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With the fast pace development of advanced technology, e-commerce has been increasingly popular and favorable to people. Shopping behaviors of people consequently changed remarkably from bricks and mortals to clicks and mortals. It is also expected to switch into pure online shopping in the future. That is the reason why every online merchant needs to facilitate themselves with unique marketing strategies, and of course supporting tools for their e-business. This post will introduce store owners five most effective extensions needed for any Magento 2 stores when Valentine’s day is on the way to come soon.

1. One step checkout

One step checkout

Why checkout process ranks the very first position? Simply because once you persuade customers to choose your products, a small mistake or delay in payment process can upset them and make them change their minds. Therefore, obtaining an efficient checkout process is a determining factor for any successful ecommerce transaction. Mageplaza One Step Checkout extension is a must if you still haven’t found any solution for your store’s checkout process.

With this extension, customers only need to fill in one page information instead of 6 separate steps in Magento default setting. As a result, not only complicated steps are reduced but also processing time is shortened. Abandoned cart issue is consequently no longer your concern anymore. This great extension also support customers to leave their comments for each order for personal preferences. Furthermore, other outstanding features of this extension such as gift wrap, gift message, and setting delivery time are sure not to let you down. It is time for you to experience its effectiveness yourself and start set up this incredible extension.

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2. Layered Navigation

Layered Navigation

With the default setting of Magento 2, web browsers will find it inconvenient when searching for a product as he needs a lot of time waiting for the searching process while the result page cannot satisfy all his preferences. Consequently, a supporting tool such as Magento 2 Layered Navigation ULTIMATE is a perfect recommendation for you.

This extension applies the technology of Ajax loading which makes the searching process become more convenient with results appear instantly. Additionally, with multi filters feature, customers are now enabled to looking for a product including all his preferences at the same time instead one by one feature as usual. Other highlight features such as price slider and shop by brand also significantly contribute to the making of a successful transaction.

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Automatic related products

Statistics have shown that the percentage of product recommendations contributing to a company’s revenues constitutes for up to 30%. Therefore, why don’t you set up Magento 2 Auto Related Products extension right now to take advantages of its outstanding features to boost sales. Although Magento 2 have default setting for product recommendations, these tools requires shop admins much time to configure for each group. Especially when the store has hundreds or even thousands of items, it would be much more inconvenient.

With Automatic Related Products extension admins are allowed to generate unlimited rules for their stores in a blink of an eye at ease. After setting up this extension, multiple blocks such as daily deals, upsells, cross-sells, best-sellers, top-searched, and so on will be presented on your website. By doing so, customers can easily catch a glimpse of other products they might want to buy, while shop owners can higher the possibility of gaining more sales. Besides, this recommended extension also supports Ajax loading and A/B testing which are sure to be effective supporters for store admins.

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4. Gift Card

Gift Card

The next essential extension for your store is Mageplaza Gift Card module. Due to its advantages over traditional presents, giving gift voucher is becoming increasingly popular among people, especially on holiday shopping season. Therefore, it is not strange if gift certificate is considered to be the hottest trend in this year Valentine’s day.

This incredible extension supports your store to create both physical and digital vouchers, which is sure to satisfy even the most difficult buyers. Besides, it allows your customers to generate their own certificates with their own pictures, which makes this extension is even more favorable among users. Imagine how excited your customers will be to design themselves a unique gift voucher for their lovers on this Valentine’s day. Moreover, users can also attach their love messages for their lovers that make their presents become much more meaningful and memorable.

Gift Card for M2


Magento 2 SMTP

Investing on a supporting tool such as Mageplaza SMTP extension is a wise choice for any online merchants. Because email marketing has been gradually demonstrated its important position in any marketing strategies applied. Especially when you have a strong customer database, email marketing even contributes more remarkably to your store’s revenues.

With this extension, you can easily notify your customers about daily deals or new promotions to draw their attention toward your products. If using default setting SMTP of Magento 2 makes most of your emails fall into spam instead of inbox, this extension ensures that approximately 99% of your customers will receive your sending newsletters. Besides, abandoned carts problem is also handled with the help of this useful extension.

SMTP for Magento 2

To sum up, having a wide range of qualified products and services is important for any business; however, learning how to make the best of marketing tools to serve your customers even need more attention. Therefore, do not miss a chance to take the lead in the marketplace this Valentine’s day by facilitating your e-commerce with the most effective extensions. Let get well-prepared for this Valentine to boost your sales dramatically. If you want to search for more useful extensions for your store, visit us to explore yourself here

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