gift card balances, and ultimately higher customer retention and brand loyalty. 

This proactive approach to promoting balance checking ensures that customers make the most of their gift cards, benefiting both the customer and your business.

15. Feedback mechanism

Lastly, you can not miss the feedback mechanism, as it enables customers to share their experiences and voice any concerns or suggestions. Offering a channel for customers to offer feedback on the balance-checking process enables you to continuously improve and refine the user experience. 

Customer input can uncover pain points, technical issues, or potential enhancements that may not be immediately apparent, thus allowing you to make necessary adjustments to the process. 

This commitment to actively listening to your customers and acting on their feedback fosters a culture of continuous improvement. It demonstrates that your business values their input, and this can result in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

3 Tools for Shopify gift card balance checking

The Gift Card Balance Tracker application can be downloaded for free from the Shopify App Store and can be installed with just a few simple clicks. 

Here, we present three instances of Shopify gift card balance apps, providing their descriptions, features, pricing details, and customer ratings.

3 Tools for Shopify gift card balance checking

1. Gift Card Manager by HulkApps

Gift Card Manager by HulkApps is a Shopify app that helps merchants manage and track their gift card sales and balances. It is a popular app among Shopify merchants, with over 10,000 active users. It has a 4.8 out of 5-star rating on the Shopify App Store. 

The application also allows vendors to design their own unique gift card visuals and establish specific expiration dates for these gift cards. It offers a variety of features, including:

  • Centralized gift card management: Store all of your gift cards in one place, making it easy to track and manage them.
  • Balance tracking: Get real-time updates on the balances of all of your gift cards.
  • Gift card reporting: Generate detailed reports on your gift card sales and balances.
  • Gift card redemption: Easily redeem gift cards online and in-store.
  • Gift card fraud prevention: Detect and prevent gift card fraud.

The installation is free of charge, while supplementary features and assistance can be accessed for a monthly fee of $9.99.

2. Gift Card Balance by Hextom

Gift Card Balance by Hextom is a Shopify app that allows merchants to check the balances of their gift cards quickly and easily. It is a simple and straightforward app that doesn’t necessitate any intricate setup or configuration.

Customers have the option to verify the balance of their Shopify gift card directly on the merchant’s website. This process only requires entering their gift card code and PIN, and it allows them to view the remaining balance on their gift card seamlessly, without having to navigate away from the store’s website.

Features of Gift Card Balance by Hextom:

  • Check gift card balances quickly and easily: Gift Card Balance by Hextom allows merchants to check the balances of their gift cards in real time with just a few clicks.
  • Simple and straightforward app: Gift Card Balance by Hextom is a simple and straightforward app that no complex setup or configuration is needed.
  • Affordable pricing: Gift Card Balance by Hextom is an affordable app that offers great value for money.

Plus, it is free to install. 

3. Gift Card Balance Tracker by iZooto

Gift Card Balance Tracker by iZooto is a Shopify app that helps merchants track and manage their gift card sales, balances, and redemptions. It is a popular app among Shopify merchants, with over 20,000 active users. It has a 4.7 out of 5-star rating on the Shopify App Store.

The app also offers a variety of features to help merchants improve their customer experience and reduce fraud, such as:

  • Gift card notifications: Send customers automatic notifications when their gift card balance is low or when their gift card is about to expire.
  • Gift card custom fields: Add custom fields to your gift cards to collect additional information from your customers, such as their name, email address, and phone number.
  • Gift card fraud prevention: Use the app’s built-in fraud detection features to identify and prevent fraudulent gift card redemptions.
  • Gift card analytics: Get detailed insights into your gift card sales, balances, and redemptions with the app’s powerful analytics dashboard.

Installation is at no cost, and users can access supplementary features and support for a monthly fee of $7.99.


In conclusion, managing your Shopify gift card balance effectively is not only essential for your customers but also for the growth and reputation of your business. By implementing the best practices outlined in this article, you can streamline the gift card process, enhance the customer experience, and drive sales.

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