Shopify vs eBay: Which Platform to Grow Your Online Business?

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E-commerce is constantly growing year by year. In 2009, e-commerce sales earned 14.1% of the total retail in the world. The figure is estimated to make up 22% of all retail sales by 2023.

As a customer, you might have certainly heard of Shopify and eBay, but choosing a better platform can be difficult for a business owner. You will need to learn about these two platforms thoroughly before making your decision.

Now we’re going to give you an in-depth comparison between Shopify vs eBay, covering their benefits and drawbacks, outstanding features, and many other aspects.

Let’s dive deeper into details!

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What is Shopify?

What is Shopify?
What is Shopify?

Shopify is one of the leading e-commerce platforms to build your online store. In 2019, Shopify had more than one million store owners across the world. The platform offers users a wide range of beautiful templates, incredible SEO features, and flexibility. Besides, it is so easy to use that you don’t need any technical knowledge and skills.

Shopify aims at creating a hassle-free platform for building your e-commerce store where you can sell, ship, and manage your products.


  • Web hosting for your store supported
  • Ease-to-customize product and web pages
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Different currency included
  • Abandoned cart saver
  • No transaction fees with Shopify payments
  • Automatic VAT rates for EU


  • Limited reporting
  • Real-time shipping rates are only supported on higher-tier pricing plans
  • Minimal free themes
  • Integrations can be costly

How does Shopify work?

How does Shopify work?
How does Shopify work?

Shopify offers the framework and basic platform, enabling users to set up an online shop from budding entrepreneurs to SMEs. The platform is tailored to simplify the process of selling products online. It manages a large amount of the legwork in a single place, which includes:

  • Purchasing your domain
  • Branding
  • Building product pages
  • Storing customer information
  • Processing payments
  • Fulfilling orders

You’ll control your Shopify site through a user-friendly backend dashboard. You can handle your existing orders, interact with customers, manage payments, build and edit product pages, and study analytics.

You’ll get reports about recent activities, real-time actions, consumer behavior, and your business’s performance. Analytics can be an incredible resource for comprehending the influence you’re putting on consumers and the broader market.

Moreover, Shopify will host your store, so you don’t need to worry about seeking a hosting solution.

What is eBay

What is eBay
What is eBay

eBay is considered the most prevalent website for selling and purchasing products globally, from both private and business accounts. While eBay began as a place to remove used products, eBay has developed to provide new items, liquidations, and even handmade products.

With eBay, customers can purchase a large number of items from sellers by bidding on an auction or clicking on the Buy it Now button. You can set up your eBay store, but it is considerably more limited than Shopify in terms of branding and customization.

However, research shows there were more than 180,000 million eBay users and 476 million app downloads throughout the world in 2019. That means it is such an active playground where thousands of people are interested in purchasing your products.


  • No technical knowledge needed to build a store
  • No extra fees for private listings
  • International sales
  • Access to healthcare solutions thanks to PowerSeller status
  • PayPal integration


  • Manual inventory syncing
  • No integrated shipping and fulfillment logistics
  • Restricted customization options and improvement tools

How does eBay work?

How does eBay work?
How does eBay work?

With eBay, sellers can list their items for sale with photos, descriptions, prices, and shipping information. Sellers get a specific number of free listings in a month. After that, they have to pay a fee for every subsequent listing on eBay. Those who signed up for eBay receive a decreased final value fee on each successful sale transaction.

For purchasers, eBay makes it easy to navigate the online retail website that provides a wide variety of goods and services. Purchasers can log in to the company’s site or go to the mobile app and look for the desired item or service. Hence, they can compare prices from different sellers and choose the most reasonable deal.

Shopify vs eBay: Which One Outweighs The Other?

Shopify vs eBay: Which One Outweighs The Other?
Shopify vs eBay: Which One Outweighs The Other?

Shopify vs eBay: Ease of Use Comparison

Shopify Ease of Use

You don’t need to be a Shopify specialist to set up shop and create an online retail shop in a few minutes. Here’s how Shopify is easy to use:

  • The platform provides you a working online shop structure. Therefore, you can adjust the already pieces rather than building a store piece by piece.
  • You can select from pre-made templates.
  • The templates are responsive in design, making them well adaptable to any screen sizes.
  • Online payments are managed for you. You don’t have to work with sensitive credit card information.
  • You can have your product catalog processed via a module within Shopify.

eBay Ease of Use

You don’t need to prepare any technical knowledge or have experience navigating an e-commerce dashboard. eBay is so simple to use. Some business tools, such as File Exchange and Selling Manager Pro, are clear, intuitive, and packed with massive documentation.

Shopify vs eBay: Design Templates Comparison

Shopify vs eBay: Design Templates Comparison
Shopify vs eBay: Design Templates Comparison

Shopify Templates

Shopify provides about 100 modern and sophisticated designs. You will find something that matches your style and your online store’s personality. Plus, all the templates are perfectly optimized for desktops, tablets, and mobiles.

When choosing your design, you don’t have to care much about what type of products are on sale within that demo theme. You sell anything via the design theme you pick. Let’s look at an example below. It is a contemporary, minimalist design but functional for many purposes.

Shopify Templates
Shopify Templates

Moreover, after choosing a template, you can freely make some changes until you’re happy. Shopify’s customization interface offers a variety of options shown one after another. You can scroll from top to bottom and modify every detail about the template.

eBay Design Templates

eBay doesn’t provide much design flexibility. Stores and listings follow a standard template. Within the storefront, users can change the logo, banner, descriptions, and photo. Besides, you can alter the navigation section on the store’s left-hand side by generating different categories and subcategories.

When it comes to listings, sellers can manage title, variation options such as color, size and model, and initial description. The central overview area can be utilized to add more product information and images.

Shopify vs eBay: Support Comparison

Shopify vs eBay: Support Comparison
Shopify vs eBay: Support Comparison

Shopify Support

Shopify’s customer service has become more professional over the years.

The marketplace provides 24/7 customer support helplines in some separate parts of the world. Users can reach out to support and discuss with them via phone, email, and live chat.

Its customer service team is knowledgeable, and they’re practically specialists in any things related to Shopify. In scare cases, the customer and the support team may not come up with a solution to the issue. When this occurs, they will recommend some other avenues to find the answers that you are craving for.

Furthermore, Shopify offers a helpful knowledge base. You can check the frequently asked questions or read tips and tricks that other customers recommend. In addition, there is an online Shopify community where you can raise any questions or concerns.

eBay Support

eBay’s help and support service range depending on which plan you pay for. Higher-lever subscription plans offer eBay Concierge, allowing users to receive more support options than the basic package. The basic one is primarily supported via live chat and email.

The Concierge plan lets you reach out to the support team’s well-trained members, get sales and marketing training, and receive support in lower wait times. Besides, you also can have additional assistance with negative reviews and listings that don’t address eBay criteria. Plus, there is a large amount of documentation and training materials available for you to learn from.

Shopify vs eBay: Shipping Comparison

Shopify vs eBay: Shipping Comparison
Shopify vs eBay: Shipping Comparison

Shopify Shipping

Shopify now provides its own shipping software to support Shopify store owners. It’s called Shopify Shipping that is free to use and built into every account.

Shopify Shipping offers store owners tools to calculate real-time shipping rates, buy and print shipping labels, and monitor shipments. Even though it is free for Shopify merchants on all pricing plans, bear in mind that it’s only eligible for orders delivered from the United States and Canada.

Thanks to its partnership with USPS, UPS, DHL Express, and Canada Post, this shipping suite brings users discounted rates on different shipping services. These discounts are often about 20%-50%, but they are ranging up to 90%. These shipping carriers’ rates enable you to add real-time shipping calculations to your order processing page and your consumers’ checkout. That helps you to charge exact amounts for shipping, decreasing the risk of underestimating your shipping costs.

Moreover, Shopify Shopping brings in various features that can enhance your order fulfillment. You also can manage orders and print shipping labels in large quantities from the admin panel. Additionally, international shipping tools can be utilized to generate and print custom forms and provide shipment tracking data to your buyers.

eBay Shipping

First and foremost, you can ship your eBay products by yourself. Self-shipping may involve more work, but you can avoid paying additional fees to 3rd-party services or dropshipping providers. In addition, self-shipping can offer more chances for branding, such as using branded packing slips. You can take advantage of these slips for logos, promotion announcements, or personal messages.

Besides, you can consider using a third-party logistics partner. You have to pay for this service, but it will be responsible for your shipment.

Furthermore, eBay provides a Global Shipping Program to make your international sales easy and simple. The program allows sellers to ship items to eBay’s international shipping center in Kentucky. Then, eBay manages any custom paperwork and delivers the items to your customers across the world.

Shopify vs eBay: Pricing Comparison

Shopify vs eBay: Pricing Comparison
Shopify vs eBay: Pricing Comparison

Shopify Pricing

Shopify does provide a 14-day free trial and three different pricing packages:

  • Basic Shopify: $29 per month with all the basics for running a brand new e-commerce store.
  • Shopify: $79 per month with everything on the Basic plan and more staff accounts, improved reports, gift cards, POS, and shipping methods.
  • Advanced Shopify: $299 per month with everything on the Shopify plan and more staff accounts, advanced reports, POS, and shipping options.

Shopify Plus is another option for high-volume store owners. Moreover, Shopify Lite allows you to sell through Facebook, communicate with buyers via the Messenger app, take credit card payments, and add items to a website. This plan only charges you $9 a month.

eBay Pricing

eBay offers five pricing options, including:

  • Starter: $4.95 per month (with annual subscription). This plan is for new sellers who list up to 100 products a month as a fixed price or an auction format.
  • Basic: $21.95 per month. This is for sellers who list at least 250 products in a fixed price format or list high-value products to leverage lower final value fees.
  • Premium:$59.95 per month. This for sellers who list at least 1,000 products a month in a fixed-price format.
  • Anchor: $299.95 per month. This for sellers who list at least 10,000 products a month in a fixed-price format.
  • Enterprise: $2999.95 per month. This for sellers who list at least 100,000 products a month in a fixed-price format.

eBay gives users a number of listings every month within the price packages, then requires a small fee for any extra listings.

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Final thoughts

Which one should you choose? Shopify or eBay? The right answer is totally based on your business, items, and target audience.

If you want to compete on price, eBay can be a perfect option. Meanwhile, if you would like to establish a solid, long term online retail brand, you should go for a dedicated Shopify site.

Take your time and wish you have the right decision.

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