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How to Hide Price and customize Add to Cart button in Magento 2

Have you ever in the circumstance that you fail in seeking for a product’s price on an online store? Everything that can be seen is Call for Price, Click to find more or Login to see Price buttons. Most ordinary customers cannot understand what is the actual purpose behind the effort to conceal prices. However, many store owners, especially who are in a high-competitive market, know exactly what they are doing and how they benefit from the concealment.

This article will focus on explaining the specific circumstances to conceal prices, and give the detailed instruction to hide/replace Price as well as Add to cart button.

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Why do some stores need to hide the price?

For certain businesses, with specific targeting strategy, hiding/replacing Price and Add to Cart button brings further-than-expected benefits:

Encourage customers to contact and get product price

  • Create the opportunity to interact with visitors
  • Identify potential customers
  • Create the willingness to buy the product
  • Serve customers personally and professionally
  • Make an appropriate dealership

Keep prices secret from competitors

  • Cut down competitiveness
  • Avoid losing potential customers
  • Avoid multi-mindset buying

Hide price for products with ever-changing value

Do not have to constantly update and manage the ever-changing prices. Encourage the customers to click to find more about the products’ price. Have the chance to inform the current official cost and create a dealership if possible.

Draw customers’ full attention to the product value

  • The customer can fully and truly fell and assess the value of a product
  • Make the customer unintentionally focus more on the product features
  • Show how the products can satisfy all requirements
  • Avoid the site abandonment because of high/unaffordable price

Why do some stores need to hide the price

Hide Price

Hide Price Extension for Magento 2

An efficient way to control price visibility by hiding prices for specific groups.

Check it out!

How to hide the price and add to cart button?

Hide Price Extensions List

Magento 2 Default version does not support hiding price/ Add to cart button. You can use hiding price module from other extension builders, but before deciding which one should be purchased, it would be great if you consider features, price and the vendor’s popularity as well. Here are 11+ Best Magento 2 Hide Price Extensions which are highly appreciated by Mageplaza experts. This list is also based on our scores, rating reviews, search result, and social metrics report system, you can look into each particular extension to see how applicable it can be. Best Hide Price Extensions are from well-known extension vendors such as Mageplaza, Bsscommerce, Magecomp.

See 11+ Best Hide Price Extensions.

Call for Price Extra Solution

If you still wonder which solution is the most appropriate, you can refer to outstanding Call for Price for Magento 2! Call for Price Module by Mageplaza allows the website owner to manage the product prices’ visibility with ease. This can be considered as a multi-functional extension, which is not only able to **hide the price and Add to cart button but also can display other others instead, such as pop-up, Call for Price, Get a quote button, to draw customers’ attention as well as raise the interest in their mind. Call for Price extension will even satisfy the most complicated multi-plan marketing strategy, by its ability to hide/replace buttons to specific customer groups, for specific products.

With Call for Price, possible actions that can be configured are:

  • Hide Add to cart button: Add to Cart button will be invisible to customers
  • Popup request form: After the customer clicks on the alternative button, a pop-up request will show up, ask for contact details and the message the customer wants to leave.

Call for Price Extra Solution

  • Redirect to CMS page: After clicking on the alternative button, the customer will be redirected to another page (possibly are contact page, or product detailed page)
  • Log in for Price: When the customer clicks on the button, a customer login/ sign up request page will show up

How to hide the price and add to cart button

How to hide price and add customize add to cart button in Magento 2

Price Visibility

With these actions, Call for Price Extension uses a rules management system to set specific functional buttons. Each rule represents for an action, so there is no concern in handling with a multi-plan marketing strategy. It is possible to set target groups of customers, products list to enable prices’ visibility. With the smart rule management system, you easily to create, change, set priority for rules with ease.

Magento 2 Price Visibility

Add Rule

To add a rule for prices’ visibility, you can navigate to Sales > Call For Price > Rule Management, click Add New Rule button.

Add Rule to Call for Price

You can choose one in four available actions, and freely customize the way it looks on your store site. It is also possible to set priority for each rule you create.

Follow this detailed rule configuration guideline, you can manage 3 main problems for Prices/ Add to Cart button visibility:

#1: General Identify the rule and define targeted Customer Groups, targeted Store View

#2: What To Show Set action and configuration for the rule

#3: Where To Show Set Conditions to sort specific products for.

Manage Rules

To quick view and manage rules, go to Sales > Call For Price > Rule Management.

Manage Call for Price Rules

Right here you can set the name for the rule, enable/disable and customize the action as well. Priority section is for rule applying order. When there is more than one rule for a single product/ customer, the rule with higher Priority will be applied in advance. The possible number for Priority is an integer, value from 1 to 100 (1 is the highest priority).

In the Action section, dropdown menu shows 2 options: Edit/ Delete. You can click Delete to permanently remove the rule, or click Edit to configure the price visibility for each rule. Rule configuration can be done in 3 individual steps (General, What To Show, Where To Show) as Add Rule instruction above.

Is it possible to hide price and Add to cart button to specific customers?

As introduced above, in the General tab, you can optionally set Store Views and Customer Groups that the rule applies to. NOT LOGGED IN customer is most the appropriate for Log in for Price feature of the extension

possible to hide price and Add to cart button to specific customers

Is it possible to hide price and Add to cart button for selected products?

Yes, absolutely. In Where To Show tab, there is a well-designed conditions system for you to sort products which need to be concealed the price.

possible to hide price and Add to cart button for selected products

Each condition can be configured as ALL/ANY, TRUE/FALSE. Conditions Combination function is also available. Click on the plus (+) symbol to add more conditions, minus (-) symbol to remove the condition of the rule. Types of conditions are various and easy to manage, such as Color, SKU, Category, etc.

Hide Price and Add customize Add to Cart button in Magento 2

If you want to exclude some products or vice versa include some extra products to the condition, select Condition Combination.

For example, you want to hide price for all Men/Top/Tees items, excluding 2 products with SKU MS07 and MS08. After setting condition as Tees for Category, add one more condition by clicking on the plus (+) symbol > Select condition as SKU > Set is not for the condition clause > Then insert SKU of excluded products orderly: MS07 and MS08. Next, you can click on the PREVIEW PRODUCTS button to view products list under conditions and check whether it has been correct.

What are alternative displays for the price and add to cart button?

Besides common button such as Add to Cart, Call for Price, you can set any other customized buttons such as Click to find more, Login to see Price, Contact us, Leave Message, Ask for Price, etc. All can be freely configured in the Button Label field. As mentioned above, the article What are the most essential features in Call for Price will detailedly show how to customize Buttons as your requirement.

What are alternative displays for the price and add to cart button

Final words

There is a bundle of good reasons behind the psychological effects of hiding prices on store sites. Certain kinds of online stores are likely to benefits from this concealment. Possibly they are high-competitive items sellers, or the online businesses that are in a volatile market. In many cases, store who sell commodities that do not have many alternative products also need hiding price as well. To achieve a big win, store owners should never forget to consider the pricing policy, as well as manage an appropriate price visibility.

Call for Price

Call for Price for Magento 2

Unlock the potential of your product sales with our custom pricing options on Magento 2

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