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Are You Tracking Your Marketing Campaigns in the Most Effective Way?

Summer Nguyen | 03-06-2024

Track your marketing campaigns the right way

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Marketing campaigns are a major way that companies garner interest in their products and attract people to their websites. Marketing campaigns can also help you enhance your brand image, rebrand when necessary, and add more personal touches to the face of your organization.

With so many benefits, it’s essential to track your campaign to make sure that it’s moving your company in the direction that you want, and that you can quantify the effects as much as possible.

How can you do so, in practice? Our guide right here is a great starting point.

Why Do Companies Track Their Marketing Campaigns?

Companies track their marketing campaigns for a number of reasons. The following are some of the most significant aspects that companies want to uncover:

To See What Works (and What Doesn’t)

One of the main reasons for tracking your marketing campaign is to get an idea of what works. This allows you to build upon this knowledge in future campaigns, and elaborate those ideas further. For example, if you are a tech startup, by analyzing your marketing campaigns you can find out quickly if your remote desktop for mac tagline is working well for you or not.

Just as important as discovering what does work is understanding what doesn’t (and, hopefully, the reasons behind this). The more information you can get about what methods aren’t giving you the desired results, the less time and money you will spend on the wrong path for your campaign.

To Make Timely Adjustments

A huge advantage of tracking your marketing campaigns is the ability to intervene at the earliest possible moment if you spot any errors, and get your campaign back on track. Earlier intervention can limit damage and protect your brand image.

Additionally, having a well-structured data ingestion process can ensure that you are receiving accurate and up-to-date information about your campaign performance, enabling you to make informed decisions promptly.

To Understand Audiences Better

Tracking your campaigns gives you valuable insight into your target audience. It helps you to compile more comprehensive and detailed profiles of your audiences so that you can better connect with them going forward. This information, in turn, allows for more targeted and effective campaigns.

Using advanced analytics platforms, such as Databricks, can further enhance your ability to gain meaningful insights from the data and tailor your strategies accordingly.

To Budget for the Next Campaign

When you can see what social media platforms are having a positive impact on your campaigns, and which ones are a money sink, you can plan your budget for the next season. It’s also a good opportunity to decide whether you should reallocate money from a different department into marketing, and vice versa.

To Find the Winning Formula

To Find the Winning Formula
Free to use image sourced from Unsplash

What works to increase website traffic flow one season doesn’t necessarily work the next, but you can get a general feel for your company and what works for it. While a lot will depend on the zeitgeist – what the general public is interested in at the moment globally and nationally – some things will remain stable. The more solid and reliable your brand is, the less affected it will be by the tides of trends.

To Understand the Popularity of Your Products

A good tracking system for your campaign will also help you to understand why people like your products. You may know what you think is great about your product, and have an idea about how you want people to interact with it. However, people are versatile and diverse and might find your brand appealing for a range of reasons. Tracking your campaign can help you to find what those reasons are and hone those aspects of your product.

To Feed Back to Colleagues in Sales

Marketing and sales teams can feed back to each other and inform parts of their work. Marketing officers can help sales teams with a deeper understanding of the typical customers, and make it easier for Sales to interact with these customers.

To Understand Your Goals

Tracking your marketing can help you to hone your business plan, because looking at metrics obliges you to think about what numbers you want to see go up. Are you trying to increase customer satisfaction? Do you want to make more sales? Are you hoping to rebrand?

Whatever your goals are, the act of tracking your campaign will help you to think about what it is you’re actually hoping to accomplish. It also gives you a view into how your business is performing as a whole. If you see that you aren’t converting as many leads as you would like, you now know that you need to figure out why.

How to Track Your Marketing Campaign

Now that we know why it’s beneficial to track your marketing campaign, let’s dive into how to actually do it!

Identify Your Audience

Identify Your Audience
Free to use image sourced from Unsplash

The first part of tracking your marketing campaign requires you to identify your audience. You can do this easily by taking a look at your website analytics, as well as speaking directly with your existing customers. You can use surveys and questionnaires to get an idea of what your customers want.

This is an incredibly straightforward and effective method. And while people don’t always know what they want, it’s the job of designers and marketers to read between the lines and give their customers what they didn’t know they wanted.

Set Goals

Once you’ve figured out exactly who you’re hoping to reach and engage, the next step is to figure out how you want to engage with them.

Your goals can be long-term, like increasing your leads or improving your conversion rates. They can also be short-term, such as goals that you want to accomplish within a set period of time, like over a week or a month. Short-term goals can help you to evaluate your current marketing efforts.

If you set your marketing goal to see an increase in sales by 3% during a given period, you can then easily see if you managed to achieve this goal, and whether your marketing efforts are paying off as expected.

It’s like a litmus test for your marketing campaign. If it doesn’t work, a short testing period will give you the time to figure out why it didn’t work and make necessary adjustments before launching a larger campaign.

Identify Key Metrics

Identify Key Metrics
Image sourced from

Your goals will allow you to figure out which metric you want to monitor. Accurate measurements are key for seeing the progress of your campaign. If your goal is to increase brand awareness, you could track mentions, social media followers, website visits, or leads generated. If you want to generate more sales, a good idea would be to look at conversion rates or average order values.

By identifying the most important metrics for your company, you can track them consistently over time to get an accurate view of the health of your marketing campaign. This will help you to identify any trends and make necessary adjustments along the way.

Use Analytics

Now that you have your audience and goals figured out, it’s time to start employing the right tools to track your marketing campaigns. There are many analytics tools available, such as Google Analytics, that provide insights into every part of your campaign, including detailed campaign tracking.

These intuitive and user-friendly tools give you helpful insights into how your company’s campaign is performing in comparison to any competitors, as well as pointing out the areas where you’re doing particularly well, and where you need to improve.

Website analytics is about collecting data on the visitors coming to your website. Google Analytics, Yahoo! Analytics, and other third-party tools, can be used. These tools track and record information about your visitors and what they do on your website. They also offer insight into your audience’s likes and dislikes about the website, and show you which aspects of your website are most effective.

Google Analytics, in particular, is a very reliable website analytics tool, and it’s free to use. You just add some information about your website and enter the web address. You can start tracking your traffic as soon as you’re logged in.

Use Analytics
Free to use image sourced from Unsplash

Data analytics, though, shouldn’t be limited to the information you collect through your website. Gaining a better awareness of your email marketing is crucial, too.

Email marketing analytics consists of collecting data about the emails you send out to your customers. You can manage the data using tools such as MailChimp, as well as send recurring email ads out.

Evaluate the Results

It’s not enough to simply track your campaign. You need to be able to analyze and evaluate the results. Analytics tools will show you what’s happening with your campaign, and then it’s up to you to decide what to do with that information.

Assembling a visual representation of your results, such as graphs and charts, will help you to understand them and communicate them to your colleagues. Many analytics tools will do this for you, and you can then conduct brainstorming meetings to decide how to move forward.

If you see that a particular tactic isn’t working, you can adjust your campaign to improve your chances of success on the basis of the information from your analytics. Perhaps you need to redesign your website. If a specific ad group isn’t generating as much engagement as you expected, you can change some details of the ad, or bin it completely.

Be Aware of Your Competitors

You can also track your competitors’ marketing campaigns and see what they’re having success with. Similarly, it may help to evaluate your own performance against theirs to find out how you are doing. In marketing, it’s a smart idea to take inspiration from others around you, as well as integrate winning methods into your own strategy.

If, for example, your competitors are having a lot of success using a brand kit generator, there’s no reason why you can’t also.

Tips for Success

In order to get the most out of your tracking, we recommend the following:

Have a Plan

Have a Plan
Free to use image sourced from Unsplash

You should set up a plan and stick to it. Don’t just thrash around aimlessly in the endlessly vast space that is the internet. Refer to your brand goals – outline exactly what you want to achieve, and the skills and resources you’ll need. Be organized: use to-do lists, reminders, and delegate tasks.

Prioritize Your Goals

You may have several objectives, but some will be more pressing than others. By focusing on your most important goals first and addressing the rest later, you can better manage your time for success. We have a limited amount of time in a day, and limited resources, so go in for the most effective use of your time and money budget.

Use Segmentation

You can make use of segmentation in order to hone in on specific data points while tracking your campaign. You can segment data by source, medium, or campaign name. This helps you to figure out which channels are best for getting new customers.

Additionally, segmentation also helps you to find out which marketing medium is the most efficient when it comes to converting leads, making the whole process simpler and the data clearer.

Consider the Big Picture

Consider the Big Picture
Free to use image sourced from Unsplash

While it can be easy to get worried about fluctuations and small changes, those are usually a normal part of every day in marketing. It’s more useful to identify the general trends and look at how the data has evolved over time.

Delegate, Delegate, Delegate

An organized team is better able to carry out elaborate marketing campaigns. For this reason, it’s crucial to delegate the responsibilities of your marketing team to members on the basis of their training and skill set. You can download remote desktop apps in aid of this, so colleagues around the country can help out. This will allow you to simplify and streamline the workflow.

Ready to Start Tracking Your Marketing Campaigns?

To effectively track your marketing campaigns, you need to be well organized and have the right tools in your metaphorical toolshed. The benefits of proper tracking are huge: from helping you to budget correctly and lead more successful campaigns for your products, to allowing your products to reach the right people in the best way possible.

Tracking can also aid you in creating a better website by showing you what is and isn’t popular with your customers. To recap, your path to success looks like this: create a plan, prioritize your goal list, employ segmentation, look at the broader picture, and don’t forget to delegate your tasks to the colleagues with the right skills.

Now, you’re all set to start tracking your marketing campaigns more effectively than ever.

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    A data-driven marketing leader with over 10 years of experience in the ecommerce industry. Summer leverages her deep understanding of customer behavior and market trends to develop strategic marketing campaigns that drive brand awareness, customer acquisition, and ultimately, sales growth for our company.

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