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3D Secure Shopify: Boosting Payment Security for E-commerce Success

Are you concerned about protecting your online business and customers from the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats? Have you considered how implementing 3D Secure can be a game-changer for your Shopify store?

In this article, we’ll explore the pivotal role of 3D Secure within the Shopify ecosystem. How can you seamlessly integrate this security protocol into your Shopify store, and what tangible benefits can you expect in return? 

Join us as we navigate the realm of 3D Secure Shopify and its potential to fortify payment security, ensuring your e-commerce success.

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What is 3D Secure on Shopify?

3D Secure, often referred to as “Verified by Visa” and “Mastercard SecureCode,” is an additional layer of security for your online credit and debit card transactions. It’s designed to enhance payment security by adding an authentication step during checkout, which helps protect against unauthorized use of cards and reduces the risk of fraudulent transactions.

What is 3D Secure on Shopify?

In the context of Shopify, 3D Secure is a feature that can be implemented to improve the security of transactions made on your Shopify store. 

When 3D Secure Shopify is enabled, customers are prompted to enter an additional authentication code or password during the checkout process, which is provided by their card issuer. This code verifies that the cardholder is the legitimate user of the card, adding an extra layer of protection against fraud.

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Benefits of Implementing 3D Secure on Shopify

Implementing 3D Secure on your Shopify store offers several benefits, both for your business and your customers. Here are the key advantages of using 3D Secure:

  • Enhanced payment security: 3D Secure adds an extra layer of authentication, making it more challenging for unauthorized users to purchase using stolen card information.
  • Lower chargeback rates: Chargebacks can be costly and damage your business’s reputation. 3D Secure often shifts liability for chargebacks from the merchant to the card issuer, reducing the financial impact on your business.
  • Compliance with regulations: In some regions, compliance with 3D Secure authentication is required by regulatory authorities. Implementing it ensures your store meets these compliance requirements.
  • Global acceptance: 3D Secure Shopify is widely accepted internationally, which can help build trust with customers, especially those concerned about security when making online purchases from foreign merchants.
  • Improved customer trust: When customers see the “Verified by Visa” or “Mastercard SecureCode” logos during checkout, it reassures them about the security of their transactions, increasing their trust in your store.
  • Lower cart abandonment: Some customers abandon their shopping carts due to security concerns. You can reduce cart abandonment rates with 3D Secure in place and proper communication about its benefits.

3D Secure Shopify helps reduce cart abandonment rates

  • Risk-based authentication: Many 3D Secure implementations offer risk-based authentication. This means that low-risk transactions may not require additional authentication steps, improving the shopping experience for customers.
  • Customizable settings: Depending on your payment gateway and setup, you can often customize the 3D Secure settings to strike the right balance between security and user experience.
  • Competitive advantage: Offering 3D Secure as part of your payment process can be a selling point. Customers who prioritize security may be more likely to choose your store over competitors that don’t offer this level of protection.
  • Easier dispute resolution: When disputes do occur, having 3D Secure in place can make it easier to provide evidence of authentication, which can help resolve disputes in your favor.

How 3D Secure Works to Enhance Shopify Payment Security

When implemented on a Shopify store, 3D Secure adds an extra layer of authentication during checkout, making it more challenging for unauthorized users to make fraudulent purchases. Here’s how 3D Secure works to enhance Shopify payment security:

  • Customer initiates checkout: The customer adds products to their cart and heads to the checkout page on your Shopify store, just like any other online purchase.
  • Payment details entered: The customer enters their credit or debit card info, including the card number, expiration date, and CVV (Card Verification Value) code. They may also provide their billing address and other required details.
  • Merchant’s payment gateway check: When the customer clicks to complete the transaction, Shopify communicates with the selected payment gateway (e.g., Shopify Payments, Stripe, PayPal, etc.) to process the payment.

Shopify's payment gateway checks the transaction details

  • 3D Secure check: The payment gateway checks for this enrollment during the transaction if the customer’s card is enrolled in 3D Secure Shopify. If the card is enrolled, the process proceeds to the next step. If not, the transaction proceeds as a regular card payment.
  • Authentication request: When 3D Secure is required, customers are redirected to their card issuer’s authentication page. They may be asked to enter an additional authentication code or password here.
  • Authentication code verification: The customer’s card issuer verifies the authentication code. This step confirms that the person making the purchase is the legitimate cardholder. The authentication code is typically sent to the cardholder via SMS, email, or another secure method.
  • Transaction approval: If the authentication code is successfully verified, the card issuer sends an approval message back to the payment gateway. The transaction is approved, and the customer completes the purchase.
  • Payment confirmation: The customer receives a confirmation of their successful purchase, and the order is processed. The entire process usually takes only a few seconds.

Which Shopify Payment Gateways Support 3D Secure?

Shopify supports various payment gateways offering 3D Secure as an additional security layer. Here are some popular Shopify payment gateways that were known to support 3D Secure at that time:

  • Stripe: Stripe is a widely used payment gateway that offers 3D Secure support. You can enable 3D Secure in your Stripe account settings and integrate it with your Shopify store.
  • CyberSource: CyberSource is known for its advanced payment security solutions and often supports 3D Secure for enhanced transaction security.
  • ePay: ePay, a Danish payment gateway, may offer 3D Secure support to Shopify merchants.

ePay is a payment gateway that can support 3D Secure Shopify

  • MONEI: MONEI is a payment gateway that focuses on simplifying online payments and is likely to support 3D Secure for added security.
  • Paybox Direct: Paybox Direct is a payment service provider that may offer 3D Secure integration for Shopify stores.
  • QuickPay (v10 Platform): QuickPay, a Danish payment gateway, may support 3D Secure integration with the v10 platform.
  • Realex: Realex Payments, now known as Global Payments, is a payment gateway that often supports 3D Secure for secure online transactions.
  • Adyen: Adyen is known for its global payment processing solutions and often offers 3D Secure support. Integration with Adyen on Shopify can enable 3D Secure for your transactions.
  • Worldpay: Worldpay, now part of FIS, provides payment processing services and may offer 3D Secure support. However, availability may vary by region.

How to Set Up 3D Secure on Your Shopify Store

Setting up 3D Secure on your Shopify store involves integrating it with a payment gateway that supports this additional security feature. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to set up 3D Secure on your Shopify store:

Note: Before proceeding, ensure you have an account with a payment gateway that offers 3D Secure and that your Shopify store is operational.

1. Log In to Your Shopify Admin

Log in to your Shopify admin

Start by visiting the Shopify website and logging in to your Shopify admin panel using your unique credentials.

2. Access Your Payment Settings

Once logged in, navigate to the “Settings” section, which you can usually find in the lower-left corner of your Shopify admin dashboard. Click on “Payments” to access your store’s payment settings.

3. Choose a Payment Provider

Choose a payment provider

In the “Accept Payments” section, you’ll encounter a list of payment providers compatible with Shopify. Select the payment provider you currently use or intend to use for your store. These can include Shopify Payments, PayPal, Stripe, and more.

4. Configure Your Payment Gateway

After selecting your payment provider, you’ll be directed to the specific settings page for that provider. Here, you’ll configure the settings for the chosen payment gateway.

5. Enable 3D Secure

While configuring your chosen payment gateway, look for an option related to 3D Secure. Depending on the payment gateway, this may be labeled as “3D Secure,” or “Verified by Visa,” and “Mastercard SecureCode” (names of the 3D Secure programs).

Enable 3D Secure

Enable 3D Secure by checking the box or following the specific instructions provided by your payment gateway. This step signifies your intent to implement the additional security layer.

6. Customize the 3D Secure Settings

Most payment gateways that support 3D Secure offer customization options. You can tailor the settings to align with your business’s specific requirements and customer preferences. These settings may include:

  • Determining when 3D Secure is applied (e.g., for all transactions, specific regions, or specific card types).
  • Setting up exemptions for low-risk transactions.
  • Defining the customer experience during the 3D Secure authentication process.

7. Save Your Changes

Once you have configured the 3D Secure Shopify settings to your satisfaction, save your changes within the payment gateway configuration. This ensures that the security feature is activated for your online store.

FAQs about 3D Secure Shopify

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about 3D Secure Shopify:

  1. Will 3D Secure affect my customers’ checkout experience?

3D Secure may introduce an additional authentication step during checkout. However, it’s designed to be user-friendly, and you can customize the settings to balance security and convenience.

  1. Is 3D Secure mandatory for all transactions on my Shopify store?

No, 3D Secure is not mandatory for all transactions. You can often configure it to be applied selectively for high-risk transactions or specific countries.

  1. Are there additional costs associated with using 3D Secure on Shopify?

The costs associated with using 3D Secure on Shopify can vary depending on your chosen payment gateway and your specific Shopify plan. Here are some considerations regarding potential costs:

  • Payment gateway fees: Some gateways charge extra for 3D Secure transactions.
  • Shopify plan: Your Shopify plan might impact costs.
  • Development expenses: Customizing 3D Secure can involve development costs.
  • Compliance costs: Ensuring regulatory compliance may require additional efforts.

To determine specific costs, check your payment gateway’s fees, review Shopify’s pricing plans, and consider any development or compliance expenses.

  1. Does 3D Secure work with mobile payments on Shopify?

Yes, 3D Secure can work with mobile payments on Shopify. It’s designed to enhance security for all online transactions, including those made on mobile devices.

  1. Is 3D Secure the same as two-factor authentication (2FA)?

While 3D Secure and 2FA enhance online security by adding an extra layer of authentication, they are not the same. 

3D Secure is specific to card transactions and focuses on verifying the cardholder’s identity during online purchases. 2FA, on the other hand, is a broader security concept applicable to a wide range of online services and authentication scenarios, using multiple factors to confirm a user’s identity.


3D Secure, seamlessly integrated into your Shopify store, offers both protection against cyber threats and the assurance of trust to your customers.

As you navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape, remember that security is not a luxury—it’s a necessity. Embrace 3D Secure to safeguard your business and cultivate enduring customer relationships.

In this journey towards e-commerce success, 3D Secure Shopify is your steadfast companion. Stay secure, thrive, and continue delivering exceptional online shopping experiences.

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