Top 9 Best Shopify Size Chart Apps for your stores

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Thomas Nguyen Last updated: May 01, 2024

Do you know that one out of three apparel purchases made online is returned? Imagine if one out of every three restaurant customers sent their food back, or one out of three travelers canceled their flight tickets. Well, the 33% return rate would be untenable!

As an E-commerce retailer, you might understand that online business is a different beast from brick-and-mortar, especially when it comes to apparel. Online customers are unable to try on items, figure out the right size, touch, and feel the product, and only have a limited ability to see intricate details. That’s why fit and sizing top the list of reasons that consumers make returns.

By integrating apps and tools to help shoppers make smarter fit decisions, online retailers can dramatically reduce their return rates. But which size chart apps should you choose? There are multiple clothing size chart generator apps around, varying in features, costs, level of customization, and other elements.

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Fortunately, we have done the hard work for you by compiling and analyzing 9 Best Shopify size chart apps.

Don’t hold off, just follow us right now!

Key benefits of a Shopify size chart app

We all know the disappointment of ordering clothes online and being so excited to finally receive them, and then they don’t fit. Developers behind Shopify size chart apps understand that, too. Thus, they design apps to:

  • Help store owners identify the specifications of the product
  • Help shoppers have a clear view of which size suits them
  • Avoid the mistakes of size because of a lack of information
  • Reduce the return rates/ abandoned carts due to sizing issues
  • Show the profession of your online store
  • Increase the conversion rate for items which have sizing requirements

In short, a Shopify size chart app is beneficial for both store owners and customers. Check out these following Shopify size chart apps and choose your favorite one from the below list!

9 Best Shopify size chart apps

1. AVADA Size Chart FREE

With the mission to help 1 million online enterprises grow revenues, AVADA Commerce has been developing new apps, which can solve significant business problems. Driven by a dedicated and professional team, AVADA Size Chart is a thoughtful app that helps online stores reduce return rates with useful size guides. Amazingly, this app is totally FREE to use!

AVADA Size Chart by AVADA Commerce
AVADA Size Chart by AVADA Commerce

AVADA Size Chart provides 11 ready-to-use templates that can apply instantly to your site. These templates are appropriate for various types of products, such as Men’s & Women’s Shoes, Men’s & Women’s Top, Men’s & Women’s Bottom, and Kids’ sizes.

Additionally, you can fully customize the display of the size chart. You’re able to add icons, background colors, text colors, or overlay colors to the chart without any difficulty. Besides, you can choose between a floating size chart (the size chart button always floats on the screen) or inline-link size chart (the size chart icon with the inserted link) or both of them at the same time.

To help you much easier to customize, AVADA Size Chart lets you preview the size chart setting right at the back end. Hence, you can decide whether you should apply to all products or just a few of them.

Last but not least, AVADA Commerce offers a dedicated support team to give appropriate answers and solutions to your problems. So, you can feel free to contact them whenever you’ve got issues.

Key features of the AVADA Size Chart by AVADA Commerce:

  • Create unlimited size chart campaigns
  • 11 ready-to-use templates to apply instantly
  • Customize all size chart guide and design with ease
  • Allow attaching images and videos to the size chart
  • Place the size chart button on any position on the product page, collection, and homepage
  • Support two styles: floating or inline-link button
  • Preview all settings at the backend
  • Record click total of each size chart campaign
  • Support Google Analytics/ Custom CSS

Price: Free


2. Size Matters by Eastside Co

Size Matters by Eastside Co is a user-friendly app to create size guides for your products. First and foremost, admins can make a size chart on their own, which is based on the available information. Plus, they can select different templates of the chart and change the background color to fit with companies’ products.

Furthermore, the app allows creating an unlimited number of size tables so that customers don’t feel uncomfortable looking at the long text of information. With each size chart, admins can add animation or transition to capture visitors’ interest.

Size Matters by Eastside Co
Size Matters by Eastside Co

Key features of Size Matters by Eastside Co:

  • Generate an unlimited number of size tables
  • Customize by CSS to fit with the stores
  • Allow seeking for required sizes
  • Add tags on the photos
  • Update information via emails

Price: Free


3. Best Fit - Size Charts by Relentless Apps

If you don’t really mind paying a very modest monthly fee, Best Fit - Size Charts by Relentless Apps helps you create unlimited size charts that look great on your product pages or collections. You can generate size charts for a wide range of items, including shoes, shirts, bras, hats, rings, necklaces, and many more.

Best Fit - Size Charts by Relentless Apps
Best Fit - Size Charts by Relentless Apps

With this app, you can customize size charts by adding titles, descriptions, or images to make your store look professional and give customers more confidence to make a purchase. Additionally, instead of displaying every size chart for every product, you can display a link to your size chart in the correct product, so that your customers can look at it if they want.

Key features of Best Fit - Size Charts by Relentless Apps:

  • Create unlimited size charts
  • Create easy to use, responsive, and stylish size charts
  • Easily customize size charts
  • Display a link to your size chart in your product
  • Add texts and images to size charts
  • Copy and paste from Excel, Google Docs, or CSV


  • Free Plan
  • Premium Plan: $4.99/ month
  • Development Plan: $0.00/ month (any development store can use the app for free until upgrading their account to a paid Shopify plan)


4. Ultimate Size Chart by Ultimate Size Chart

Ultimate Size Chart is actually a low-priced option that can do everything that most online clothing and accessory retailers require. It’s easy to install and provides quick and precise sizing information for shoppers to make informed decisions.

Ultimate Size Chart
Ultimate Size Chart

The app generates size charts for each item to provide essential information for customers. These size charts include basic information, such as the size of products (S, M, L), colors, price, and the discount code (if have). Besides, admins can adjust the size chart based on the available data and change the templates that are pre-created in the gallery.

Key features of Ultimate Size Chart:

  • Create a size chart for a specific product/ collection and add images
  • Convert your size chart unit automatically
  • Enable floating size chart option
  • Created tabbed size charts
  • Provide CSV files to import size charts
  • Offer predefined size chart templates
  • Allow check out customers’ size when they fill their height and weight on selected products
  • Be compatible with third-party apps

Price: $5.99/ month


5. Apparel Size Recommender by Show my size

It’s worth mentioning that when shoppers have to guess, one of two things can happen: They either don’t want to buy anymore, or they become multi-returners, who order different sizes of the same product only to return you all of them in the worst case.

Apparel Size Recommender by Show my size can help you prevent such horrible stories. It’ll recommend appropriate sizes for your customers by asking them four questions, making it easy for them to figure out which size to buy. Besides, it enables you to create size charts for individual clothing items, which is ideal for stores with lots of different products. The app is available in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Arabic.

Apparel Size Recommender by Show my size
Apparel Size Recommender by Show my size

Key features of Apparel Size Recommender by Show my size:

  • Offer simple questions to help customers define what fits them
  • Set up individual size charts & connect them with individual pieces of clothing
  • Increase customers’ satisfaction and your sales


  • Free Plan
  • Premium Plan: $5/ month


6. Size Chart - Clothes Fit Guide by Sweet Ecom

Size matters, so does your precious time. With Size Chart - Clothes Fit Guide by Sweet Ecom, you can save energy spent on the manual conversion of sizes and creating individual sizing tables.

The app offers a user-friendly interface designed for you to create size charts easily, and it comes with multiple templates to make the process even simpler. Plus, it requires no technical skills to install; you just need to follow the instructions and do simple steps to start.

Size Chart - Clothes Fit Guide by Sweet Ecom
Size Chart - Clothes Fit Guide by Sweet Ecom

Key features of Size Chart - Clothes Fit Guide by Sweet Ecom:

  • Simple installation with no coding required
  • Easy size guide setup
  • Multiple templates for clothes, shoes, and so on
  • Robust tools for matching of sizing charts of products
  • Auto conversion of the measurement units with geo detection
  • Customizable widget button


  • Free Plan
  • Unlimited Plan: $7.99/ month


7. Uplara by uplara

Uplara, a fit-recommendation app, helps customers find their ideal fit as per their unique body shape and size, just by entering their favorite garment.

The app lets customers input the size and brand of any product they bought in the past. Besides, it converts the corresponding size automatically into the size fit for your product. Customers shopping in your store can now confidently select their recommended size without a doubt.


Key features of Uplara:

  • Personalized recommendations for all customers
  • Simple interface for a fit recommender
  • Powerful customization
  • Advanced analytics to track app usage
  • Compatible with all devices

Price: Free


8. Kiwi Size Chart & Recommender by Kiwi Labs

Would you like to display different guide tables for each item? Do you want to attract more shoppers? Kiwi Size Chart & Recommender by Kiwi Labs is an excellent option for businesses wishing to improve their store interface and comfort customers.

Kiwi Size Chart & Recommender by Kiwi Labs
Kiwi Size Chart & Recommender by Kiwi Labs

Kiwi helps admins save time on converting measurement units into frequently-used units used by a specific region. Just a click and input the measurements that shoppers want, they can have the exact exchange. Besides, the app offers three sizing fit recommenders for your choice, including:

  • Advanced Apparel Recommender: machine learning based on body size prediction from simple questions like gender & age, then recommend the best fit.
  • Generic Table Recommender: recommender for products that are hard to predict body size (e.g., pets, children)
  • Custom Size Recommender: create recommenders completely based on their own logic.

Admins can customize the design of the size table to fit with the company’s products. They can choose the size, available color, the status of the product (in stock or out of stock), and so forth. The app especially requires no coding skills; you just need a few minutes to install the app.

Key features of Kiwi Size Chart & Recommender by Kiwi Labs:

  • One-click installation
  • Floating size chart buttons
  • Sizing fit recommenders
  • Powerful size chart
  • Advanced sizing table
  • Ultimate customization
  • In-app analytics dashboard and Google Analytics integration


  • Free Plan
  • Premium Plan: $6.99/ month
  • Ultimate Plan: $12.49/ month


9. Size Chart Tabs by

Product Tabs Size Chart Tabs by can do a lot more than just generating size charts. You can easily organize and display your product listings, size charts, return policies, and product info with fully customizable navigation tabs.

The app helps you streamline product info and user experience, as well as boost customer satisfaction with well-organized product size information.

Product Tabs by Size Chart Tabs by
Product Tabs by Size Chart Tabs by

Key features of Product Tabs by Size Chart Tabs by

  • Allow adding texts, links, and images in tabs
  • Create tabs with different fonts, colors, spacing, horizontal/ vertical so that they fit your brand
  • Use HTML to display tables, videos, and other custom content within your tabs
  • Fast and free customer support
  • Unlimited tabs in business version (up to three tabs per plugin available in the free plan)


  • Free Plan
  • Starter Plan: $4.99/ month
  • Pro Plan: $11.99/ month
  • Business Plan: $79.99/ month


10. Size Charts & Size Guide ‑ ESC by Eastside Co

Size Charts & Size Guide

ESC by Eastside Co is a Shopify app designed to simplify the process of creating and showcasing size charts for store owners. By offering clear guidance on clothing fit, it aids in minimizing returns. The app’s user-friendly interface enables quick creation of size charts, with options to tailor their appearance to align with your store’s branding.

Moreover, it seamlessly integrates with Shopify 2.0 and utilizes app blocks. For merchants selling on the Shop app, all size charts automatically accompany relevant products.

Key features of the Size Charts & Size Guide ‑ ESC:

  • Create size guides for your products efficiently and effortlessly to save time
  • Customize the size guides to align perfectly with the visual style of your store
  • Simplify the process for your customers to discover the correct size, thereby minimizing returns


  • Basic Plan: Free
  • Pro Plan: $4.99/month


11. Clean Size Chart: Size Guide by TaskHusky

Size Guide by TaskHusky

Size Guide is a user-friendly Shopify app tailored to assist merchants in effortlessly implementing size guides for their products. It helps you create professional size charts and product guides in just 5 minutes.

Moreover, this app is designed to be adaptable, catering to the diverse needs of different online stores. Whether you’re selling clothing, shoes, or accessories, this app allows you to create size guides tailored to your specific product offerings. With its emphasis on simplicity and functionality, Clean Size Chart empowers merchants to effectively communicate sizing information, fostering confidence among customers and driving conversion rates.

Key features of the Size Guide by TaskHusky:

  • Choose from 18 preset styles or craft your own from the ground up, complete with image incorporation and layout adjustments.
  • Incorporate size charts seamlessly throughout your store using app blocks, including inline, right-fixed, and table options.
  • Easily assign size charts to designated collections, products, vendors, and product types for targeted accessibility.
  • Ensure compatibility across desktop and mobile devices with an inconspicuous icon for accessing size charts and guides.
  • Streamline your workflow with import/export functionality, facilitating bulk creation or editing of size charts.

Price: Free to install

  • Free plan is available
  • Premium: $6.99/ month
  • Growth 500; $14.99/ month


12. BF Size Chart & Size Guide by Relentless Apps

BF Size Chart

BF Size Chart & Size Guide is a comprehensive Shopify app designed to simplify the process of providing accurate sizing information to customers. With this app, merchants can effortlessly create and customize size charts and guides tailored to their products, ensuring shoppers can make informed decisions about sizing.

Whether selling clothing, footwear, or accessories, BF Size Chart & Size Guide offers flexibility in design and layout, allowing merchants to match the appearance of their size charts with their store’s branding seamlessly. By reducing uncertainty around sizing, this app aims to minimize returns and enhance customer satisfaction, ultimately driving conversion rates and maximizing revenue.

Moreover, BF Size Chart & Size Guide offers advanced features such as assigning size charts to specific collections, products, vendors, and product types, providing targeted accessibility for shoppers. The app is optimized for desktop and mobile devices, ensuring a consistent and user-friendly experience across all platforms.

Key features of the BF Size Chart & Size Guide:

  • Access unlimited size charts and clean product option size charts through free apps.
  • Personalize your size tables and charts by adding text and uploading images to tailor them to your needs.
  • Utilize custom smart size chart placement on 2.0 themes with app blocks and fit guides.
  • Offer a variety of sizing resources, including shoe size charts, ring sizers, and measurement guides.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of creating two-size charts or size guides for an unlimited range of products, including clothing and t-shirts.


  • Basic Plan: Free
  • Premium Plan: $3.99/ month

Get the app here


The bottom line

Let’s face it - if you buy shirts, pants, shoes, hats, rings, or any accessories, you really want to get the right fit. And so do your customers!

The above 9 Shopify size chart apps can help you in an easy-to-use way that fits the look and feel of your brand. Most have either free plans or short trials, so you have nothing to lose in downloading and testing a couple of them.

Should we have missed any important points in this review, please let us know! We’re always willing to hear from you!

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