Top 16+ Best Shopify SEO Apps FREE & Paid in 2024

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Thomas Nguyen Last updated: April 01, 2024

So, you’ve finally set up your first Shopify store!

Everything seems to be in place; you’ve found perfect products, had great content on your product pages and your store’s blog, created your email list, and are ready to serve your first customers.

But wait, despite your hard work, no one is visiting your store!

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So, how can you deal with that? Perhaps Shopify SEO apps and tools are what you really need right now! Fortunately, Shopify has thought of that and offers a number of Shopify SEO apps to help you boost your online presence, as well as attract more visitors coming to your online store.

That’s why we have this blog post, namely 16 Best Shopify SEO Apps for your site, to introduce outstanding SEO apps and tools and show what features they’re built with.

Let’s dive right into it!

What is SEO?

In fact, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the act of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to Shopify site through organic search engine results.

What is SEO?
What is SEO?

To fully understand the true meaning of SEO, let’s break the definition down and look at the parts:

  • Quality of traffic. The outcome of providing a good experience with the right content for your target audience. As an online business owner, you may use traffic, interactions, leads, and sales to measure how your website looks, so you should pay a lot of attention to Shopify website’s traffic.
  • Quantity of traffic. Once you’ve got the right audience clicking through from those search engine results pages (SERPs), more traffic is better.
  • Organic results. Organic traffic is any traffic that you don’t need to pay for.

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Why do you need a Shopify SEO app?

It’s worth mentioning that boosting SEO for Shopify stores isn’t just about understanding and implementing SEO best practices. Although this is an essential component of your marketing strategy, it’s also crucial to use the right tools for the best possible results.

You’re in luck as Shopify already comes with many outstanding SEO-friendly features, which means you’re one step ahead of anyone using other platforms. On top of that, you can cover all the necessary tasks and processes without wasting a lot of time and effort.

The 16 Best Shopify SEO apps Free & Paid

1. SEO:Image Optimizer Page Speed by Avada

There are many reasons that make your website load slowly and rank at a very low position on search page results. Perhaps your high-quality images are too heavy to load, your links are broken, or social connections to your website are not strong enough.

This is when SEO:Image Optimizer Page Speed comes in handy! The app is a comprehensive solution for an optimized website as critical features, such as images, structure data, HTML Sitemap, meta tags are well-supported.

SEO: Image Optimizer Page Speed by Avada
SEO: Image Optimizer Page Speed by Avada

With Shopify SEO: Image Optimizer Page Speed by Avada, you can auto-insert ALT tags to your images and compress them to optimize their size and quality. Utilizing browser preloading, the app helps speed up your page loading time by up to 3 times!

Furthermore, auto-add Google structured data helps the search engine understand your page content easier and then prioritize it on the searching result page. The advanced SEO analysis will suggest detailed problems and improvements for the Product, Collection, and Blog pages to optimize your Google Search Console.

Most of all, the app offers both Free and Professional Plan with affordable price so that you can choose the most suitable one for your online store.

Avada’s dedicated customer support team will respond to every request with lightning speed. Thus, feel free to contact them if you have any concerns at any time.

Key features of SEO: Image Optimizer Page Speed by Avada:

  • Optimize Image ALT tag: ALT tags are automatically added to every image on three pages: product page, collection page, and blog post.
  • Image optimization: Images are optimized and compressed to increase loading speed, while their quality keeps unchanged.
  • Google structured data: Support auto-add Google structure data for higher ranking results.
  • Meta tags & rules: Automatically optimize meta titles and description.
  • Site verification: Verify your website authority with different search engines.
  • Social Meta: Add social meta to display previews of your page on social channels (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).
  • Redirect 404 pages: Allow redirecting 404 pages to a specific URL.
  • HTML sitemap: Help users navigate your website easily with HTML sitemap.
  • SEO analysis: Detailed and thorough SEO analysis on your product pages with problem reports and improvement solutions.
  • Integration with best Shopify apps.

Price: Free plan available. 14-day free trial.

2. SEO Optimizer - Trusted SEO app by Booster Apps

On the Shopify App Store, SEO Optimizer claims that more than 382,000 Shopify stores have installed its app since 2015. In reality, SEO Optimizer - Trusted SEO app by Booster Apps is one of the most common tools to boost your sales revenue.

SEO Optimizer - Trusted SEO app by Booster Apps
SEO Optimizer - Trusted SEO app by Booster Apps

The app primarily focuses on SEO features to push your products to the top searching result. In its latest version, the app can promote the speed of searching flow, so that your items are highly likely to be on the top list. Another vital thing is that the app requires a no-code installation. The one-click installation allows you to get ready in a few minutes and start improving your SEO.

Key features of SEO Optimizer - Trusted SEO app by Booster Apps:

  • Automated SEO Optimizer
  • One-click install for SEO
  • US-based SEO support


  • Free Plan
  • Pro Plan: $24.99/ month

3. SearchPie: SEO Booster & Speed

SearchPie by Secomapp is a fantastic tool for improving the search engine performance and Speed of Shopify stores, whether you’re a beginner or an expert. The name says it all – SEO as easy as pie!

SearchPie: SEO Booster & Speed
SearchPie: SEO Booster & Speed

This app covers all the important SEO aspects including On-page, Off-page SEO, speed and even local visibility. It comes with automatic tools that effortlessly find and fix SEO problems on your sites. Additionally, it uses AI to help users create great content in just a few minutes. Overall, SearchPie is the perfect choice for boosting your Google rankings, speeding up your site, and getting more traffic to your Shopify store.

Key features of Shopify SEO Booster - SEO Marketing by Secomapp:

  • SEO Manager: Detect all issues via smart SEO reports for stores & landing pages
  • SEO &Traffic Booster: Rich Snippets JSON-LD, Meta Tags, Image ALT Tags, Backlink
  • Speed Optimizer: AMP, Image Compression, Expert Speed Customization service
  • Website Credibility Protector: Long & 404 URLs auto-detected & navigated by AI
  • SEO Content Generator: Create unique product descriptions effortlessly with AI


  • Free Plan
  • Premium Plan: $39/ month
  • Enterprise Plan: $99/month

4. Plug in SEO by SureSwift Capital

Trusted by more than 30,000 stores over the world, Shopify Plug in SEO by SureSwift Capital should be the next destination in the journey to your success.

This Shopify SEO tool can check, fix, and optimize Shopify SEO, helping Shopify site rank higher in Google search results. In this way, attracting more audiences will no longer be a challenging mission. Particularly, Plug in SEO offers comprehensive data in JSON-LD format from new articles, SEO links list, business contacts, and so on.

Note: JSON-LD is a lightweight “Linked Data” format, which encodes your website data to be easier to understand for all of the other machines on the Internet, including search engines like Google!

Plug in SEO by SureSwift Capital
Plug in SEO by SureSwift Capital

The app also offers unique templates for you to customize SEO data of up to thousands of products within minutes. Moreover, thanks to the built-in Google Search Console, you’re able to track Shopify store’s rankings and organic traffic analytics.

Key features of Plug in SEO by SureSwift Capital:

  • Edit SEO data of different products, pages, collections, blogs, and posts
  • Support SEO meta titles, meta description templates, and keyword tools
  • Check and fix SEO issues
  • Monitor organic traffic
  • 404 broken link redirects
  • Target focus keywords
  • Provide a detailed report on Shopify site’s SEO, blog, and speed performance
  • Support multiple languages


  • Free Plan
  • Plug in SEO Plus Plan: $20/ month

5. SEO Plus by Varinode, Inc.

Shopify SEO Plus by Varinode, Inc. offers another effective way to improve your site’s search rank thanks to dynamic fresh content.

SEO Plus by Varinode, Inc.
SEO Plus by Varinode, Inc.

The app lets you publish new content frequently, which means you can make use of organic keyword optimizations. In addition, you’re free to make changes to the displayed content as you wish to make it seamlessly blend with your site’s spirit.

On top of that, what makes Shopify SEO Plus unique is that it allows you to do further code modifications by yourself. But there is no need to worry if you have little or no knowledge in this field because the app requires no coding skills to use it. Only if you’re confident with your coding skills, don’t hesitate to do everything you want.

Key features of Shopify SEO Plus by Varinode, Inc.

  • Update fresh content for all products automatically
  • Allow modifying the displayed content and its appearance
  • Work well on a number of devices: desktop, tablet, and mobile
  • Optimize organic keywords
  • Enable customizing with advanced codes
  • Support multiple languages

Price: Free

6. Smart SEO by Sherpas Design

Shopify Smart SEO by Sherpas Design is developed with the goal of saving your time and budget by automating Shopify on-page SEO. Rather than manually create meta tags and ALT tags for all entities, now you can take a rest while the app does it all for you automatically.

Smart SEO by Sherpas Design
Smart SEO by Sherpas Design

You can manage Shopify store sitemap, including adding or removing any pages, which cannot be implemented within Shopify. Moreover, the team behind the app makes sure that all of your broken backlinks are identified. So, you’re able to take timely actions to fix them and include Shopify store in search engines’ favorite list again.

Key features of Shopify Smart SEO by Sherpas Design:

  • Automate store’s on-site SEO
  • Automatically create product meta tags and ALT tags for all entities
  • Provide full control over the store sitemap
  • Allow users to add/ removes pages
  • Automatically detect all broken backlinks
  • Provide structured data with JSON-LD to search engines
  • Support multiple languages for meta tags


  • Free Plan
  • Pro Plan: $4.99/ month

7. SEO King by Engage Apps

As the name implies, Shopify SEO King by Engage Apps provides you with the best SEO tools that drive more traffic and sales.

SEO King by Engage Apps
SEO King by Engage Apps

The app will perform all essential functions, including boosting SEO, increasing page loading speeds, and optimizing images. You’re given dozens of features to resize, square, and compress product images without experiencing any loss in quality. In addition, you can protect your images from thefts with watermarks. You’ll be able to enjoy maximum SEO results after creating search-friendly filenames, which is supported by the app’s rich keywords builder feature and powerful Google AI integration.

Key features of Shopify SEO King by Engage Apps:

  • ALT Texts manager
  • Product meta titles and descriptions manager
  • JSON-LD Microdata manager
  • Sitemap manger
  • Improve your product photos for search
  • Scan your shop for issues
  • Optimize your entire shop in one click
  • Keywords manager
  • Disable right-click to prevent photo theft
  • Export product photos for free


  • Free Plan
  • Small Shops Plan: $7.99/ month
  • Medium Shops Plan: $12.99/ month
  • Large Shops Plan: $18.99/ month

8. Plerdy - Heatmap, Replay & SEO

Plerdy — Heatmap, Replay & SEO
Plerdy — Heatmap, Replay & SEO

Plerdy Shopify App is a powerful analytics tool designed to help businesses optimize their online store for better conversion rates. It offers a range of features such as heatmap, session replay, SEO, popup survey, and eCommerce tracking, which enable businesses to understand their website visitors’ behavior and make informed decisions.

One of the biggest challenges businesses face is understanding why visitors leave their website without converting into customers. Plerdy Shopify App provides a solution to this problem by using heatmap data and video session recordings to show how users behave on the store. This feature helps businesses to identify potential problems with their website design, buttons, banner, or marketing campaigns.

Plerdy’s popup feature enables businesses to survey visitors, collect emails, increase sales, and target exit intent. The SEO feature provides daily analysis of titles, descriptions, keywords, and Google Search Console to help businesses optimize their website’s content for search engines. The eCommerce tracking feature helps businesses find the connection between user behavior and sales.

Overall, Plerdy Shopify App is a comprehensive tool that provides businesses with the data they need to optimize their online store and improve conversion rates.

Key features of Plerdy Shopify App:

  • Improved conversion rates by understanding visitor behavior
  • Optimization of website design, buttons, banner, and marketing campaigns
  • Better SEO by optimizing website content
  • Increased customer engagement through surveys and exit intent targeting
  • Increased revenue through eCommerce tracking


  • 14-day free trial
  • FREE plan: limited features, including 2,000 pageviews/day, 3 heatmaps/day, 100 sessions replay, up to 1 active popup form, and up to 50 leads.
  • START plan: $29/month or $278/year with a 20% discount, including features such as 10,000 pageviews/day, unlimited heatmaps, 1,000 sessions replay, and up to 3 active popup forms.
  • BUSINESS plan: $59/month or $566/year with a 20% discount, including features such as 25,000 pageviews/day, 2,000 sessions replay, up to 5 active popup forms, and 2,000 leads.
  • PREMIUM plan: $99/month or $950/year with a 20% discount, including features such as 50,000 pageviews/day, 4,000 sessions replay, up to 10 active popup forms, and unlimited leads.

9. Image SEO by Hextom

As you might know or not, many start-ups can’t continue their business after the first year since they’ve got no idea about golden rules. Besides thinking about which products to sell, they need to pay attention to their image quality.

In reality, if Shopify page can load fast, your E-commerce site can rank higher in Google, leading to a significant number of sales. However, not so many new E-commerce websites understand this rule.

Shopify Image SEO by Hextom can help you reduce the image size with just one click without affecting its quality. Besides, it enables you to display Shopify store name, product name, product type, and so on in the most optimized way. If you want to resize, crop, or add text to the image, Bulk Image Edit can ultimately help you with that. Then, you can check the preview before having it done.

Image SEO by Hextom
Image SEO by Hextom

Key features of Shopify Image SEO by Hextom:

  • Optimize image file sizes for products and themes without losing any quality
  • Update ALT text and file name for product images with customizable templates
  • Standardize images on Shopify website and social channels (Facebook and Instagram) into a square shape
  • Crop all images to make them same in width and height
  • Using watermarks for product images
  • Enable previewing before creating tasks
  • Offer option to revert/ undo any changes that have been made


  • Free Plan
  • Basic Plan: $9.99/ month
  • Professional Plan: $19.99/ month
  • Advanced Plan: $49.99/ month

10. SEO Assistant by Buymaxx

Shopify SEO Assistant by Buymaxx does exactly like its name: assisting Shopify store owners to improve the rankings in search results. Especially, you’re given the flexibility to modify all Shopify products and pages with advanced SEO automation.

For instance, you’ll no longer have to manually enter meta tags or ALT tags for every image, product, and page, thanks to the bulk-editing feature. Besides, the app offers a great solution to avoid broken links by automatically scanning all pages to detect any issues and invalid web pages. As a result, you can immediately fix all problems and optimize thousands of pages within minutes without coding skills.

SEO Assistant by Buymaxx
SEO Assistant by Buymaxx

Key features of Shopify SEO Assistant by Buymaxx:

  • Support bulk editing meta tags and ALT tags
  • Offer flexible SEO settings for products and pages
  • Automatically fill in meta tags for all items
  • Structure data in JSON-LD format
  • Detect broken links and invalid web pages by SEO Assistant Page 404 scanner


  • Free Plan
  • Pro Plan: $4.99/ month
  • One time plan: $6/ month (billed at $72 once per year)

11. SEO JSON-LD Boost by Verge Studios

The next app is designed to boost Shopify store and products’ searchability across the web. It offers multiple SEO tools to improve your Google search results in just a single click.

SEO JSON-LD Boost by Verge Studios
SEO JSON-LD Boost by Verge Studios

Shopify SEO JSON-LD Boost by Verge Studios automatically adds JSON-LD structured data to Shopify website. These data are injected to Shopify store using Javascript, which doesn’t directly modify your templates. Shopify temple files will be secure and risk-free, as they don’t touch, read, edit, or append these files.

Key features of Shopify SEO JSON-LD Boost by Verge Studios:

  • Provide various SEO tools to improve your Google search results in just a single click
  • Add JSON-LD structured data to Shopify website automatically
  • Inject JSON-LD data into Shopify store using Javascript
  • Don’t directly modify your templates

Price: Free

12. SPO (SEO Product Optimizer) by SillyCube Technology Ltd.

Shopify SEO Product Optimizer by SillyCube Technology Ltd. is developed to lighten your burden with fantastic SEO tools.

SPO (SEO Product Optimizer) by SillyCube Technology Ltd.
SPO (SEO Product Optimizer) by SillyCube Technology Ltd.

The app looks for similar niche keywords to yours on other stores to quickly help your niche products show up on search engines. It enables you to pick suitable keywords with good search volume but are not competitive or provide you with specialists’ hand-pick advice for SEO keywords. You can also change your products’ link previews with no coding skills required.

Key features of Shopify SEO Product Optimizer by SillyCube Technology Ltd.:

  • Custom link previews on Facebook & Twitter
  • Stand out with niche keywords suggestion
  • Bulk edit product link previews
  • Effective SEO advice
  • Focus keyword insertion


  • Free Plan
  • Basic Plan: $15.99/ month

13. SEO AMP by Shop Sheriff

Mobile user experience is one of the most vital ranking factors that Google considers, and AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) becomes a significant step in making web pages accessible to your audiences in a faster manner.

Shopify SEO AMP by Shop Sheriff allows you to set up AMP forShopify store so that you can reap the benefits of speed as a ranking factor in Google search results.

AMP by Shop Sheriff
AMP by Shop Sheriff

Key features of Shopify AMP SEO by Shop Sheriff:

  • Allow users to create AMP-specific versions of all the essential pages of your Shopify store
  • Optimize your URLs for SEO
  • Allow users to edit all the AMP sidebar links
  • Integrate Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to further optimize your relevant pages for phenomenal page speed


  • Free Plan
  • Hobbyist Plan: $9/ month
  • Company Plan: $29/ month
  • Enterprise Plan: $99/ month

14. SEO Master - Auto SEO Booster by Giraffly

Shopify SEO Master - Auto SEO Booster by Giraffly is an all-in-one SEO checker which improves Shopify site’s SEO for higher ranking, leading to more organic traffic and more sales. By using this app, you can get huge benefits from a variety of comprehensive features.

In particular, the app automatically checks Shopify on-page SEO to help you optimize your pages given the SEO checklist. Also, you’re allowed to manually edit SEO factors in bulk, namely ALT Text, Title Tag, and Meta Description clearly and efficiently in one place. If you don’t want to manually implement it, you can resort to what the app has already offered.

Furthermore, Shopify SEO Master uses JSON-LD to help Shopify site stand out in the search results by enriching the information appearing on popular search engines.

SEO Master - Auto SEO Booster by Giraffly
SEO Master - Auto SEO Booster by Giraffly

Key features of Shopify SEO Master - Auto SEO Booster by Giraffly:

  • On-page SEO scan
  • Manual & bulk edit
  • Automated template
  • Broken link management
  • Structured data
  • Detailed reports on your SEO performance


  • Free Plan
  • Premium Plan: $12.99/ month

15. SEO Manager by venntov

Everything you need to optimize SEO for Shopify site is now packed within one single app - Shopify SEO Manager by venntov. This versatile SEO app provides more than 20 practical features, with 15 of which are uniquely designed to SEO managers.

SEO Manager by venntov
SEO Manager by venntov

Firstly, the app provides you with a step-by-step tour that guides you through its pool of features along with comprehensive SEO documents. Besides, don’t worry about any SEO issues because the app can automatically identify and fix 404 errors for your site.

Also, you can look back on your SEO problems whenever you want, thanks to emails with real-time feedback on your SEO efforts. Consider making room for improvement using its automatic suggestions as well.

Key features of Shopify SEO Manager by venntov:

  • Enable customizing titles and description
  • Detect SEO problems and ALT text issues
  • Automatically give suggestions to fix SEO problems
  • Automatically identify and correct 404 errors
  • Provide JSON-LD and local business structured data
  • Automatically submit store’s sitemap to Google
  • Work well with Google Search Console, Bing, and Kit

Price: $20/ month

16. SEO Pro + JSON LD & Site Speed

If you’re looking for an efficient way to fix Shopify store’s on-page SEO issues, this app is a perfect choice for you.

SEO Expert Pro - All in One by Expert Village Media Technologies
SEO Expert Pro - All in One by Expert Village Media Technologies

On-page is actually the act of optimizing Shopify web pages for search engines to find and register them correctly. The team behind Shopify SEO Expert Pro - All in One acknowledge its importance and help Shopify website appear first in the search results thanks to its core function of informing Google your identity.

Furthermore, with the aid of this cool app, you can update unique ALT tags to all images in one go. As a result, your product images will rank higher in Google Image Search, ultimately driving more traffic to your site.

Key features of Shopify SEO Expert Pro - All in One by Expert Village Media Technologies:

  • Allow updating ALT texts of all product images
  • Run a speed test to score Shopify site’s speed and give advice for improvement
  • Automatically check meta tags, stylesheets, and embedded styles
  • Structure data in JSON-LD format
  • Detect SEO issues and automatically fix them

Price: $9.99/ month

17. JSON-LD for SEO by Little Stream Software

Shopify JSON-LD for SEO of Little Stream Software is a Shopify app specifically designed to help Shopify store boost organic Google search traffic and conversion rates.

JSON-LD for SEO by Little Stream Software
JSON-LD for SEO by Little Stream Software

With the app’s Rich Snippets and Rich Results features, you can compete better on Google, Pinterest, Bing, and other search engines. Also, it automatically updates Shopify SEO data to specific locations in your HTML in the form of microdata or JSON-LD data code blocks.

Key features of Shopify JSON-LD for SEO by Little Stream Software:

  • Boost organic Google search traffic
  • Outstanding Rich Snippets and Rich Results features
  • Increase conversion rates by displaying product information directly on search results
  • Automatically update Shopify SEO data

Price: $299 one time charge

Final thoughts

That’s it for 16 Best Shopify SEO apps for your E-commerce site! The beauty of giving them a try is that they tackle a particular SEO issue, such as conquering Google Images, to winning the fast-pass to mobile users, or simply having a website that is continually performing at its best in search engines.

On top of that, they could save you boatloads of precious time. As these apps streamline the entire process, you can spend more of your time on the key levers to get you more sales and dominate your niche.

We will keep this review up-to-date on a regular basis. Please feel free to reach us out if you’ve got any questions related to this app review!

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