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How to customize options flexibly by Mageplaza Better Product Options

Vinh Jacker | 10-29-2019

Customize Options Flexibly by Mageplaza Better Product Options

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Are you finding a way to add options for bundle-products? But it looks like it is mandatory to add products to each option with Magento Default. What should you do? You properly need an extra module in this case. Hence, this blog is published to give you more information on Magento 2 Product Options extension which is designed to make your product options more informative and appealing to customers.

Main Contents

The need for advanced product options in Magento 2

If you are running your Magento 2 websites, you properly know about how to configure your product options. It may take you a lot of time if you need to add many options to multiple products. Since this is imported one by one manually, admin can make mistakes and slow down the product updating process.

Free Shipping

Let take advanced pricing option for example. In case your website has just changed the pricing policy in which you want to offer customers Free Shipping if buying the new arrivals items on your stores. This is obviously in your new marketing campaign. Now let imagine how much time and work you have to do if you are selling thousands of products. You need to add them separately by hand even though they are almost the same.

If you are thinking of an automatical method, you should go ahead with your reading here!

Benefits using Customizable Product Options tool

Mass assign options to products

Extra tool for adding advanced product options is valuable to Magento stores in which it turns human work to automaticity. You now can add mass options to specific items with a few clicks and steps with the module. The process of product data updating becomes more accurate and efficient for store admin.

Time and cost-saving

Time and cost-saving

More workload means more cost to hire people. This principle is undoubtedly in business. Therefore, cutting the personnel helps reduce the expense for Magento 2 stores. Furthermore, brings an automatic tool to work with humans will save him a huge amount of time to spend on other creative activities such as marketing planning and sales improvement strategy.

Better site performance

As a sequence of using a supported extension, your backend work tasks become easier and as your frontend performance as well. Product options can be shown instantly and up-to-date with higher accuracy. Customers now can choose various product options with your appealing promotions and sales programs.

Highlight Features of Better Product Options module

Upgrade more advanced options

Beside the default options that Magento allows, Better Product Options adds more advanced and useful specifications for customizable options. They can be:

  • Text Swatch and Visual Swatch: Display text and image within an option
  • Quantity: Add stock quantity for an option
  • Weight: Add weight as a product option
  • Inventory: Add the stock status for product options
  • Option Dependency: Create specific options depending on others

These advanced option types make your product more informative and attractive to visitors.

Upgrade more advanced options

Advanced price for options

With this module, store owners are able to encourage sales for certain product options by adding special price and tier price. The advanced prices will be displayed clearly and directly (with special price) or via tooltip (for tier price). This will help buyers to be notified in time before making purchase decisions.

In which, each tier price can be assigned based on:

  • Website
  • Customer groups
  • Quantity

Advanced price for options

Options are auto-added via templates

As mentioned in the previous part, adding options in Magento default require manual work. As an improvement, this module allows admin import product options via a template with ease.

import product options via a template

Templates can be generated initially with multiple types. In these templates, a bundle of options is added including the product attributes and option information such as option title, option type, option price, price type, and option SKU.

The assigning same template to a number of products becomes really time-saving and easily with few clicks at the backend.

assigning same template

Assign templates in 2 ways

A template can be assigned in two approaches: Product IDs and Product SKU

Product IDs

Product IDs means that admin can enter the IDs of all products they intend to have the same products option onto a certain template.

Product SKU

Similarly, you can assign templates to be used in product options by its SKU. Both ways are implemented on the Edit Template Page or even right on Product Grid.

Edit template on Product Edit Page

If you want to modify a little bit in your template without creating a new one, you can definitely do it by this extension. At the product Edit Page, choosing a template that hasn’t been linked to the products, you can edit those template content easily.

This function gives store admin flexibility and makes product options updated all the time when if there is any change occurs.

Edit template on Product Edit Page

Detailed functions from Better Product Options module

General configuration

  • Turn on/off the module
  • Link options to templates by default
  • Choose the consequence after eliminating templates: unlinked or removed

Product Options Templates Grid

  • Review Templates info such as: ID, Name, Status, Number of Products, Number of Options, Created Date
  • Edit template easily in the grid
  • Delete template in the grid
  • Replace template status in grid

Create New/Edit Template Configuration

  • Set name, description, status for a template
  • Set option title
  • Choose option type: Text (Field/ Area), File, Date & Time/ Date/ Time, Select (Drop-down/ Radio Buttons/ Multiple Select/ Checkbox)
  • Set SKU as an option
  • Templates are assigned to products by Product ID(s) or Product SKU(s)
  • Assign Template via Edit Product Grid
  • Using popups to choose templates
  • Unlink template to make some changes

Mass-assign template at Product Grid

  • Select multiple products and assign to the same template once.


Better Product Options supports store owners to assign options to multiple products quickly and conveniently via templates. Better Product Options improves admin experience and enhances site performance.

Product Options

Product Options for Magento 2

Magento 2 Product Options supports store owners to assign options to multiple products quickly.

Check it out!

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