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Ways to Earn Customers Trust When You Have Zero Sales

Summer Nguyen | 02-05-2020

Ways to Earn Customers Trust When You Have Zero Sales Ways to Earn Customers Trust When You Have Zero Sales

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Earning customers’ trust when you have zero sales is the hardest situation an entrepreneur has to face. Having zero sales means that you do not have any review from past customers or any social proof of the business whereabouts. Marketing has, in recent years, transformed from face to face methods in the shopping centers to online businesses where the buyers and sellers are located in different geographical locations. Each online enterprise is trying to impress the customers and earn their trust in order to make more sales and earn more profit. These online platforms need to adopt some techniques that will earn customers’ trust even when they have zero sales.

The following ways will assist in earning customers trust when you have zero sales.

1. Sharing your human side of the enterprise

Sharing your human side

In the past, buyers could physically go to the marketplace to buy certain products. They could meet the owners or the sellers, and they had the chance to ask and enquire more concerning the product they want to buy. They could also see the product they are buying. In the world that we are currently living in, shopping has been made easier where one can buy goods just by one click at his/her comfort zone.

It is, therefore, very important when you are creating an online store, it’s good to keep customers in mind by bringing in your human aspect in the enterprise. You should never force customers to purchase your products. Introduce yourself to the customers in order for the customers to know you better. This will help to overcome customer’s skepticism about your brand. The best place to do so is in the “About Us” page on your website. This will help the customers know you more as the person behind the products and not just knowing the products alone.

2. Providing detailed product information

Providing detailed product information

Before trading revolutionized, the customer would physically visit the market place and could buy a product before them. They had a chance to see the product itself from all angles. They could consult more about the product. They could hold it in their hands. In the online sores, it is the opposite of that.

The customers have no physical contact with what they are purchasing, therefore, giving detailed information about the product is very important. This can be done by use of clear photos of the product from all angles and use high definition videos. The customers will only purchase a product which they know about; therefore, you should consider adding information such as the exact measurement of the product, exact weight, ingredients of the product, warranty, and others.

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3. Formulating a clear and excellent return and refund policy

return and refund policy

Customers will feel privileged when there is a good return policy. Return policy earns the customers’ trust as it lowers the risks customers assume when they are purchasing the product. Since your product is new in the marketplace, the customers would want a guarantee of the refund in case the product does not stratify their needs. It does not matter whether you are offering the best quality product in the marketplace.

The return policy should be concise such as a thirty-day refund policy from the time of purchase. It is advisable to advertise the return policy on your website, such as creating a badge in your product or including the policy in the Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page.

4. Making yourself available for customer inquiries

available for customer inquiries

Customers will always know more about your products. They will try to reach you out with the contact information provided on your website. It can be email, telephone number, or social media platforms. Customers will require quick and detailed feedback. Therefore, you can earn their trust very fast when you are available for enquires 24/7. It is advisable to integrate a live chat on your website where the customer will enquire more about the product and get a quick response. Utilize your social media platform to respond to customer’s inquiries.

5. Showing to the customers that security is your priority

security is your priority

You should ensure that your website looks trustworthy by ensuring that you combat the current major threat of cybersecurity. It is important that when you are starting a new online store, you should keep in mind that cybersecurity is real and that customers are reluctant to disclose their credit card information to anyone, especially the online platforms.

Investing in an SSL certificate is recommended as it will offer convenient protection from phishing, data sniffing and MiTM attacks, thus ensuring that hackers cannot access customers’ information. You can find a cheap SSL certificate for your website to secure and increase customer trust.

Consider offering different payment methods

offering different payment methods

Customers will gain trust and be at ease with a website that offers different payment methods. Each customer prefers a particular payment method than the other. Some prefer paying via PayPal, other Amazon Pay; others prefer VISA, Bitcoins, and or MasterCard. Offer them a payment mode that they like to use, then they will trust your online store and move forward for the payment.

6. Consider giving out free samples

The most crucial issue to consider is the individual to whom you are giving out the free samples. You should select the most influential individual in society since you can’t give out samples to each and everyone in the community. Giving out free samples eliminates risks and build trust among the customers. The individuals who receive the free samples can, in return, offer their reviews, can spread the word about your products and or can attract them, and they become your first customers to purchase your products.

7. Consider adopting better and quality content marketing

better and quality content marketing

Most of the customers have little or no knowledge about your online store and products. You need to introduce yourself fully and make yourself known to the customers. This can be achieved by frequent blogging. Continuously sharing your stories and products will help customers familiarize with you and get a chance to connect with you through discussions. Continuously uploading high-quality content will help you earn trust as the customers will see the level of your commitment to the business.

In Conclusion

For you to start making sales, you must first earn customers’ trust. All of the current online businesses that are making the highest profits, in the beginning, had no customers. Each and every entrepreneur has to start from the bottom; and when the above ways are put in place, sales start flowing in, and the business is up and running. Don’t stress yourself up; just get yourself a cheap SSL certificate and get started.

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    A data-driven marketing leader with over 10 years of experience in the ecommerce industry. Summer leverages her deep understanding of customer behavior and market trends to develop strategic marketing campaigns that drive brand awareness, customer acquisition, and ultimately, sales growth for our company.

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