How to Add a New Column to Orders Grid in Magento 2?

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Magento 2 Order Grid module with useful functions helps store owners add more columns and reorganize them in a better view in the order grid. A well-organized order grid can support admins to manage and process orders better and more effectively. The detailed information in the admin panel is one of the essential keys to increase the accuracy in the order process and managing the system.

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Why do Magento 2 stores want to add more columns in the orders grid?

It is undeniable that the customers’ orders data is a valuable thing for any e-commerce store nowadays. This is the reason why they want to add more information in the order grid in the backend to control this data better. When store owners hold a large amount of customers’ data on hand, they can predict the clients’ behavior and process more marketing actions to bring the promised profit later.

Why do Magento stores want to add more columns in the orders grid
Why do Magento stores want to add more columns in the orders grid

Back to the default features, Magento 2 store assists admins in managing the order grid at the backend, but it has some stint that admins want to have the innovation on them.

  • Limitation of order information

The Magento default contains only around 20 columns of the order information in the order grid. The admin needs to show more details of orders because the more information displays, the better the order system will be managed.

  • Unorganized for management of attributes

The order attributes are displayed in the backend in an illogical way. In order to make the management system run smoothly, it would be better if the admin can group the attributes which are related to the same criteria.

Order Attributes

Order Attributes for Magento 2

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What are the advantages of the Better Order Grid extension?

The detailed information displaying in the order grid is important to help store admins who have to deal with tons of work to process the order daily more effectively without missing any customers’ data. Mageplaza Better Order Grid module can help store owners cope with the limitations of the default by giving the advantages below.

  • Add more columns with detail information in the order grid

Better Order Grid provides nearly 30 columns related to customers, billing, shipping, and purchased items. Store admins and select any data which they think it is important to manage in the order grid. Customers’ order information can be controlled well with detailed information.

  • Group order columns logically

There is plenty of information related to orders. It is better to divide them into smaller groups with relevant data. Mageplaza Extended Order Grid module will help store admin sort out attributes and group them into four different criteria like Billing Group, Shipping Group, Default Group, and Product Group. Users are able to view, choose, and select the attributes columns that they want to see in each group.

  • Avoid missing any essential information of orders

When managing a lot of attributes information of orders in the order grid, it is crucial to make sure that store admins can select and show the important one to save their time. It also helps them to avoid forgetting any necessary details of orders.

  • Hide or display columns based on admin’s wishes

Store admin can control to show or hide the column that they want or not. It will help them to manage the order grid logically and better proceed with the order.

How to add a new column to Order Grid in Magento 2?

Adding more columns in the order grid is one of the benefits that the Mageplaza Order Grid module brings to your store. It will not difficult to set up it in the backend after going through all the steps below.

Step 1: Enable Order Grid module

After logging in the Magento 2 Admin, you can go to the path Stores > Configuration > Mageplaza > Better Order Grid. You will see the configuration of the Better Order Grid module.

Better Order Grid in the backend
Better Order Grid in the backend

You select “Enable = Yes” to turn this module on.

Enable the Better Order Grid module
Enable the Better Order Grid module

Step 2: Configure to add columns in the sales order grid

You can go to the configuration of the order grid by going to Sales -> Orders.

Go to the order grid table
Go to the order grid table

Store owners can select Columns from the Orders table to show four groups of order attributes on the product grid. The four groups are Default Group, Billing Group, Shipping Group, and Product Group.

Four groups in the order grid table
Four groups in the order grid table

The shop admin might encounter various difficulties when managing attributes of orders as there are plenty of them. Mageplaza understands this, so the Better Order Grid extension divides into four above groups that contain all information columns related to the customers’ data.

The Billing and Shipping Group includes various columns relevant to the billing and shipping order’s information such as Shipping/ Billing company, city, country, postcode, etc.

billing and shipping group

Extra item details can be added and displayed in the Product group like name, SKU, Product Type, Price, Tax, etc.

detailed items in product group

Admins can tick to the checkboxes to add one or multiple corresponding columns to display at the order grid. To help admins can manage effectively, the extension supports to change column names at Column Header, then click the Save button.

Finally, store admins can add and show a variety of extra columns which are up to 30 new ones at the order grid. All the necessary information that they think is essential will be displayed at once under a few clicks.



To sum up, if you are finding a solution to manage your order grid more effectively, the support of the Better Order Grid tool is indispensable. This extension will help you add more columns and combine them logically in different groups that you cannot find it in the default functionality.

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