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How to Set Up Magento 2 Configurable Products Preselect?

Vinh Jacker | 06-13-2019

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You are running a website with a significant number of Configurable Products. Your customers take time to select the product attributes and waiting for loading the new outlook of your configurable products. Do you want to provide them a better shopping experience and boost up your conversion rate? If yes, we believe that your store needs a Configurable Products Preselect extension with the advanced features and easy to set up at backend. Now let’s see what we have here!

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How Configurable Product Preselect works?

For each configurable product, there are many attributes accompanied by which require customers to choose each attribute before they can see the completed product. For a lot of visitors, they just want to glance at your stuff to compare the price or the functions in order to shop quickly what they need. However, the process takes more time needed and results in the high bounce rate.

How Configurable Product Preselect works

By the Preselect add-on, customers can view configurable product right after access your site. They can view the first attribute set of each product. Or else, they can see the cheapest/most expensive versions, which is depending on the admin setting. Moreover, admin can also set up the Default Preselect Option for each product as their purpose and wishes. They can definitely utilize this function to promo their products. For example, your T-shirt with the blue color has a large number remaining in stock, you can always choose this item attribute to show as a Default option. This helps increase it’s selling rate and make your inventory turnover be processed quicker.

Set Up Configurable Products Preselect on Magento store?

By this blog, we will guide you through configuring and setup Mageplaza Configurable Product Preselect module.

Firstly, to download the extension, click here. After having the extension zip file, you need to install the module as the guide here.

Now we will start to set up the useful functions of the module:

Backend Configuration

1. General Configuration

After accessing the Admin panel at backend, please got to Stores > Configuration > Mageplaza Extensions > Configurable Products Preselect

You can see the picture here:

General Configuration

  • Enable: Choose Yes to activate the module. By this, you can go to further configuration.
  • Preselect Type: Choose one of the 4 Preselect types among the following:

Preselect Type

  • First-option Preselect: Choose this type to allow showing the first attribute set of the Configurable Products as default.
  • Cheapest-option Preselect: Display the configurable product version with the lowest price.
  • Most Expensive-option Preselect: Display the configurable product version with the highest price.
  • Default-option Preselect: If you choose this option, please access the Edit page of each Configurable Product to select the Default option for that product at the Configuration tab. (See more details instruction at Part 2)

  • Preselect on Category Page: In case the child product has Swatch Attribute, it can be applied on Category page. To have more information about the Swatch Attribute you can have a look here.
    • Select Yes to turn on this feature
    • Select No to disable this feature

2. Edit Configurable Product to select Default Preselect Option

If you set Preselect Type = Default-option Preselect, you can follow these steps to set up Default Preselect Option for each product:

  • Step 1: At Admin Panel, go to Catalog > Products
  • Step 2: Filter product type = Configurable products
  • Step 3: Go to Tab Configurations and select a product to set it as the Default Preselect Option.

select Default Preselect Option

Configurable Products Preselect displayed at Frontend

1. Category Page

Category Page

2. Product View Details

Product View Details

Highlight Features of Configurable Products Preselect

Provide Combination Suggests

Among a variety of options such as size, color, material which are included in configurable products, customers usually feel confused. Configurable Product Preselect is created to help solve that.

In the configurable product, the combination which is suggested will be highlighted using red borders. These noticeable borders would help customers notice and quickly regard it as a recommendation.

Although this feature is quite small compared to others, its value which it can bring for both shoppers and store admins is not that small. It is an effective way to help store owners draw the attention of customers to specific options which they wanted to promote and boost sales.

Provide Combination Suggests

One-click Add To Cart

With Configurable Products Preselect, the selection which is recommended has already been added to the shopping cart of customers. Customers will no longer need to click multiple times to add products to their cart. As a result, a considerable amount of time for shopping can be saved, which would lead to an increase in the shopping experience on your store site.

One-click Add To Cart

Set First Options As Preselected Ones

With various online stores, each attribute’s first option usually the customers’ most chosen option. Therefore, many store owners would love to set this as the preselect option to shorten the checkout time of customers. This would especially become effective for stores when customers who are busy as they tend to buy the first options that they see when shopping.

Set First Options As Preselected Ones

Suggest The Best Pricing Option

With various products, the prices are different for different attributes. Therefore, with this module, store owners can motivate customers to buy more products by suggesting them the cheapest combination, which would help stores increase sales significantly.

For instance, the T-shirt with blue color and XL size will be preselected as its price is the most reasonable among all the attribute selections.

Suggest The Best Pricing Option

Suggest High-valued Option

Besides suggesting low-price options, in some cases, online stores would want to promote customers to buy a product which attributes have the highest price. For instance, a Red version iPhone will have the highest price as it is a limited version.

In these cases, the highest-price option will be preselected to grab customers attention instantly, which lead them to pick that option.

Suggest High-valued Option

Preselect Type As Default Option

This feature is the solution for stores which want to set preselect options among various products in a flexible way.

From the Catalog backend, the default option for each product can be selected and shown at the storefront as a preselect option to customers.

Preselect Type As Default Option

Full Functions Supported by Configurable Products Preselect

For Store Admins

General Configuration

  • Enable/ Disable the module
  • Various Preselect type can be selected
  • Turn on/ off Preselect on Category Page, this is applied with swatch attributes

Configure Default Preselect Option

  • The default option can be selected at Default Preselect Option column which is in the configurable product’s edit page.

For Customers

  • Be recommended with an option suggestion
  • Reduce the number of selection steps to add a product to cart
  • Have superior shopping experience

Final Words

By this post, we hope user can have a good choice for their customer experience on Magento store. With Configurable Products Preselect extension from Mageplaza, stores can suggest attribute combinations to customers including the most popular, the cheapest or most expensive and boost up the sales of specific items. The extension brings huge benefits to both store owners and shoppers.

Configurable Products Preselect

Configurable Products Preselect for Magento 2

Help online businesses suggest attribute combinations to customers, avoiding confusing situations.

Check it out!


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