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B2B e-Commerce Sites: 8 Tips to Boost Buyer Experience

Business to business (B2B) platform, “is a form of transaction between businesses, such as one involving a manufacturer and wholesaler, or a wholesaler and a retailer. Business to business refers to business that is conducted between companies, rather than between a company and individual consumers.”

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B2B Customer Experience

The satisfaction through shopping experience is generally called “customer experience”. It is known as the feeling of customer ever since they have a click into ecommerce website or from “window shopping” to making decision to check out. Customer experience plays a crucial role in sales and marketing of a business, in general, and also in ecommerce website.

And it’s 5 to 25 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than to retain a current one.

B2B Customer Experience

Why customer experience in B2B is important

Customer in B2B is also known as business. Therefore, there are some identical characteristics that should be concerned for better service:

  • Business are supposed to purchase large amount of good through the website. Accordingly, every action must be smooth ever since our customer click on the website to check out the cart.
  • Relationship between two business requires remaining sustainable. Qualification of good is of paramount importance, besides, it is also a key role when supplier, known as B2B site in this case, provides convenience and insurance for consumers.
  • There is one and only drawback of B2B website is that the quantity of customer is restricted compared to other platform of ecommerce (B2C, C2C,etc). Nevertheless, it is the high time for B2B website to optimize website to boost customer experience to maintain available engagement and gain more trusted customers.

How to boost customer experience

Tips #1: Acquisition

In this part, business need to pay attention to only one core thing: Speed

Speed in browsing website and speed in manipulating bring customer far more satisfaction in shopping because it is certain that no one wants to spend too much time waiting. Speed up and update your website regularly before your client lose their patience and find somewhere else to meet the demand.

Tips #2: Web navigation - very first performance need optimizing

Web navigation

Web navigation of Mywit ebay

Make the product easy to be found as much as possible through web navigation. Customer are about to search products in search engine, which always presented in every page.

Besides, it makes them more comfortable if they can maltipulate or find their product right in the menu bar.

In B2B ecommerce, stores have high specialization in different fields, as a result, web navigation must be clear to guide customer where they need to reach their wanted. We highly recommend layered navigation, which contains numerous renovative advantage such as multi-filter or ajax loading page. Supposing that your website navigation is not able wholly show what your business supplies for consumer, it must be such a failure. Therefore, take care of navigation bar and make it easy for consumer to find, then, purchase.

Tips #3: Product view - understand customer from inside

Image accounts for more bytes than other factors in the website; therefore, improvement of product view is not only for customer experience boosting but it also supports website performance and SERP rankings.

Due to large amount of purchasing, shopping experience in B2B requires accuracy with speed. Optimize image of products by:

  • Visuals focusing and add white (or other colors) space for better highlighting the products.
  • Allow zoom in and zoom out in product page to emphasize creditily and better look at products.
  • Brief information for customer to profoundly understand functions of product.

Product page and product view in categories page are also required to strictly follow brand orientations. In B2B ecommerce, it has its own specialization in one field (fashion, manufactures, software,etc) so what business show in website for a large amount of purchasing should be connected with each other.

With products and its smaller cost price, business should think of quick view for better comparison through brief information and fast checking with available cart. Shoppers are allowed to get the predetermined products as fast as they wish, likewhile, they do not need to reload pages or open several different tabs in their journey.

Quick view

Quick view in

Quick View for Magento 2

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Tips #4: Product customization - a place for difference

Not many websites or online shops have well accomplished such high standard of shopping online called: product customization. Research shows that no matter how effectively ones have digitized the technological feature, business should notice of connection between supplier and their own customer segments. Therefore, customizing product, a stiff link, is a “high-cost” must in boosting customer experience in ecommerce.

Customize in

Customize in

Tips #5: Cart addition - “Customer is king”

Cart bridges gap between shopping and purchasing. That is the reason why cart adjustment in ecommerce matters. Make it simple for customer to check number and character of product correctly in short time. Moreover, they need to have such convenience to adjust their cart trouble-freely or no need for bonus loading page time.

In B2B website, checking cart size with variety and number per product clearly step by step bring customer feeling of insurance. Furthermore, in B2B website, there is highly recommendation for “call for price” button because in business to business trading, they wish such an offer for reduction in price on account of large number of purchasing compared to retail salement.

Cart page in ebay

Cart page in

Otherwise, there should be rooms for related products to remind customer about their intention and values business can provide. That algorithm is run smoothly in your website and match with customer’s demand is such a score in customer experience.

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Tips #6: Purchase


Most businesses, nowadays, are shifting away from paper checks to digital payment. For simplify checking steps while trading with former customers and save time and resource for both sides. Likewise, business is able to control the cash flow by digital payment because they have the right to set due date to make sure customer pay on time or offer them early payment discounts. Therefore, customer have sustainable habit of purchasing in your website and have time considering their financial capability.

Some digital payment recommendations for B2B business: paypal, fundbox pay, quickbooks, due.


Shipping in B2B requires collaboration with logistics company or else your business may cope with a problem with transferring products to customers due to large amount of products. Make sure your customer receive what they need on time and their goods stay qualified.

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Tips #7: Take Care Of Customer After Sales

Take Care Of Customer After Sales

Mostly these actions belong to sales department. B2B business has a large amount of customer network and its sustainability, however, it is significant to maintain such precious connection by after sales care. Promotions and discount should be alerted directly in shopping season, depending on fields that business focus on.

Tips #8: Do NOT Forget Relevant elements

Warehouse, Inventory: Check out products in warehouse and inventory regularly and update them in website. Don’t ever let customer down by running out of stock, even for a short of time. A little bit time is enough for customer to find other business to meet their demand.

This is the end of 8 tips to boost B2B buyer experience. Hope you enjoyed the post and let us know your thoughts by leaving your comments below.

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