Holiday shopping season is a great time to invest in marketing and attract customers to visit your store. Every store will run a number of appealing promotions and campaigns to appeal to customers. Let’s follow the below suggestions to implement your marketing successfully.

  • Auto-generated coupons based on shopping cart rules
  • Daily deals with countdown timers to hasten customers
  • Banners placed on store sites to attract customers
  • Rewards point programs to motivate more purchase
  • Loyalty programs to tighten the relationship with customers
  • Affiliate programs to motivate customers to refer the stores
  • Social share buttons placed on store sites to encourage sharing


Advice to build up and boost your marketing plans
Get promotions exposed

Get promotions exposed

In the shopping season, it is very necessary to boom appealing promotions and spread them widely. The more chance for the deals reaching customers, the more likely to motivate them and increase sales for online stores. Here are some recommendations to promote your promotions to visitors effectively

  • Generate coupons automatically based on shopping cart rules
  • Display the daily deals with countdown timers to hasten customers
  • Announce promotions by placing hot banners on the strategic positions such as home page, category page, product page, etc to attract customer notice.

Increase customer loyalty

Special holidays are a great time for e-commerce stores to build up the relationship with customers. Incentives are the way to show the appreciation to trustworthy shoppers and to retain customer loyalty.

  • Points program: This is mostly used in e-stores because it is simple-to-use and effective. The message is that if you spend more, you will get more.
  • Tier program: Tiered programs allow customers to get exclusive benefits when they upgrade to the next level. The higher the loyalty level of customers, the more rewards they are offered.
  • Even-based program: Offer customers with rewards on special occasions as good care from the store. This will make customers appreciated. For example, a gift for the 100th customer on the holiday season.
Increase customer loyalty
Expand brand awareness

Expand brand awareness

The holiday shopping season is a great chance to expose your brand and boost sales sharply. Take advantages of this opportunity by applying some suggestions as follows

  • Create affiliate programs with incentives to motivate customers to refer your store to their friends
  • Social channels are very effective for promoting. Let add multiple sharing buttons of popular channels as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc on your store site
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