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How to edit product data quickly via Product Grid in Magento 2

Vinh Jacker | 01-06-2020

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There are many more tools built to helps Magento 2 admins optimize their tasks. Beside Magento 2 Order Grid extension, now you can find the Better Product Grid module, which contributes to minimize the time to manage your products at backend, hence improve the site performance significantly.

Main Contents

Restrictions of Default Product grid for Magento 2 stores

Difficult to navigate product data

If you are using Magento default product grid, you can see that 30 product columns are located in one tab only. This overwhelms admins when they need to arrange and configure those columns. In other words, when putting all product data into one basket, it is easy to be messed up and make mistakes, which directly affect your product catalog.

Lack of needful product info

Even Magento default supports a large number of product columns, there are some important data are missing including Product Category, Availability, Qty sold, Frontend Product Link, Backorder data and so on. In order to set up and configure these data, admins must go to each product detail page, which absolutely time-consuming, especially for a considerable number of products.

Cannot update data

Cannot update data on product grid

If your site has thousands of items and you want to edit their product SKU at the same time. How can you do it with the current Magento default?

The answer, unfortunately, is impossible. Admins must go to each product page and manually update product info one by one. This causes admins the inconvenience and sometimes a lot of mistakes. Hence, Magento stores should consider one advanced tool helping them do all editions right at the product grid.

Limited filtering ability

Searching product data at the product grid is also an essential function that Magento admins do need in hand. Unluckily, it is not supported in Magento default for all product attributes. Some most used attributes such as short description, URL key, Tax class, and so on, are unfilterable.

Improved functions of Magento 2 Product Grid module

Reorganize column tab at product grid

Instead of one columns tab, the module now classifies all default columns of Magento into two separate tabs: Default Group and Attribute Group. This division helps admin allocate and find the product data easily and accurately.

In Default Group, containing: ID, Name, Thumbnail, Type, Attribute Set, SKU, Price, Quantity, Visibility, Status, Websites, Special, Cost, Action Regarding Attribute Group, admin can find Short Description, Special Price From Date, Special Price To Date, Weight, Manufacturer, Meta Title, Meta Keywords, Meta Description, and the rest of Default attributes.

Reorganize column tab

Extra Group with 13 new columns

There are a lot of other related-product info, rather than default columns, that need to be managed at product grid. Understanding that, this extension is integrated with needful 13 columns. They are all located at Extra Group tab, beside Default Group and Attribute one.

  • Qty Sold
  • Categories
  • Frontend Product Link
  • Availability
  • Creation Date
  • Last Modified Date
  • Related Products
  • Up-Sells
  • Cross-Sells
  • Low Stock
  • Tier Price
  • Backorders
  • Last Purchase Date
  • Recent Order

Extra Group

More details for Related/Cross-sell/Up-sell columns

As mentioned above, Product Grid assists Magento 2 stores with three typical columns: Related, Cross-sell, Up-sell products. Moreover, in each of these, there are some small columns inside which are considered columns’ attributes. Including ID, Thumbnail, Name, Status, SKU, Price.

All of these columns are managed at Product Info Group. Admin can manage those data much more quickly than before when they have to set up related product in each product detail page.

Related/Cross-sell/Up-sell columns

Import product images right on grid

Products can be changed in packaging or size overtime, hence Magento 2 websites should update their images frequently. With Product Grid extension, now admin can upload the product thumbnail right on product grid.

You only need to click to Thumbnail column, then a popup shown allows admins to view the current thumbnails and upload the new ones. Even, admins can delete the old one easily. You can see it through the photo below:

Import product images

Multiple ways to edit product data at grid

Product Grid supports 3 types of edit inline almost columns. All are AJAX editions so admin does not need to wait for loading page any more or redirecting to another site.

  • Multiple Cells allows editing various cells of many items at once. Admin can click “Save edits” after finishing all edition.
  • Single Cell: Edit one cell by one. After editing a cell, admin can click to any point outside it then the cells will be saved automatically.
  • Multiple Rows: This is Magento supported edit type. In which, all the editable cells will be shown so admin can also edit multiple cells of different products at the same time.

Multiple ways to edit product data

More features

Edit column title

Admin can change any column header right on the product grid

Allow filtering by product attributes

Most product columns can be searched right in grid

Export product data

Beside the default columns, now admin can export all extra columns with ease

Support editing in all input types

Almost data at product grid can be edited in: Text Field, Text Area, Date, Yes/No, Multiple Select, Dropdown, Price

Update product quantity easily

Admin can enter the fixed number or using +/- signs to change product quantity

Update product status based on quantity

Product availability can be updated according to product quantity in stock

Preview product page at backend

After changing product data at grid, admins can click to Frontend product link to preview all changes

Compatible with Mageplaza module

Installing Product Attachments, admins are allowed to upload any documents right at grid

Full features of Product Grid module

General Configuration

  • Activate/Deactivate the module
  • Select edit types: Multiple Cells, Single Cell, Multiple Rows
  • Enable changing the column header
  • Define the item number shown in Related/Cross-sell/Up-sell columns

Qty Sold Configuration

  • Set the day to start counting product as “Sold”
  • Set the day to finish counting product as “Sold”
  • Choose the order statuses to be counted as “Sold”

Product Grid actions

  • Show/hide product columns on grid
  • Choose specific columns to be filtered
  • Edit column titles on column tab
  • Import product thumbnails right on grid
  • Edit cell one by one. Automatically save
  • Edit various cells of multiple products at once
  • Save all editions after finishing
  • Update details of Related/Cross-sell/Up-sell products on grid
  • View/manage extra product info: Qty Sold, Categories, Frontend Product Link, Availability, Creation Date, Last Modified Date, Related Products, Up-Sells, Cross-Sells, Low Stock, Tier Price, Backorders, Last Purchase Date, Recent Order
  • Export any product data
  • Foresee the product page after edition via frontend link
  • Edit product data in all input types
  • Change product quantity directly on grid

    Wrap up

All in all, we believe that Magento 2 Product Grid should be something customizable for any Mangeto 2 website to enhance working effectiveness and reduce a ton of time as well as resources to update your product data.

Product Grid

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