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How to create Multiple Wishlists in Magento 2

For many online merchants, add to wishlist has become one of the must-have features to make the customer experience better. However, a regular wishlist is not good enough to support your store. With the tendency of most stores offers the same feature, customers want something more, something innovative to support their shopping journey.

Mageplaza had figured out a great way to upgrade this function which is by creating multiple wishlists instead of showing one single page with the help of Magento 2 Wishlist extension. This article will show you how you to make the best version of store wishlist by creating it in multiple files!

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Why store should provide many wishlist categories?

Logical wishlist layout

When a loyal customer who is so in love with your products, they tend to add all of their favorite items to a wishlist for future purchase. Because of that reason, sometimes the wishlist becomes a clutter with a variety of unorganized products and make the customer lost the intention to purchase as they missed the potential items for purchase.

Logical wishlist layout

With multiple lists of customer-preferred products, buyers personal wishlist will be optimized to boost the feel of better organized and avoid missing the most-likely-to-purchase products which will increase store sales.

Create several wishlists for many occasions

Customers normally have so many of their work task in their busy life. Therefore, planning and making decisions when shopping for the long term will be an ideal way for them to save time and reduce work task.

In specific, several wishlists can be used as a reminder for your customers to purchase the goods which were included in their gifts list or shopping list for important events such as weddings, birthday party, house warmings, etc. For example, when a customer wants to plan all birthday presents for friends and family, he/she can add the products they need to purchase in the wishlist and categorized it in a wishlist. The customer can set titles for the wishlists based on the name of the event to find it faster.

Create several wishlists for many occasions

Therefore, shoppers can use the wishlist for more than just a product pinning for later purchase. Its feature can expand beyond, as it can be a planning tool for customers to purchase their product list in planned time with ease.

The seamless shopping experience will be created when the purchasing time is saved considerably by reducing the time scrolling on a wishlist and find the list quickly when they come back to the store. They will no longer have to recall too much about the products. Furthermore, shoppers can use the mobile to shop conveniently on the limited screen size with the help of the up-to-date wishlists function.

Strengthen loyalty for customer

With an advanced feature, the customer will feel more comfortable when shopping in your store. After they have created a beautiful and well-organized wishlist, they will be encouraged with the thought: “I’ll come back and buy it later”. The thought of coming back to the store to help the customer easy to come back for the next purchase.

How to configure multiple wishlists

The better wishlist extension is an essential tool for the store to create and provide for buyers to enhance the shopping experience. It is even more important for you to utilize the Mageplaza Better Wishlist module as much as possible to make the feature to perform smoothly.

Activate the extension

First and foremost, you need to login in the admin backend and activate the multiple wishlists module. To do that, please access to Stores> Configuration> Mageplaza> Better Wishlist.

Activate the extension

General Configuration

General Configuration

For this configuration, you need to switch to Yes in the below fields to activate the multiple wishlists including:

  • Enable: this feature will have the function to activate the module.
  • Remove Items after being Added to Cart: This helps to activate the auto-delete ability which means that the item will be deleted from the wishlist after the customers move them to their cart.
  • Show Multiple Wishlist Tabs: The field will help to enable the multiple wishlist function.
  • Fields including Show All Item Tab, Default Wishlist(s), Allow customers to create Wishlists helps you to customize based on your store’s as well as your customer’s needs.
  • Show All Item Tab is configured to display a tab containing all Products of the Wishlists.

Next, you can configure Default Wishlists to apply in the system in order to add or delete Wishlist and create or disable Wishlist category based on admin preference rather than your purchaser wants.

On the other hand, if you want to empower your customer with more function then you can continue to fill Yes in the field Allow Customer Create Wishlist and type in the number of wishlists you want customers to use in Limit Number Of Wishlist. If you leave the field blank or enter zero then the default wishlist will be set with 5. Furthermore, admin can also create limitless wishlist without being affected by the setting.

Allow editing customer wishlists

All the list of customer-preferred products will all featured in the Customer detail page at the backend. You can totally make any adjustment to the list by going to Customers> All Customers.

Allow editing customer wishlists

The available customize ability to support on this page can help you to:

  • Form or rename customer’s Wishlist Category
  • Input items to the Wishlist Category
  • Create a similar list or move an item from one wishlist to another
  • Delete item from Wishlist Category
  • Allow changing configurable product’s color and size

Report the number each product have added wishlist

Report for wishlist is a great function for stores to take a glimpse in customer consuming behavior so as to create a specific strategy. In detail, stores will have easy access to the world of customer dream and aspiration to know the target audience interest to come up with the optimal merchandising campaign.

For evaluating the store’s marketing campaign to see whether the items you trying to marketing would end up in your customer wishlist or not, owners can find out the behavior of the customers based on the number of wishlist product being added to the store. The data will answer questions like Does the customers need more information about the product? Does the store’s price point reasonable for the customer? Does the customer longing for a special sale?

To have in this precious data in the palm of your hand, you need to enter into Reports> Better Wishlist> Wishlist Report.

Report the number each product have added wishlist

Multiple wishlists on the frontend

The interface of the wishlist is created with the aim to maximize the customer experience as much as possible. To do so, Mageplaza has designed the convenient add to cart feature which helps your valuable visitors to stay on the current page and continue purchasing smoothly without any additional redirections.

As you can see in the below picture, the wishlist is displayed with a professional and clear layout which can help customers feel motivated to purchase and easy to spot their wanted items with a few glances.

professional and clear layout

Final words

By exploiting the potential of the wishlist you can create a seamless experience for your online shoppers as well as support the store with valuable insights into customer habit and interest.

Besides the multiple wishlist function, Magento 2 Better Wish by Mageplaza will help you maximize the value with many special features including social sharing wishlist, editable wishlist which you can learn further in our product page.

Better Wishlist

Better Wishlist for Magento 2

Create multiple wishlists to save any preferred items organized

Check it out!

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