Why is Shopping Online a significant threat

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In the past, when the internet did not develop as now, almost exchanges of human are dealt together directly. For example, going to a physical shop to buy clothes or going to the airport to book ticket… By this way, they trust in goods they bought.

Nowadays, the internet is becoming popular, and new shopping method is informed - shopping online. The shopping online is a form of e-commerce which allows customers to buy products or services directly from sellers through the internet using web browser regardless of distance and time.

The outstanding benefits of shopping online are expected

The shopping online not only supplies to consumers many advantages but also makes human of society more civilized, particularly as:

For Sellers

  • Expanding size of customers

Shopping online helps store-owners expand a size of clients in both domestic and foreign because the internet is global and widespread around the world.

  • Low costs

Instead of spending too money to pay for traditional stores although some costs don’t have a great influence on business, you just buy a suitable aisle to update your products and try to maintain your business well.

  • Competitive price

Not similar to traditional business, sellers can know competitor’s’ price to give the best price for themselves and their customers.

For Customers

  • Better prices

When you participate in shopping online, you can have saved money with two reasons followings:

The first is everyone can find so many cheaper items on internet and sellers also understand this clearly, so they will usually try to reduce the price as much as possible to get more customers.

You can find a variety of online store selling the same products you want to compare prices together and make the best decision.

  • Convenience

The convenience of shopping online help you have your favorite items while you are staying at home or working. Also, all of the store-owners show their price in public, so it is easy for you to compare the price to have the best choice.

  • Variety choices

Online shopping allows you find items that are not available or sell out in the physical store. Besides, you can buy products which don’t relate together at the same time as clothes and foods.

“Hidden pebbles” does shopping online not perfect

The shopping online is still called as the smart method to serve the daily consumption of human. However, in the virtual space, it is not hard for us to realize the disadvantage which is opposite to its glory.

Continue to approach in the view of sellers and customers, let’s see!

For Sellers

  • Careful in building confidences

Different from the traditional shopping, shopping online gives you the typical advantage, that is shortening the distance between sellers and buyers so that you just stay at home, and you can buy your favorite items. This means customers can not touch or try products and store-owners have a limitation in building clients’ confidences.

  • Cost shipping

Instead of coming to the physical shop to buy products, store-owners must ship them by themselves, or they can hire shippers and pay money for it. This means the sellers must carry an extra business cost.

For Customers

  • High risk

    • Product: When you buy products from any website, touching and feeling it is impossible, and you can just see and read information the shop-owners post on the site. Thus, you don’t know it is true or false, which is difficult for you to have right decision.
    • Money: A payment that is quite usual method is using a credit card. Therefore, you may have risk in transferring money.
    • Delivery problems: Sometimes you can face to failed shipping.
  • Changing and returning

Because of not feeling product directly, you can be unsatisfied when you receive. And you want to change or return them, which is a little complicated to both buyers and sellers.

The advantages and disadvantages I listed just particular things we can see clearly and determine that shopping online is right or wrong basing opinion. But overall reviewing, shopping online gives people certain conveniences in the busy society.

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