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  • insert_chart Configure the Wishlist

    Wishlist is a great tool to keep customers. In this post, we will show you how to setup wishlist. Sometimes customers have many wonders about your products before purchasing although they are instered in the products. Thus, for more convenient purchase in the next visit, it is helpful if you create a wish list where the registered customers can save all the wish item, and they can add to cart any time. The wish list is managed well on the dashboard of the customer account.

  • insert_chart Setup Refer Email to a Friend

    To expand the awareness of your brand, Magento 2 allows inviting products to friends via email by setting up the Refer Email to a Friend in the configuration. For the easier way, Email a Friend link appears along with an envelope icon instantly on the product page. Just clicking on the link, customers are navigated to the Email to a Friend page, then complete all information of the email. It is possible to send to multiple recipients, however, to avoid the spam, you should set the limit of the sharing product in one hour and the number of recipients per email.

  • insert_chart Create a Cart Price Rule

    Using Magento 2 platform, you can create a promotion program with a discount amount to encourage customers to buy more. Today, I will guide you how to create Cart Price Rule, one of the promotion program in Magento 2 store.

  • insert_chart Create a Catalog Price Rule

    After installing Magento 2, your store arms many powerful marketing solutions that are very helpful to optimize your revenue perfectly. One of the tools is Price Rule that allows store admin to offer special price to the buyer. You can learn about Cart Price Rule in the last post, and in this post we talk about Catalog Price Rule and how to create it.

  • insert_chart Create Coupon Codes

    In the Cart Price Rule, Coupon Code is created so that the buyer at your store will get the discounted price. The Coupon Code can be generated a single or in bulk for a specific customer group or anyone depending on your purpose. Coupon can be sent to others via email, or included in newsletters, catalogs, and advertisements such as banners on the website.

  • insert_chart Setup Free Shipping Promotion

    Free Shipping is one of the promotion program you can setup from Magento 2 when customers don’t need to pay any fee for your delivery. Therefore, they feel more comfortable and this marketing strategy can encourage them to purchase more.

  • insert_chart Setup Buy X Get Y Free

    Setup Buy X Get Y Free is one of the actions when you create the Shopping Cart Price Rule. With the promotion, customers can receive an amount of discount (Y is the discount amount) if there is the quantity of products (X) you have set before, simultaneously, all conditions of the rule are met. The format of the discount will appear as the following:

  • insert_chart Setup Discount with Minimum Purchase

    One of the most important in business is making an effort to create a crazy sale for your customers. I believe that almost of them can’t be ignore the attraction of discount and it is easy way to encourage the clients to buy more. And now, let dig deeper how to setup Discount with Minimum Purchase in Magento 2 that will help you increase your sales significantly.

  • insert_chart Magento 2 Order Status and Order State

    Magento 2 is the favourite platform for every store to boost online sale dramatically. It is excellent if many orders are placed. However, by then, you will find it diffcult and waste much time to manage thousands of orders in the effective way. Let follow the guides in this post to help you manage Order Staus and Order State very well. The more saving time, the more profits you can earn.

  • insert_chart Create Coupons Usage Report

    Coupon is the encoded serial that allows getting the discount when customers apply it in the checkout process. You can come back the Create Coupon Codes in Magento 2 to learn how to create a specific coupon code in the easy way.