Prompt Widget in Magento 2: What Is It & How to Initialize?

Prompt Widget Magento 2 allows showing a modal pop-up window with an input field, and a cancel and a confirmation button and it also extends the Magento modal widget. The origin of Magento 2 prompt widget is <Magento_Ui_module_dir>/view/base/web/js/modal/prompt.js.

Using the Magento 2 Widget means you can work with the prompt window for Admin and storefront. By this way, the design patterns for the modal pop-up windows in the Admin are defined in the Magento Admin Pattern Library, the Slide-out Panels, Modal Windows, and Overlays topic.

Initialize Prompt Widget

There are two ways to initialize the Magento 2 prompt widget

Initialization on an element

    title: 'Prompt title',
    actions: {
        confirm: function(){}, //callback on 'Ok' button click
        cancel: function(){}, //callback on 'Cancel' button click
        always: function(){}

Standalone Initialization

], function(prompt) { // Variable that represents the `prompt` function
        title: 'Some title',
        content: 'Some content',
        actions: {
            confirm: function(){},
            cancel: function(){},
            always: function(){}

Prompt Widget Options


Widget callbacks.

  • Type: Object.

  • Default value:

actions: {
    confirm: function(){},
    cancel: function(){},
    always: function(){}


Automatically open the prompt window when the widget is initialized.

  • Type: Boolean

  • Default value: false


Close the prompt window when a user clicks on the overlay.

Type: Boolean

Default value: true


The prompt window content.

  • Type: String.


Allow focusing on the selector of the element if the prompt window opens. In case the focusoption is not specificed or empty, the focus is on the close button. And if the focus is optional, please set focus to none.

  • Type: String.

  • Default value: ''


The title of the prompt window.

  • Type: String.

  • Default value: ''

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