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Kylie Cosmetics - A Shopify legendary case study

Being worth $1.2 billion, Kylie Cosmetics has made Kylie Jenner one of the most outstanding self-made billionaires. To unravel the secret behind the success of Kylie Jenner’s business, we can not neglect Shopify, the e-commerce platform that plays an important role in growing Kylie Cosmetics. 

In today’s blog, let’s discover everything about Kylie Cosmetics – one of the most Shopify legendary case studies with Mageplaza! This blog is especially imperative for those developing online stores on the Shopify platform. 

Overview of Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics, established by Kylie Jenner in 2015, debuted with its signature Kylie Lip Kits, a combo of liquid lipstick and lip liner, swiftly ascending to become a global powerhouse in the cosmetics industry. 

Expanding its range to encompass eyeshadows, blush, bronzer, highlighter, and skin care, the brand has built a reputation for quality, affordability, and trendy color selections.

Overview of Kylie Cosmetics

The company’s success owes much to celebrity endorsements, notably from Kylie Jenner, a social media icon. With a global presence in 170+ countries and partnerships with major retailers such as Ulta Beauty and Sephora, Kylie Cosmetics has garnered immense popularity.

Operating through Shopify, a top e-commerce platform, the brand’s online store stands out for its user-friendly interface and clear product categories, enabling easy navigation for customers. Offering diverse payment methods and shipping options, the store ensures a seamless shopping experience.

Why Kylie Cosmetics Chose Shopify

Kylie Cosmetics opted for Shopify as its e-commerce platform for several reasons.

1. User-Friendly Interface

Kylie aimed to offer top-notch user satisfaction for her site visitors, and Shopify assisted her in crafting an exceptional and impressive user journey for her clientele. This decision stemmed from Kylie’s vision to provide a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience for her audience. 

Shopify’s interface allowed for a straightforward and engaging interaction, aligning perfectly with Kylie Cosmetics’ emphasis on delivering a high-quality, customer-centric online shopping environment. With an exceptional user experience, visitors swiftly transition into customers.

Kylie Cosmetics has a user-friendly interface

The user-friendly design and smooth navigation capabilities of Shopify catered to Kylie’s objective of creating a space that was not only aesthetically pleasing but also effortlessly accessible for her diverse customer base.

2. Customizability

Shopify has extensive customizability. Kylie Cosmetics’s emphasis on crafting a unique and distinctive online store aligned perfectly with Shopify’s capabilities. 

The platform allowed Kylie Cosmetics to tailor and personalize the look and feel of their store to match their brand identity precisely. This level of customization ensured a cohesive and tailored shopping experience for their diverse customer base, reflecting the brand’s aesthetics and style seamlessly.

3. Payment and Shipping Options

Kylie Cosmetics caters to a worldwide audience, aiming for visitors from all corners of the globe to explore the website and make purchases. This is the reason for Kylie’s vision to provide customers with convenient payment methods and flexible shipping options. 

Shopify’s capability to incorporate various payment gateways and shipping solutions aligned perfectly with Kylie Cosmetics’ global presence, catering to customers in over 170 countries.

The platform’s versatility in offering different payment options and shipping methods ensured a seamless and accommodating shopping experience for a broad customer base.

4. Scalability

Kylie Cosmetics also opted for the Shopify platform due to its scalability, a crucial factor in accommodating the brand’s rapid growth and increasing online traffic. The choice was motivated by the need to guarantee a consistently seamless and dependable shopping experience, particularly during peak times of high demand.

Shopify’s capability to handle escalating levels of traffic and transactions allowed Kylie Cosmetics to expand without compromising the quality or reliability of its online store, offering a seamless experience for customers irrespective of the surges in site visits.

5. Responsive Design

Like other well-known retailers, Kylie Cosmetics aimed to deliver an exceptional experience to desktop and mobile users. This led to the selection of Shopify to handle the incoming traffic from diverse digital devices, ensuring an engaging experience for all visitors.

Responsive design can deliver an exceptional experience to both desktop and mobile users

Shopify’s responsive design capabilities aligned perfectly with Kylie Cosmetics’ objective to offer a user-friendly and visually consistent experience to their diverse customer base, enhancing accessibility and engagement regardless of the device used for browsing and shopping.

6. Fast Load Times

Fast load times are crucial to the customer’s decision-making process because customers do not like to wait for the website to load. If the website takesKylie Cosmetics Shopify too long to load, it is more likely that the customers will leave your website. 

Losing website traffic is a dreaded scenario for any business owner. Therefore, to prevent missing out on potential customers, Kylie needed to rely on a swift platform that could meet her customers’ expectations.

Hence, Shopify’s ability to deliver rapid loading speeds aligned perfectly with Kylie Cosmetics’ goal to ensure that customers could swiftly access and navigate the online store, offering a satisfying and efficient shopping experience, regardless of the device or location of the user.

7. Easy Management

One more reason that Kylie Cosmetics selected the Shopify platform is due to its easy management features. The brand sought a streamlined and user-friendly platform to efficiently handle its online store. 

Shopify’s intuitive tools and straightforward interface simplified day-to-day operations, allowing for easy management of products, inventory, and overall site functionality. 

This simplified management system aligned perfectly with Kylie Cosmetics’ goal of ensuring a smooth and hassle-free backend experience, enabling the brand to focus on delivering a top-tier front-end shopping experience for its customers.

6 Tips Kylie Cosmetics apply on Shopify to gain success

Here are 6 tips that Kylie Cosmetics apply on Shopify to have successful e-commerce businesses:

1. Back in stock alerts

Kylie Cosmetics Shopify store leverages the Back in Stock alerts tactic as a strategic tool to drive customer engagement and sales. 

The brand creates anticipation and a sense of exclusivity around sought-after items by allowing customers to sign up for notifications when a product is restocked. Potential customers can receive alerts via Email or SMS when the cosmetic product is available again.

This approach not only keeps customers informed but also serves as a powerful marketing tool, prompting potential buyers to return to the site and potentially purchase once the desired product is available again. 

This tactic fosters a sense of urgency and encourages swift action, enhancing customer loyalty and driving sales upon restocking.

2. Compare at price

Secondly, Kylie Cosmetics Shopify store strategically employs the “Compare at price” tactic to highlight the perceived value and incentivize purchases. 

By displaying a higher “Compare at” price alongside the actual selling price, the brand creates the perception of a deal or discount, encouraging customers to make a purchase. This comparison helps customers visualize the value they’re gaining, fostering a sense of urgency and prompting quicker decisions. 

The Compare at price tactic helps highlight the perceived value

This tactic not only boosts sales but also enhances the perceived value of the products, contributing to customer satisfaction and retention on the Shopify platform.

3. Sales catalogue

Kylie Cosmetics Shopify store maintains a specialized sales section, swiftly showcasing discounted products for savvy shoppers seeking bargains. 

The brand showcases discounted or clearance items by featuring a sales catalog section, attracting customers seeking deals. This section not only creates a sense of excitement and urgency but also serves as a compelling way to draw attention to specific products, potentially leading to increased sales.

Additionally, it provides a curated space for customers to explore discounted items easily, contributing to a positive shopping experience and potentially driving additional sales while offering value to customers.

4. Bundling

One of the most important tactics that Kylie Cosmetics Shopify store strategically employs is bundling. This strategy allows Kylie Cosmetics to enhance the value proposition for customers and drive sales. 

Bundling refers to a marketing tactic where a company combines multiple products or services into one package and offers them as a singular unit. Generally, this is priced lower than individual sales of these products or services.

Kylie Cosmetics applies the bundling tactic

By offering bundled products—combining related or complementary items—Kylie Cosmetics creates a perceived value that incentivizes customers to make a larger purchase.

This approach not only encourages customers to explore and purchase multiple items at once but also simplifies the shopping process, providing a convenient and cost-effective option for buyers. 

Bundling contributes to increased average order value while offering customers a compelling deal, resulting in a successful sales strategy for the brand on the Shopify platform.

5. Product launch

Kylie Cosmetics store informs its customers about the launch date of its upcoming product, generating excitement and anticipation. By leveraging Shopify’s platform, the brand can create buzz and hype surrounding upcoming products, utilizing teasers, countdowns, and sneak peeks to engage its audience. 

This approach generates immediate interest and prompts customers to visit the site, sign up for notifications, and be among the first to access the new products, ultimately driving sales and fostering a sense of exclusivity and desirability around these launches.

6. Limited edition

The limited edition is also one of the essential elements that the Kylie Cosmetics Shopify store utilizes to drive customer engagement and prompt purchases. This can create a sense of exclusivity and urgency around specific products. 

Kylie Cosmetics’ limited edition by Kris Jenner

By releasing limited-edition items or collections, the brand generates heightened anticipation and demand among customers. This approach not only fuels a sense of uniqueness but also prompts quicker purchasing decisions due to the fear of missing out on a rare or exclusive product. 

This tactic effectively drives sales and customer engagement while fostering a dedicated customer base eager to grab these exclusive offerings, contributing to the brand’s success on the Shopify platform.

Strong points of Kylie Cosmetics Shopify store

Kylie Cosmetics’ Shopify store has three main strong points that make it stand out:

  • Absence of a homepage slider: Kylie opts for large product images accompanied by prominent “SHOP NOW” icons, driving immediate purchases upon landing on the website, and eliminating the need to navigate through distracting image carousels.
  • Compact header: Kylie’s site features a minimized header, reducing distractions for customers, and steering clear of potential disruptions caused by a larger header.
  • Shipping bar with no charge: A prevalent attribute in Shopify sites, it remains an essential element. Customers anticipate it, and its presence can incentivize higher spending on the website.

Apps that Kylie Cosmetics Shopify store is using

Kylie Cosmetics Shopify store uses various apps to extend its online store’s functionality and streamline business operations. Some of the apps that Kylie Cosmetics is using include:

  • Klaviyo: Kylie Cosmetics uses this email marketing platform to stay in touch with its customers and inform them about new products, promotions, and other important news.
  • Yotpo: Yotpo is a customer review platform that Kylie Cosmetics Shopify store uses to collect and display customer reviews on its website.
  • ShipStation: ShipStation is a shipping platform that Kylie Cosmetics uses to automate its order fulfillment process.
  • AfterShip: This shipment tracking platform allows Kylie Cosmetics Shopify store to provide its customers with real-time updates on their orders.
  • Shopify Payments: Shopify Payments is a payment processing platform that Kylie Cosmetics uses to accept credit and debit card payments from its customers.
  • Shopify POS: Shopify POS is a point-of-sale system that Kylie Cosmetics uses to accept payments at its pop-up shops and other offline events.

In addition to these apps, Kylie Cosmetics is also using a number of other third-party apps and services to integrate with its Shopify store. These integrations allow Kylie Cosmetics to streamline its business operations and provide a better customer experience.

What Shopify theme does Kylie Cosmetics use?

Kylie Jenner’s Kylie Cosmetics utilizes the Vogue theme by Out of the Sandbox, a high-end Shopify theme. This theme emphasizes a contemporary, chic design centered on visual narratives and product displays. 

Key elements of the Vogue theme encompass adaptable homepage segments, sophisticated product filtering, an expansive Instagram feed, multi-column dropdown menus, and a design that seamlessly adjusts to both desktop and mobile screens.

Vogue theme by Out of the Sandbox

Here are some of the key features of the Vogue by Out of the Sandbox Shopify theme:

  • Responsive design: The Vogue theme is responsive, meaning that it looks amazing on all devices, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. This is important for fashion and beauty brands, as their customers are likely to be shopping for products on a variety of devices.
  • Product showcase: The Vogue theme features a product showcase that allows businesses to highlight their best products. The product showcase can be customized to feature specific products, categories, or collections.
  • Blog section: The Vogue theme includes a blog section that allows businesses to share news, tips, and tutorials. This is a great way for businesses to connect with their customers and provide them with valuable information.
  • Social media integration: The Vogue theme integrates with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This allows businesses to connect with customers on social media and share their products with a wider audience.
  • Variety of payment and shipping options: The Vogue theme supports a variety of payment and shipping options, including credit/debit cards, PayPal, and Amazon Pay. This makes it convenient for customers to purchase products from the store.

Overall, the Vogue by Out of the Sandbox Shopify theme is an excellent choice for brands that are looking for a luxurious and sophisticated online store. The theme is fully customizable and offers various features specifically designed for fashion and beauty brands.

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What does the Kylie Cosmetics Shopify store need to improve?

While Kylie Cosmetics’ Shopify store boasts many strengths, a few areas might benefit from improvement:

  • Search bar: Improving the search bar’s visibility and size on Kylie’s site is crucial. Customers typically visit the site with purchase intent, so ensuring easy access to the search function is essential for a smoother and more efficient shopping experience.
  • Account tab: The account tab in the header is currently underutilized and occupies valuable space. Moving it to the footer could free up the header space for more essential elements, enhancing the overall user experience and optimizing the layout.
  • Too many options: Kylie’s website header might benefit from streamlining, as an excess of options can overwhelm visitors, potentially delaying their decision-making process. Simplifying the header could help customers navigate more swiftly and reduce the chances of them leaving the site without making a purchase.
  • Make the checkout process more efficient: The checkout process at Kylie Cosmetics is a bit too long and complicated. Kylie Cosmetics could make the checkout process more efficient by reducing the number of steps required, offering more payment options, and making it easier for customers to ship to multiple addresses.
  • Personalize the shopping experience: Kylie Cosmetics could personalize the shopping experience for its customers by recommending products based on past purchases and browsing behavior. Kylie Cosmetics could also use customer data to create targeted marketing campaigns and promotions.
  • Improve the customer service experience: Kylie Cosmetics could improve the customer service experience by offering more ways for customers to contact support, such as live chat and phone support. Kylie Cosmetics could also make it easier for customers to return or exchange products.

Develop your Shopify store with Mageplaza

If you want to build your online store with the Shopify platform and optimize the power of this platform just like what Kylie Jenner did with her Kylie Cosmetics business, you should find an expert team to help you with it. 

Mageplaza’s Shopify development service

If you’re uncertain about where to place your trust, we suggest Mageplaza—a seasoned team with a strong history and vast expertise in Shopify web development. There are a wide range of Shopify development services provided by Mageplaza, such as: 

  • Shopify Store Setup
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Key elements that make Mageplaza’s Shopify development service stand out from others:

  • Client-centric approach: At Mageplaza, prioritizing clients means placing their needs and objectives at the heart of operations. This involves delving into the client’s business, their audience, and their distinct needs to craft tailored solutions.
  • Customization & flexibility: Shopify, known for its adaptability, often meet clients with distinct needs. Mageplaza steps in with personalized solutions, enabling clients to tweak and expand their Shopify stores to fulfill these specific requirements.
  • Quality assurance: Mageplaza maintains a robust quality assurance process to guarantee error-free, seamless user experiences within their developed solutions.
  • Responsive design: In the era of mobile dominance, e-commerce sites must be responsive, ensuring a consistent user experience across various devices. Mageplaza developers specialize in crafting designs that are both responsive and mobile-friendly.
  • Security and compliance: Mageplaza adheres to industry-leading security practices, ensuring Shopify stores comply with essential regulations like GDPR and PCI DSS. This dedication ensures robust security measures for their clients’ platforms.
  • Transparent communication: Clear communication between the client and the development agency is vital. Mageplaza prioritizes keeping clients informed about project progress, timelines, and potential issues that may arise. This transparency fosters a strong partnership.

6 Reasons why Mageplaza will be a suitable team to help you build a successful Shopify store: 

  • 9+ years of experience in E-commerce: Mageplaza boasts a strong history in Shopify web development, having worked with clients worldwide from the UK, US, Australia, and beyond.
  • Wide range of services: Mageplaza provides a wide array of services—from custom theme and app development to store setup, integration, and ongoing support. Their diverse offerings cover every aspect of Shopify store development, making them a reliable one-stop solution.
  • Customization capabilities: Mageplaza excels in crafting unique, visually appealing online stores by creating custom themes and tailoring Shopify websites to match brand identities, setting clients apart from the competition.
  • Ongoing support and maintenance: Mageplaza offers continuous support and maintenance for Shopify stores, ensuring seamless operations. With timely updates, bug fixes, and expert troubleshooting, customers can focus on their business while Mageplaza handles the technical side.
  • Cost-effective model: Mageplaza customizes pricing plans to fit the unique needs and budgets of businesses, be they small or large. Their transparent pricing structure guarantees no hidden costs, providing customers with a clear understanding of expenses.
  • Guaranteed time range: Mageplaza recognizes the significance of meeting deadlines, enabling the timely launch of Shopify stores for swift revenue generation. Their guaranteed time range ensures projects are completed within the agreed-upon timeframe, minimizing unnecessary delays.

Especially, Mageplaza offers FREE 1:1 consultation and FREE 30-day all-app trial. Don’t hesitate to contact them now!


The bottom line

In exploring the success story of Kylie Cosmetics on Shopify, it becomes evident that a combination of visionary entrepreneurship, strategic branding, and leveraging Shopify’s versatile platform has transformed a makeup line into a billion-dollar empire. 

The journey of Kylie Jenner’s brand serves not only as a testament to the power of e-commerce but also as an inspiring case study for budding entrepreneurs looking to make their mark in the digital landscape.

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