Order ID has been conflicted

You may setup custom order number patter too simple, this cause of conflicted Order, Invoice, Shipment, Credit memo ID issue.


Problems may be known:

  • Missing Counter
  • The counter was reset to beginning and there is no [dd], [mm], [yyyy] added.


Make sure create an unique incremental ID.

  • Add counter number: Recommend >3= e.g: [3counter]
  • Add purchased date: [mm][dd][yyyy], [dd][mm][yyyy] or [yyyy][mm][dd]

Recommend Pattern:

  • ORD-[mm][dd][yyy][3counter]; Counter step: 1; Counter by Store: No; Reset Counter: No
  • If your Magento store has multistores, try this: ORD-[store_id][mm][dd][yyy][3counter]; Counter step: 1; Counter by Store: Yes; Reset Counter: No

If you still cannot resolve the issue, you can get help here

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