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Hyva Checkout: The Key for Optimizing Your Magento Checkout Page

The bane of e-commerce? Abandoned shopping carts – a whopping 70% left desolate due to complex checkouts. But fear not, for Hyva Checkout arrives to slay this beast, optimizing your Magento checkout flow and boosting sales.

Engineered for both merchant and customer, Hyva’s one-of-a-kind solution seamlessly guides buyers from browsing to checkout, fusing user-friendly design with blitzing performance. Unlock your store’s full potential as customers breeze through to that final, lucrative click.

Unveil the marvels powering this game-changing checkout, catapulting your conversions to dizzying new heights.

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    What is Hyva Checkout?

    Hyva checkout

    Hyva Checkout is a breakthrough checkout system that targets Magento e-commerce platforms, and its generated change and improvements will drastically improve the shopping experience for merchants and their customers. Shrink Wrapped which supports easy setup, enables efficiency, and is fast, is a replacement for the Magento default checkout process with its intuitive, user-friendly, and pleasantly looking interface.

    First of all, Hyva Checkout is a tool that strives to reduce the steps it takes to complete a purchase, therefore, it is easier for customers to avoid friction and overcome mental barriers.

    What Payment Methods Does Hyva Checkout Support?

    Integration of Hyva Checkout is possible with several popular payment gateways and methods. Here are some of the payment methods it supports:

    • Digital Wallets and Payment Gateways: – PayPal, Stripe (that also supports Apple Pay and Google Pay), Braintree (also supports Venmo and digital wallets), Authorize.Net, and Amazon Payment.
    • Flexible Payment Options: Buy now pay later providers are Klarna for installment payments.
    • Traditional Methods: COD, bank transfer, check/money order, and purchase order for corporate customers.
    Hyva checkout payment

    Hyva Checkout Main Features

    Hyva Checkout for Magento delivers a completely new look and feel by emphasizing the uprises, UI/UX, and performance of the checkout process. Its core competencies are to address the common challenges in e-commerce, such as cart abandonment and slow load times, in this way, our improved conversion rates and customer satisfaction are provided.

    1. Streamlined Checkout Process

    Hyva Checkout converts the check-out process into a customer-friendly, neat, and simple journey. This, by lowering the number of steps that are necessary for the purchase, decreases friction and the possibility of cart abandonment.

    2. Mobile-First Design

    Hyva Checkout pays attention to the trend of mobile shopping and is designed with a mobile-first approach. This guarantees that the mobile checkout is smooth and easy to use thus ensuring a unified experience on all devices.

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    3. One-Step Checkout

    It simplifies the entire checkout process into one page, where clients can enter their details, view their orders, and pay without going through other pages.

    4. Extensive Payment Integrations

    Hyva Checkout supports a wide range of payment methods and gateways, including major credit cards, PayPal, and other local payment solutions. This offers customers flexibility and caters to a global audience.

    5. Customizable and Extendable

    The platform enables the merchant to select a variety of customization options to make the checkout process completely branded and aligned with their specific needs. This involves the possibility of adding and deleting fields, designing layouts, and linking with other Magento extensions.

    6. Guest Checkout Option

    Guest checkout is one of the features provided by Hyva Checkout, realizing quick conversion is one of the vital aspects. This choice greatly increases the checkout speed and therefore enhances the whole customer’s experience.

    7. Security and Compliance

    Security is very crucial when it comes to e-commerce transactions. Hyva Checkout is created with security in mind, complying with the latest PCI DSS standards to ensure customer data is securely managed during the checkout.

    8. Improved Performance

    By focusing on performance optimization, Hyva Checkout reduces load times and provides a smoother experience for customers. This is achieved through optimized code, reduced dependencies, and efficient loading of resources.

    9. Address Validation and Autocomplete

    To further simplify the checkout process, Hyva Checkout features address validation and autocomplete functionality. This helps prevent errors in shipping details and speeds up the form-filling process for customers.

    10. Multi-language and Currency Support

    Hyva Checkout is built to support e-commerce businesses operating in multiple regions, offering multi-language and currency capabilities. This ensures that the checkout process is accessible and convenient for a global customer base.

    11. Seamless Integration with Magento

    Designed specifically for Magento, Hyva Checkout seamlessly integrates with the Magento ecosystem, ensuring compatibility with existing Magento functionalities and extensions.

    Hyva Checkout Pros and Cons

    Hyva Checkout Pros and Cons

    Like any solution, Hyva Checkout comes with its own set of advantages and considerations. Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons associated with implementing Hyva Checkout:


    • One-Page Checkout: The main advantage of the simplified one-page checkout system is that the customers are not required to fill in many form fields and as a result, the system reduces the abandoned cart rates which can annoy some customers additionally, it improves the user experience.
    • Customizable Checkout Fields: Chosen parameters could be customized according to the merchant’s specific needs allowing them to add and delete fields or change an order so the customer enjoys a more personalized experience.
    • Guest Checkout: When you provide a guest checkout option where customers can buy items without signing up you eliminate friction and increase conversions.
    • Address Autocomplete: The association with address verification services supplies the quality of customer address data and thereby, the client’s happiness to people.
    • Payment Gateway Integrations: The integration of Hyva Checkout which comes with popular payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, and Braintree ensures that the customer is able to choose his or her best-preferred method of payment among the many available.
    • Responsive Design: Checkout is flawless on all devices – desktop, tablet, and mobile. Buyers can enjoy a homogeneous user experience without being limited to the device.
    • Order Comments: The customers can even add special instructions and comments during the checkout, and thus communication and order completion become better.


    • Compatibility Issues: However, Hyva Checkout is compatible with every version of Magento, still there is a possibility that the system may lead to clashes with some other extensions or customizations.
    • Performance Impact: Having a longer shopping cart with too many customizations and integrations to the checkout process might result in longer page loading time which can negatively impact the user experience at the time of checkout.
    • Learning Curve: The settings and parameters modification for the Hyva Checkout may be tricky for retailers especially merchants who do not have a technical background.
    • Costs: Hyva Checkout itself is free or comes with a one-time charge, but there are additional costs associated with the integration of payment gateways and address lookup services. Moreover, third-party extensions can make the overall cost of using this plugin more expensive.
    • Maintenance and Updates: Hyva Checkout, as a third-party add-on the importance of regular maintenance and being up to date with Magento versions and security patches cannot be overlooked.
    • Limited Support: Another factor that can extend the timeframe of the extension implementation is the level of support provided by the extension developer which may involve delays in assisting, and resolving or fixing merchants’ issues.

    Hyva Checkout Price

    Hyva Checkout Price

    A simple pricing model matches the requirements of Magento 2 store owners who want to improve their checkout experience with the Hyva Checkout, an easy-to-use solution. Here’s a detailed overview of the pricing, support, and what’s included with your purchase:

    • License Pricing: €1,000 one-time fee. This fee covers the license for Hyva Checkout, valid for one Magento 2 installation. The initial purchase includes one year of support and updates.
    • Support and Update Plans: After the first year, you have options to continue receiving support and updates:
      • Subscription: €250 yearly, starting the second year
      • All-in bundle: €1,000 one-off for five years

    How to Integrate Hyva Checkout to My Magento Store

    System Requirements

    • Magento Version: Open Source or Adobe Commerce 2.4.3 or higher.
    • PHP Version: 7.4 or newer.
    • Hyvä Themes: Version 1.1.16 or newer.
    • Tailwind CSS: JIT mode only (Just-In-Time Compiler), as the deprecated AOT (Ahead-Of-Time) mode, is not supported. Ensure you’re using Tailwind CSS v2 or newer.

    Installation Steps

    • Install Hyva Checkout: Ensure you have access to Hyva Checkout via your Hyva packagist.com license key. Run the command in your Magento installation directory:

    composer require hyva-themes/magento2-hyva-checkout

    • Disable Magento HTML Minification: If HTML minification is enabled, disable it by navigating to Advanced > Developer > Template Settings > Minify Html in the Magento admin panel or by executing the command:

    bin/magento config:set dev/template/minify_html 0

    Note: From version 1.1.6 of Hyva Checkout, HTML minification can be enabled, but it’s recommended to keep it disabled for compatibility.

    • Upgrade Setup: Update the Magento database schema and data by running:

    bin/magento setup:upgrade

    • Generate Tailwind Styles: Replace the path in the command with the path to your theme’s web/tailwind folder and execute:

    npm –prefix vendor/hyva-themes/magento2-default-theme/web/tailwind/ ci

    npm –prefix vendor/hyva-themes/magento2-default-theme/web/tailwind/ run build-prod

    Admin Configuration

    • Accessing Hyva Checkout Settings: Navigate to Stores > Configuration > Hyvä Themes > Checkout in your Magento admin panel.
    • Activating Hyva Checkout: In the General section, find the “Checkout” setting, which defaults to “Magento Luma (original).” Change this to “Hyvä Default” to activate Hyva Checkout, and then save your configuration.

    If you have custom checkouts based on Hyva Checkout, these will also appear in the options list.

    Mobile Checkout Configuration

    • Enabling Mobile Checkout: If you enable the optional “Mobile” checkout in Hyva Checkout’s system configuration, it will be used for visitors on mobile devices, providing an optimized checkout experience.
    • Customizing User-Agent Matching: The regular expression for matching mobile user agents can be adjusted under “Hyvä Themes > Checkout > Developer” to fine-tune the mobile checkout experience.

    Leverage Hyva Checkout benefits with Mageplaza

    Mageplaza offers Hyva Theme development services to help merchants create modern, high-performing storefront experiences for their Magento 2 sites. The Hyva Theme is built with cutting-edge technologies like Vue.js and Tailwind CSS, providing a fast and flexible front-end foundation. With Mageplaza’s expert developers, merchants can fully customize the Hyva Theme to bring their unique branding and advanced functionality to life.

    Hyva theme development
    • Dedicated Integration Specialists: Our team of experts will guide your project from conception to completion, ensuring your satisfaction with the outcome.
    • Best Industry Practices: We adhere to the industry’s highest standards and best practices to maximize your platform’s effectiveness.
    • Shortest Time-to-Market: With our experience and ready-made solutions, we can rapidly deploy your integration, reducing time-to-market.
    • Transparent Process: Stay informed with the ability to track progress and make necessary adjustments to suit your business needs.
    • Free Post-Release Support: Even after two months post-launch, our support team is here to answer your questions and help you optimize your integration.
    • Affordable Cost: We offer budget-friendly services tailored to the needs of SMBs. Contact us for a complimentary consultation and a personalized quote for your project.

    Contact Mageplaza now for a free consultation and start your journey towards a seamless Hyva theme development experience.



    Hyva Checkout and Mageplaza’s Hyva theme development services offer cutting-edge solutions that streamline e-commerce operations, significantly enhancing the online shopping experience. These tools reduce cart abandonment and free up valuable time for merchants by simplifying the checkout process and seamlessly integrating with essential apps.

    Embracing these solutions propels Magento store owners toward increased efficiency, customer satisfaction, and business growth. Dive into the future of e-commerce with Hyva Checkout and Mageplaza — your partners in achieving digital success.

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