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How to implement 2Checkout in Magento 2 payment?

Vinh Jacker | 08-12-2019

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Looking for a trusted payment gateway turns into a confounding fight to figure out which companies offer the best rates. Or which of them are accommodating for handling payment in various countries and how the frameworks coordinated along with your claim online store. The 2Checkout payment serves as a brilliant choice coordinated well with Magento stores.

In this post, you will be given highlight information and useful recommendation for your wonders of whether should use 2Checkout or not. Hopefully, you can make a brilliant choice for your store payment orientation. 

Main Contents

What is 2Checkout and who should be using 2Checkout?

What is 2Checkout

2checkout is a USA payment service supplier and is evaluated as one of the best 10 payment providers worldwide. It runs as a third-party framework and exchanges cash from buyer to dealer after the buyer checks out on your online store. The 2Checkout company is working somehow like PayPal. So when someone goes onto your websites and buys something, you’ll be able to anticipate that the 2Checkout symbol will appear upon their credit card charge.

The extraordinary news is that all merchants can implement 2Checkout without having additional expenses for diverse nations. It is the perfect choice for companies that either has as it were some thousand dollars in monthly deals or those that want to urge around a few of the laws you might experience in creating economies.

Why 2Checkout is a great choice?

User-friendly interface

User-friendly interface

The 2Checkout integration is super basic, with installment API libraries accessible in PHP, PYTHON, RUBY, .NET, JAVA and cURL. Almost all of well-known opensource carts can coordinate with 2Checkout. For case, WordPress carts and Magento have no issue compatible with 2Checkout. Codes are given to you for embeddings the installment portal on your store, and overseeing your installments is beautiful basic after that.

Transparent pricing strategy

2Checkout offers a flat-rate estimating show depending on what sort of trade you’re running. For occasion, worldwide ecommerce stores will have a distinctive rate than neighborhood ones. There are too a few ecommerce expansions to consider into your costs–like in case you arrange on preparing subscriptions.

Overall, the estimating is straightforward and you do not have to be stress almost any month to month expenses or covered up charges. Moreover, all of the rates are unchanged for vendors around the world. That is a considerable plus-side for a few regions.

Transparent pricing strategy

Security is the key 

One of the very important features that a payment gateway must assure with its clients is security. Obviously, they work directly with clients and customers money. Hence, 2Checkout has progressed extortion security, utilizing more than 300 extortion rules at whatever point somebody makes a buy through your site. Usually beautiful impressive considering it covers all the bases you’d expect. 

2Checkout is reported PCI Level 1 certified, which is the most elevated level a company can have. They moreover have a three-tier defense methodology for identifying extortion in real-time. The objective is to call out the false movement sometime recently it happens, and it appears like 2Checkout is doing a great work of it.


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High-quality support

High-quality support

Most merchants appreciate the multi-channel support given by 2Checkout, since the company gives you a few choices for reaching them or looking up your claim questions. For illustration, 2Checkout has an FAQ, information base and arrangements page for you to see in case your questions have been talked about within the past.

Main functions of 2Checkout extension

Support all major card types

  With 2Checkout, the checkout process of customers will be facilitated with extra payment, which includes different credit card types. By supporting the most popular cards in the world, the checkout process of customers at ecommerce stores will become much easier. As a result, the payment process of Magento 2 stores will be professionalized by a wide range of payment services. Besides, the conversion rate will also be increased due to the convenience in making payment.  Below are six types of card which are supported

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Diners Club
  • JCB 

 Support all major card types

Offer three integration methods

In order for the 2Checkout gateway to be integrated into Magento 2 store, three choices are provided for the admin to choose including Magento 2 Default, Iframe Checkout, and Redirect. 

With Magento 2 Default, 2Checkout will be completely integrated into your store site and match with the theme of that store. With the second method, which is Iframe (Inline) Checkout, the gateway of 2Checkout will be shown as the form of a pop-up on the checkout page once customers hit on the Place Order button. Both methods which are mentioned above keep customers to stay on the store site. Meanwhile, the Redirect method will redirect customers to the 2Checkout site to finish their payment. 

Offer three integration methods

Ensure the security of financial transaction

With 2Checkout payment gateway module, the high-level security as well as fraud detection will be ensured, which would help keep customers and their data safe. Highest compliances are followed strictly:  PCI DSS: 2Checkout is PCI Level 1 Certified which is the highest certification level from PCI DSS which is short of Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard GDPR: 2Checkout sticks to the latest privacy regulations which include GDPR for the EU  BBB Accreditation: Better Business Bureau rates 2Checkout with A+ which is the highest rating  ISAE 3402 and SSAE 18: these are the highest standards which are required for System and Organization controls Privacy Shield: 2Checkout complies with Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework and EU-U.S. Privacy Shield

Ensure the security of financial transaction

Allow setting conditions for application 

Using 2Checkout, the store owners will have the ability to set limits for the payment application. You can apply 2Checkout based on the following conditions: 

  • Applicable countries: This payment method is limited to particular nations 
  • Order total: When the order total meets the minimum and/or maximum amount, the payment will become applicable
  • Accepted currencies: Choose the currencies on the website which are allowed to use this payment method

Allow setting conditions for application

Cart items can be transferred to payment gateway

This is one of the most noticeable features of the 2Checkout extension. It allows store owners to also store the shopping cart’ s information in 2Checkout account on the hosted site. Below is some information which can be stored: 

  • Order ID
  • Description 
  • Refund 
  • Amount  Consequently, the order paid of customers can be managed more easily and conveniently via 2Checkout. 

Cart items can be transferred to payment gateway

Full features supported by 2Checkout module

For store admins


  • Choose testing environment: Sandbox or Production 
  • Fill in Merchant ID (Account Number or Seller ID) 
  • Fill in Publishable Key (obtained from 2Checkout registration)
  • Enter Private Key collected from 2Checkout
  • Provide API Username and Password got from 2Checkout
  • Fill in Approved URL if testing environment is Sandbox
  • Be able to check connection to 2Checkout before running the module

General Configuration 

  • Turn on/off the extension 
  • Name the payment method
  • Choose payment action to collect specific payment  
  • Name order status after processing payment by 2Checkout
  • Ability to transfer cart data to 2Checkout hosted site 
  • Choose applicable currencies for 2Checkout  
  • Support 3 types of 2Checkout interface on checkout page: Magento Default, Iframe Checkout, Redirect Checkout 
  • Choose the cart types used in 2Checkout 
  • Pick up the nations for 2Checkout permission
  • Set the min and max order value applicable in 2Checkout 
  • Support debug mode 
  • Select displaying position of 2Checkout on checkout site 

View Order 

  • 2Checkout transaction information at My Orders section of customer’ s account 
  • View 2Checkout transaction information at Order Detail section at the admin backend. 
  • The redirection link to Sandbox is inserted in Order ID at the backend 
  • Show order comments and transaction history of each order 

In Conclusion

In general, 2Checkout extension will be a great option for your online payment, which supports various paying features such as diversity payment methods, currencies formatter, high security and more. If you have got any wonder and comment about this 2Checkout blog, or you are considering 2Checkout as a payment processor for your e-commerce, just drop a line within the comment section below and we are willing to discuss more about it. 

Implement 2Checkout


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