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Mageplaza X Hyva: Partnership Announcement

Vinh Jacker | 02-19-2024

Mageplaza X Hyva: Partnership Announcement

The Most Popular Extension Builder for Magento 2

With a big catalog of 224+ extensions for your online store

Mageplaza is proud to announce our new Partnership with Hyva, a brand-new frontend for Magento that is currently buzzing a lot in the eCommerce market.

With our experience in the industry, we believe this collaboration will bring more complete front-end solutions for online merchants. This method highlights the user-centric design of Hyva, which transforms Magento 2 stores into fast and user-friendly online destinations, ultimately leading to increased search engine visibility and conversion rate.

Mageplaza & Hyva: Provide a superior front-end solution

Partnership announcement between Mageplaza and Hyva

Hyva theme is considered an excellent solution for Magento frontend development, especially for those frustrated by the Luma theme’s page speed limitations. Besides, many users have found it a valuable alternative, leading to increased numbers of customers applying or switching to the Hyva theme for their Magento 2 stores. Hyva theme helps reduce complexity, improve performance, enhance user experience, and provide a quicker time to market. Let’s dive deeper into the advantages of using Hyva Themes:


Hyva themes are built from scratch using a completely blank theme, which minimizes the amount of code. This way makes the performance better, contributing to a perfect Google PageSpeed score and meeting all Core Web Vitals standards. As a result, Hyva themes boost store performance, which increases sales, customer satisfaction, and SEO rankings.

Less Complexity

Using CSS variables

Hyva themes take advantage of CSS variables and dynamic configuration to share common CSS between themes and adjust the theme settings dynamically. Therefore, they help reduce the number of JS/CSS resources, which makes it easier for developers to work with.

Quick Development

Hyvä Themes have been proven to reduce the average build time of Magento 2 stores by 30 to 50%, compared to the default Luma Theme or PWA solutions. This means you can launch your store faster and save money on development costs.


To work with Hyva Themes, developers only need to have a basic understanding of Alpine.js and Tailwind CSS, as well as HTML and PHP. They do not need to learn any complex Magento-specific frontend technologies, such as RequireJS, Knockout, or UIComponents.

Working with Hyva allows Mageplaza to gain more insights into front-end development and performance optimization for Magento stores. Hyva also benefits from Mageplaza’s expertise in eCommerce and extension development. We both aim to deliver better solutions and experiences for more Magento merchants. Therefore, you can expect more developments from our collaborative plans in the future.

About Hyva


Hyva , founded by Willem Wigman, provides the ultimate Magento eCommerce solution that helps website owners build the fastest stores while reducing cost and time to market. In addition to the frontend theme, Hyva has introduced several new products to improve user experience and conversion optimization. These products consist of Hyva checkout, Hyva UI, and the upcoming Hyva enterprise. Furthermore, it’s regarded as an alternative to headless PWA; Hyva offers superior performance and user experience without the added cost and overhead of a PWA (Progressive Web App).

Although 2023 was Hyva’s third year of existence, it achieved its first million in revenue, the 1000th license ordered. The growth has been remarkable, including:

  • 600+ agencies that use solution
  • 400+ agencies who recommend Hyva to their clients for building impressive websites.
  • 2,822+ developers on the Slack community, representing a 90% year-over-year increase.
  • 400+ compatible extensions for the platform.
  • 100/100 score in Google PageSpeed and passed all the Core Web Vitals metrics

Hyva’s outstanding services:

Hyva theme

Hyva’s outstanding partners:

  • Integer-net

  • Snowdog

  • ZERO-1

  • Foundation Commerce

  • Youwe

  • Fluid Commerce

Connect with Hyva:

About Mageplaza


After 10 years of establishment, Mageplaza takes pride in becoming a trusted companion to over 122K+ customers in 176 countries. We offer a diverse range of 224+ high-quality extensions.

Mageplaza continually develops its modules to address emerging challenges in the dynamic e-commerce market. As a one-stop shop for Magento websites, whether you’re a newcomer or an expert, we always put our customer’s success as our main goal. Therefore, we remain dedicated to supporting our customers on their journey to success.

Mageplaza extensions compatible with Hyva

Magento 2 Hyva Theme Extensions At present, Mageplaza has 23 extensions that are compatible with Hyva. These are all the most essential modules for online businesses, such as Magento 2 Abandoned Cart Email, One-Step Checkout, Edit Order, etc. In addition, we are still working to ensure that all of our Magento 2 extensions are compatible with Hyva themes so our customers can enjoy a seamless and uninterrupted user experience.

Compatible with Hyva theme

Magento 2 Hyva Theme Extensions

Magento 2 Hyva Theme Extensions

Transform your online store into a visual masterpiece with Magento 2 Hyva Theme Extensions – designed for captivating aesthetics and functionality.

Check it out!

Connect with Megaplaza:

Looking forward to a stronger relationship

Strengthen partnership between Mageplaza and Hyva

As we look ahead to the future, we will strengthen our partnership with Hyva Themes. We will develop new features compatible with frontend themes. Thus, this way ensures that extensions are always up to date and compatible with their theme, offering customers the best functionality and performance.

Follow us to get the information updates from us!

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    With over a decade of experience crafting innovative tech solutions for ecommerce businesses built on Magento, Jacker is the mastermind behind our secure and well-functioned extensions. With his expertise in building user-friendly interfaces and robust back-end systems, Mageplaza was able to deliver exceptional Magento solutions and services for over 122K+ customers around the world.

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