ABN AMRO for Magento 2


ABN AMRO Integration supports Magento 2 stores in offering their customers a fast and secure online payment method using their bank accounts. The module configuration is also fully compliant with EU regulations for banking and payment providers. Your customers are highly protected for their purchases paid by ABN AMRO thanks to the consent token system as well.


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ABN AMRO for Magento 2

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ABN AMRO for Magento 2

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Why Magento 2 stores should choose ABN AMRO integration?

ABN AMRO is an international provider of banking services headquartered in Netherlands. Its private banking activities focus on serving customers in Netherlands, Europe, and Asia. In which users can easily make payment via ABN accounts at various online and offline businesses.

Magento 2 admins can reduce their workload to integrate the ABN AMRO payment method with this module. All the configurations are well instructed at the backend with simple steps. Also, it allows admins to insert all required documents for auto-connecting and authorizing business with ABN bank.

Security is the top priority of every online shopper, undoubtedly. Understanding that, ABN AMRO module is totally PSD2 Compliant (EU regulations for all banking service providers). Besides, customers whose payments made via ABN accounts will be required to provide a consent token for authorizing its payment action with the hosted bank.

Quick payment using bank accounts

Customers who have ABN AMRO credit/debit cards can leave their client ID (username) and an authorized token at Magento checkout pages to process checkout.

Moreover, customers’ card information will be selected in ABN AMRO hosted site, which strongly ensures that their card data is protected on the trusted payment gateway.

Highly secure payment for customers

Beside entering the bank account number at the checkout page, your customers are also required to submit a Consent Token for each purchase.

This token is provided from ABN AMRO website to cardholders so that they can declare and authorize their payment action. Customers just need to click “Get Consent token” at the checkout page then they will be quickly redirected to ABN AMRO website to choose their account number and the token will be auto-filled in checkout page.

Strictly PSD2 compliant

PSD2 is a European regulation for online payment services. It is issued to make payments more secure in Europe, boost innovation and help banking services adapt to new technologies.

ABN AMRO payment integration is totally compliant with this regulation. In which, merchants are required to submit their publish certificate and private key registered at ABN AMRO bank.

This feature simplifies the payment integration for merchants as they only need to provide eligible proofs online to connect to this payment gateway.

Easy switching between test and live mode

Mageplaza ABN AMRO supports two environments for admins: Sandbox and Production mode.

Sandbox mode: Using this environment to test the payment process on the site via ABN AMRO before going live. This mode helps to make sure that your customers can easily and accurately process payments on your websites.

Production mode: Activating this environment allows your shoppers to check out using their ABN AMRO card numbers. Admins can quickly change from Sandbox to Production mode at the backend.

Support online refund

With ABN AMRO integration, Magento 2 admins now can make a full refund for customers right at stores’ backend. In order words, merchants do not need to access the hosted payment gateway to credit the customers’ payments.

This function helps both shoppers and merchants to save their time and resources but still handle the refund process effectively.

More features

Payment scope

Restrict payment scope for merchants within EU or Cross border

Redirect URL

Choose the link to redirect customers to after filling their card information

Payment Action

Capture payment from an ABN AMRO transaction right after orders created by customers

New Order Status

Set status for successful orders as Processing

Order total scale

Specify the maximum and minimum order value to be able to pay via ABN AMRO


ABN AMRO payment is well fitted and compatible with Mageplaza One Step Checkout

Full Features List

General configuration

  • Enable/Disable the module functions
  • Set the frontend title for ABN AMRO payment method
  • Choose payment actions: Authorize and Capture
  • Define new order status paid via ABN AMRO as processing
  • Allow showing ABN AMRO at all countries
  • Allow restricting to apply ABN AMRO for certain nations
  • Specify minimum order value for using ABN AMRO payment
  • Set the maximum order value for using ABN AMRO payment
  • Set the order of this payment method shown at frontend compared to other methods
  • Compatible with other extensions: M2 RMA, Nexi Payment, Moneris Payment, Payment Restrictions

Credentials of merchants

  • Choose the environment for module: Sandbox or Production
  • Provide client ID of ABN AMRO bank
  • Upload publish certificate file and private key file for eligible working with ABN
  • Enter Sandbox API key or Production API key accordingly
  • Obtain and insert Consent Token
  • Select sandbox/production merchant account
  • Able to choose payment scope for merchant
  • Allow admin to choose redirect URL after customers fil their credit cards
  • Enable to check all credentials validation after configuration

Other functions

  • Admins can create refund online for customers at backend
  • Properly work well on Mageplaza One Step Checkout


Actually, this extension supports all the credit/debit cards that ABNAMRO bank offers to its customers. Customers will be totally redirected to ABN website and able to leave their card information there to get the consent token which is used for payment via the extension.

Regarding the regulation PSD2, the most important change for ABN AMRO customers is that they will be able to give licensed third parties access to their current accounts. Hence, customers can process online payment when they go shopping with more convenience. In terms of merchants, they can access customers’ account info and initiate payment services with the customers’ permission. In order to do that, merchants need a PSD2 license from a local competent authority and a PSD2 QWAC EIDAS SSL certificate. All of these documents can then be submitted via the module configuration at backend.

Payment Scope allows admin to choose the customer’s area (which is EU or Cross EU) so that the extra fee of currency exchange is minimized. Payment from Specific countries allows admins to restrict the ABN AMRO payment method to be shown with certain customers’ nations.

In order to create refund online for orders paid via ABN AMRO, admins need to access the targeted order invoice, then click to Credit Memo. At the bottom of the credit memo, choose Refund Online.


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05 February 2021

Friendly support

Very nice extension with super friendly support. I admit that I asked a lot of questions but your team still happily answer, that's why it makes me feel welcomed and pleased with the experience. Thank you.

Mirna -Verified Purchase
02 February 2021

Worth it

I've got a lot of customers from Europe and I can see the increasing sales thanks to this extension. It has great impact on our business and only needs a few steps to install. Totally worth it.

Rachel Hudson -Verified Purchase
27 January 2021

Support is amazing

I've had a great experience with this product. The support was incredible. There are some problems with my site but you guys solved them instantly. It's the service that differentiates you from other providers.

Jack Howard -Verified Purchase

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