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Are you finding a way to increase sales on your new Magento 2 store? Recent Sales Notification (or Sales Popup) is a great solution to draw new customers by using Social proof and FOMO (fear of missing out).

However, it can be tricky to add a recent sales popup on your websites, especially when you have no technical expertise. It may require you with coding, designing skills or you must hire a pro-developer to help.

Understanding that, this blog guides you on the basic way to set up Magento 2 Recent Sales Notification using Proofo app (or called Social Proof). With the simple installation and easy configuration steps, you can have stunning popups on your site instantly.

Before jumping to the main part, let’s discover why Recent Sales Notifications are helpful for your Magento 2 websites.

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Why should Magento 2 stores use Recent Sales Notifications?

Inspire trust

93% of shoppers check reviews before choosing a store/product to buy. The number proves that customers these days fully count on unbiased third-party opinions to make purchase decisions. Hence, the recent sales notifications in your stores can affect new visitors significantly in which increases your store’s credibility and security. A lot of people trusted your stores, why can’t others?

Motivate purchase with FOMO

A number of psychology researches show that people are always afraid of missing something that is owned by many others. They want to have it too, this feeling is called “Fear of missing out”. And this can be generated by sales notification as well. Customers are definitely motivated to curious and purchase the items that are bought by many customers.

Motivate purchase with FOMO

Targeting campaigns

With the highly customizable and flexible features, Recent Sales Notification helps Magento owners to show specific popups by targeted campaigns. Even more, they can easily choose which products to show sales popup, where to show it and the time to play popup flexibly.

Draw conversions

Conversion is the last thing that any Magento stores want to improve. Actually, enhancing conversions are natural if you can have trust from customers, create FOMO for them and show the right sales popups at the right time. All of these benefits combined together will definitely bring more conversions and sales for your webshop.

With huge benefits for your Magento 2 stores, Recent Sales Notification now can be set up easily using Proofo module. What is Proofo and how does it work? You can find the answers in the below part.

What is Proofo?

  • “Ander N. in United States has just bought this item 5 minutes ago.”
  • “25 customers have added this item to cart for 24 hours”

I am sure that you did see those kinds of notification popups on other websites. And Avada Proofo could help you feature the same popups on your Magento 2 stores. Some outstanding features of this extension are listed below:

Avada Proofo - Boost up sales by showing Recent Sales Notifications easily

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Highlight features of Proofo module

Support four types of notification popups

Purchase and Add-to-cart popup
4 popup types

There are two most popular kinds of sale popup supported in this extension.

  • Purchase popup: Notify of who has bought your products recently. The notification message can include customer name, city, country, product name and the purchase time.
  • Add-to-cart popup: Show how many customers added specific items to their shopping carts. The popup message may contain customers’ count, item name and period record.
  • Sign up popup: Notify audiences of new registration from other customers. The default variables are customers’ first name and last name.
  • Custom popup: Freely design your own popup with flexible content and purpose. You can import available popup with CSV file.

Target on specific countries and certain pages

poup conditions
Target on specific countries and certain pages

Geographic targeting is the next outstanding feature of Proofo module. In which, Magento admins can select in which countries to show particular popup or simply click to “Display for all countries”.

Similarly, Page targeting function allows admins to assign the sales popups to any wanted page on your website. Also, it is possible to pick up the popup position on desktop and mobile screen separately.

Noticeably, Proofo supports showing all popups related to the products that customers are viewing on Magento 2 website. This function helps to boost up the desired items and also enhances the stores’ recommendations.

More Features of Proofo extension

  • Sales Notifications by schedule: Admins can specify a few timing conditions such as display duration per popup, gap time between two popups, delay time before the first popup, the maximum number of popup shown.

  • Setting Time ago: Flexibly choose to show/hide purchase time ago of products. Specially, you can turn off the “time ago” in your popup after a certain number of hours/days.

  • Responsive to all devices: Proofo module can show recent sales notification that is fully responsive to mobile, desktop, tablet, etc. devices.

  • Popup effect: Supports In and Out animation effect as well as sound playing when showing sales pop.

  • Display strategy: Admins can choose to show sales popup randomly or in a selected order. Even more, popups can be replayed from the beginning, continue after page loaded or only show related viewing items.

  • Custom CSS: Allow freely to design anything you want by CSS customization.

FOMO Marketing Series:

How to set up Recent Sales Notification for Magento 2

This part guides you on how to integrate the FREE Proofo module with your Magento 2 website.

Step 1: Get API Key Proofo account

Firstly, sign up for an account to start using Proofo app. You can go to Proofo app, click to sign up now then fill the needed information to the following form. If you do have an account, you can choose to login via Google, Shopify or Email.

Sign up
Sign up
Test Connection
Test Connection

Step 2: Connect the Proofo app to Magento 2

2.1. Get API Key

Go to this link. At this site, you are guided to download and install the Proofo extension in two ways: via Composer or Copy and Paste.

Get API Key
Get API Key

2.2. Get API Key

  • Copy the App credentials from Avada Proofo admin by going to Top bar avatar > Manage keys. If you have not had a secret key, you can generate a new key.
manage keys
manage keys
  • Copy the above credentials to the corresponding fields in the Magento 2 Proofo backend settings:
copy credentials
copy credentials
  • Choose which data to sync to Avada Proofo service: orders events, add-to-cart events, new customer sign-up events:
Choose sync-data
Choose sync-data

2.3. Test Connection

Click to the button “Test Connection” at the end of Magento 2 configuration for Proofo module to check if the API key and other information are matching. If successful, you can start to use Proofo on your Magento 2 stores!

Test Connection
Test Connection

Step 3: Configure Proofo module

  • General configuration
  • Theme
  • Design
  • Display
  • Triggers
  • Advanced

See detailed instructions to set up the above sections here


If you are finding the easiest way to create the recent sales popup on your Magento 2 stores, Proofo is definitely the first recommendation for you. With simple steps to install and configure the module, all kinds of stores can do it easily, even with non-technical ones. Since the module is totally Free, why not give it a try now?

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