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11 Best Affiliate Marketing Products in 2023

Summer Nguyen | 04-05-2024

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Ecommerce is a swiftly growing sector, experiencing an annual increase of approximately one billion US dollars. Even in the midst of the pandemic, this market has demonstrated steady expansion and is expected to rise to $8.148 billion in the next four years. Global spending on affiliate marketing is poised to increase to $14.3 billion by the conclusion of 2023, with expectations of further growth to reach $15.7 billion by 2024.

Affiliate marketing can be a profitable method to earn money online through product promotion to your audience. Nonetheless, achieving success in affiliate marketing relies significantly on your choice of niche and the products you endorse.

While there are numerous affiliate marketing products to choose from, it’s vital to avoid the pitfall of selecting a product solely based on its high commission rates. Instead, it’s crucial to engage in thorough research to ensure that the product aligns with your specific audience and niche.

What is an Affiliate Program?

Affiliate programs, also known as associate programs, serve as intermediary platforms connecting individuals and brands for collaboration. Both parties register on the platform, discuss potential partnerships, and begin working together.

These programs allow individuals or businesses to create profiles, select brands to endorse, and receive unique links to share with their audience. When someone clicks on these links and makes a purchase, the affiliate earns a commission. Affiliate programs use tracking technology to monitor affiliate activities and help companies boost their sales.

Types of Affiliate Programs

If you’re interested in promoting products or services through affiliate marketing, it’s essential to choose the right affiliate program that aligns with your audience’s preferences. Consider where your target audience spends most of their time and tailor your approach accordingly.

For example, think about whether your ideal customers typically read blog posts, engage with social media like Facebook, or use search engines for product research. Alternatively, assess whether your audience is bargain-focused and would appreciate affiliate links on coupon sites, or if they prefer in-depth research, making review sites more suitable for your promotion efforts.

While these considerations depend on your specific situation, let’s explore some general types of affiliate programs to help you brainstorm potential avenues for your marketing efforts:

  • Influencer Programs: Bloggers and social media influencers with a specific audience can partner with companies whose products are appealing to their followers. For instance, a food blogger or YouTube influencer might collaborate with a kitchen appliance company, featuring their products in content in exchange for commissions on sales via affiliate links.

  • Affiliate Networks: These platforms serve as marketplaces, offering a wide range of brands and offers to choose from, rather than affiliate marketing products from just one company. This approach is suitable for beginner affiliate marketers, as it allows them to manage multiple partnerships simultaneously and explore numerous affiliate opportunities.

  • Review Sites: Consumers often turn to review sites during their purchasing journey to research products. Review sites partner with individual companies or affiliate networks to review products and services in exchange for affiliate links.

  • Email Marketing: Use this method sparingly and with careful targeting to avoid sending bulk emails to an uninterested audience. Email marketing can be effective when done right. For instance, a marketing agency could partner with a company selling design tools and include affiliate links in emails sent to design clients, enhancing their content quality while generating additional revenue.

  • Search Affiliates: Marketers invest their own funds to promote affiliate offers through search results or online advertising platforms such as Facebook Advertising. This is ideal for those with an SEO background who want to conduct A/B tests to determine the most effective ad campaigns in terms of referrals and ROI.

  • Coupon Sites: Similar to review sites, coupon sites collaborate with companies to offer buyers discounts on affiliate marketing products and services, earning a commission in return.

The key is to select the affiliate program that best matches your audience’s preferences and your own expertise to maximize your success in affiliate marketing products.


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How Do You Find the Best Affiliate Products to Sell?

Affiliate marketing spending in 2022

Affiliate marketing is a thriving industry worth billions of dollars, and it continues to grow each year. In 2022, the USA alone saw the industry reach a total of $8.2 billion. You too can become a successful affiliate marketer, but it all starts with making the right product choices.

Selecting the correct affiliate marketing products and programs is crucial for success in ecommerce, whether you’re a newcomer or looking to expand your income streams. Many sellers offer attractive commissions, so it’s essential to make informed choices to maximize your earning potential and establish a prosperous affiliate marketing business.

Here are some strategies for identifying the best products for affiliate marketing to promote:

  • Keep an Eye on Trends: Selling products that are currently trending can kickstart your affiliate sales. Promoting slow or outdated products can be challenging.

  • Anticipate Upcoming Trends: Identifying a product before it becomes mainstream can be highly profitable, but it requires some foresight. Engage with affiliate groups on platforms like Facebook, Discord, and Slack, where people discuss emerging trends.

  • Monitor Discussion Forums: Online forums like Reddit and Quora are excellent places to observe what topics are currently being discussed. If you discover something relevant to your niche, don’t hesitate to start your affiliate marketing efforts.

  • Explore Niche-Specific Platforms: Instead of solely participating in general discussion forums, seek out platforms and communities that focus on your specific niche. This targeted approach can accelerate your growth as an affiliate marketer.

By staying attuned to trends, harnessing the power of community discussions, and focusing on your niche, you can increase your chances of selecting the right affiliate products and building a successful affiliate marketing business.

What Are the Best Affiliate Products to Sell?

Best affiliate products

1. Digital Courses

As the world increasingly embraces digital platforms, more educators and experts are seeking opportunities to share their expertise with a broader audience. Customers have the ability to discover courses or classes tailored to their specific interests, each led by a mentor possessing relevant skills. Remote learning gained even greater popularity during the pandemic, enabling individuals worldwide to continue their pursuit of knowledge.

Why is this a great niche to target?

  • Global Search Volume: 18,000

Expected Commissions: 5-15%

Some affiliate programs for digital courses:

  • The Skillshare Affiliate Program

Skillshare serves as an online learning marketplace, offering an extensive selection of over 34,000 courses and classes across various niches, including photography, freelancing, creative writing, and more. These courses are instructed by genuine industry experts with substantial experience. Users can initiate their learning journey with a complimentary seven-day trial and subsequently opt for a premium plan.

  • The Coursera Affiliate Program

Coursera, an online learning platform, collaborates with more than 275 universities and institutions worldwide to deliver affordable courses to students across the globe. It offers a wide array of learning opportunities, ranging from short guided projects taking just a few hours to comprehensive four-year degree programs. Currently, over 113 million learners have embraced Coursera to access high-quality education from the comfort of their own homes.

2. Tours and activities

The tours and activities sector within the travel industry is exceptionally versatile. It appeals to individuals of all ages and backgrounds who seek to uncover memorable experiences during their journeys. In fact, the pursuit of new experiences is often the primary motivation for travel.

Why is this a great niche to target?

  • Global Search Volume: 200,000

  • Expected Commissions: 2-15%

Some affiliate programs for tour and activities:

  • The GetYourGuide Affiliate Program

With GetYourGuide, travelers have access to a curated selection of the finest activities at their destination, ranging from skip-the-line tickets to popular attractions to guided walking tours, culinary adventures, cooking classes, and exclusive offerings only available on the platform.

  • The Viator Affiliate Program

Viator stands as a leading marketplace for travel experiences worldwide, encompassing a vast array of offerings, from wine tastings and guided walking tours to culinary workshops and more. Presently, Viator provides access to over 300,000 experiences in 200 countries. Customers can conveniently purchase tickets and passes to some of the world’s most renowned attractions through Viator’s user-friendly website, complete with advanced filtering options to help users identify the perfect activity.

3. Hotels

According to Statista, the hotel segment stands as the largest category within the travel industry, boasting remarkable market volume and one of the best products for affiliate marketing. This sector is exceptionally versatile, offering accommodations that cater to every type of traveler, ranging from economical lodging to luxurious hotels, and from business-oriented suites to family-friendly vacation homes. Furthermore, numerous hotel affiliate programs provide vouchers and promotional codes, which hold great appeal for the audience and can effectively drive conversions.

Why is this a great niche to target?

  • Global Search Volume: 200,000

  • Expected Commissions: 4-15%

Some affiliate programs for hotels:

  • The Agoda Affiliate Program

Agoda affiliate program

Agoda’s latest addition, “Long Stays,” empowers customers to discover and book extended hotel or home stays at budget-friendly rates. The platform also offers the option to bundle multiple lodging choices to reduce overall travel expenses. It encompasses a wide array of rental options, including apartments, private villas, and bungalows, and is accessible in 40 different languages.

Affiliates participating in the Agoda program have the opportunity to earn a substantial 6% commission on all bookings. With high conversion rates and an average order value exceeding $200 USD, it represents an attractive partnership program from a financial perspective.

  • The Affiliate Program, the leading travel website, places a strong emphasis on emerging trends and actively promotes sustainable travel. For instance, users can select eco-friendly accommodations in their desired destination on the platform. Moreover, it boasts the most extensive selection of hotels worldwide, ensuring travelers can find lodgings that align with their budget.

Affiliates engaged in the program can secure a 4% commission on successfully completed hotel stays. The program is accessible in 40 languages, welcomes traffic from around the world, and offers a range of promotional tools to encourage clicks and conversions.

4. Cloud Hosting

There is a rising demand for cloud hosting services that provide managed solutions, primarily because not everyone with innovative ideas possesses expertise in server management. Website owners, developers, agencies, and even freelancers increasingly prefer to steer clear of the complexities associated with hosting, as managed hosting solutions offer significant time and effort savings for users.

Among the standout providers, Cloudways presents one of the premier web hosting affiliate marketing products, featuring impressive commissions. Affiliates partnering with Cloudways can earn commissions that can reach up to $125 per sale, all while working at their preferred pace.

Promoting cloud hosting represents a compelling choice for various reasons. The sector exhibits promising growth potential, and cloud technology garners increasing adoption with each passing day. Moreover, the commissions available within this industry are substantial enough to warrant attention.

Additionally, statistical data indicates that the global cloud computing market reached $569.31 billion in 2022 and is projected to expand to a substantial $2,432.87 billion by 2030. This underscores the vast room for growth opportunities within this dynamic and evolving field.

Why is this a great niche to target?

  • Global Search Volume: 27,000

  • Expected Commissions: Highly varied

Some affiliate programs for cloud hosting:

  • Cloudways Affiliate Program

Cloudways affiliate program

Cloudways is a managed web hosting service ideal for WordPress bloggers. Their affiliate program offers commissions up to $200 per sale, with flexible structures based on performance. It provides dedicated managers, learning resources, real-time tracking, and detailed performance reporting. Cloudways is known for high-performance and secure cloud hosting, making it one of the top hosting affiliate programs with high conversion rates.

  • Liquid Web Affiliate Program

Liquid Web is a premium managed hosting provider offering services from dedicated servers to fully managed WooCommerce and WordPress hosting. Their hosting is fast, reliable, and secure, with perks like free site migration and SSL certificates. The affiliate program is lucrative, paying 150% of the monthly cost with a minimum CPA of $150, and offers personalized commissions, exclusive coupon codes, and other incentives, making it one of the best in the industry.

5. Transportation and Travel Products

Promoting travel products tends to be straightforward, given the abundance of options available, coupled with the typically high average booking values and payouts, particularly in the realm of transportation products. While travelers may find ways to economize on accommodation, such as staying with friends or relatives, they still require reliable means of reaching their intended destinations. This vertical offers exceptional versatility, allowing for the promotion of various travel essentials, including flight tickets, car rentals, bus and train tickets, and more, catering to diverse traveler preferences.

Why is this a great niche to target?

  • Global Search Volume: 4,600 searches

  • Expected Commissions: 2-15%

Some affiliate programs for transportation and travel products:

  • The WayAway Affiliate Program

WayAway serves as an innovative flight ticket aggregator that empowers users to search for airline tickets offered by major carriers in the United States and across the globe, in addition to other travel deals. What sets it apart is its distinctive cashback program, enabling users to receive cashback rewards on their bookings for flights, accommodations, rentals, and more.

Affiliates affiliated with WayAway can partake in a 50% share of the revenue generated from flight ticket sales. Furthermore, partners have the opportunity to earn an extra $10 for each sale of the WayAway Plus premium membership initiated through their referral link.

  • The Omio Affiliate Program

Omio functions as an online platform dedicated to travel planning in Europe, boasting a user base of over 27 million monthly users. It equips travelers with the means to discover and book cost-effective train, bus, and flight tickets. The platform’s user-friendly search technology and an extensive network of over 800 dependable partners have cemented Omio’s reputation as one of the most sought-after affiliate marketing products in this niche.

Affiliates participating in the Omio program can enjoy an attractive commission of 6% on all bookings. This service accommodates multiple languages, targets a global audience, and accepts a wide range of traffic sources, including contextual advertising and social media promotions.

6. Baby Care Products

With a staggering 385,000 infants born across the globe each day, the realm of baby care emerges as a consistently lucrative niche, offering substantial earning potential. Particularly within the initial year, babies necessitate an array of essential items, ranging from diapers and cribs to clothing and more. If your target audience encompasses young parents, you can provide valuable assistance to both them and their newborns by offering insights into some of the finest baby care affiliate marketing products.

Why is this a great niche to target?

  • Global Search Volume: 24,000

  • Expected Commissions: 2-25%

Some affiliate programs for baby care products:

  • The Bloom Baby Affiliate Program

Bloom Baby affiliate program

Bloom Baby offers an extensive assortment of aesthetically pleasing and environmentally conscious baby products, encompassing highchairs, bouncers, lounges, cribs, conversion kits, and more. All of their offerings are crafted from sustainable sources, including recycled materials, and are free from hazardous substances like lead or BPA. In their outlet section, users have the opportunity to acquire select items at significant discounts of up to 60%.

  • The Organic Baby Food Affiliate Program

Organic Baby Food is a manufacturer of a diverse range of baby products, encompassing nourishing options like cereals, porridges, and snacks, in addition to skin care items, including creams, lotions, as well as dental and bathing products.

7. Virtual Reality Products

The virtual reality (VR) sector is experiencing rapid growth and holds tremendous potential, as an increasing number of companies are entering the market to address the surging demand. Data reveals that the global VR industry is projected to sustain an annual growth rate of 27.5% from 2023 to 2030.

VR software empowers users to create immersive simulated experiences, enabling them to delve into the virtual world. Such solutions serve various professional purposes, including the creation of 3D presentations, the facilitation of virtual meetings, educational applications such as medical or military training, and entertainment options like virtual tours and activities.

Why is this a great niche to target?

  • Global Search Volume: 187,000 searches

  • Expected Commissions: 5-25%

Some affiliate programs for virtual reality products:

  • The VR Sync Affiliate Program

VR Sync stands as a prominent player within the virtual reality niche, trusted by renowned brands and organizations such as Ford, Nikon, and even the United Nations. VR Sync facilitates synchronized 360 video playback on popular VR platforms, including Samsung Gear and Google Cardboard, making it a sought-after solution in the industry. It prides itself on being user-friendly, offering an excellent price-quality ratio, and even provides a free trial.

  • The MobFish VR Studio Affiliate Program

MobFish VR Studio offers virtual reality software that empowers users to generate their own VR content and share it with their intended audiences. A diverse array of solutions is available, catering to purposes ranging from education to business applications. Customers can initiate their journey with a complimentary limited version.

Affiliates enrolled in the MobFish partner program can earn 150 euros for each annual subscription acquisition made through their affiliate link. The brand offers supplementary benefits based on the affiliate’s level of expertise, whether they are novices or VR experts. These perks include discounts on software licenses, access to beta features, free trial access, and more.

8. Home Automation Products

Number of users of smart homes in the United States 2018-2027

The market for home automation products has seen substantial growth in recent years, driven by advancements in technology and increased time spent at home. Currently, 57.55 million U.S. households in 2022 utilize smart home devices monthly, including smart speakers, TVs, hubs, security products, lighting, and more. This figure is anticipated to increase nearly 34% to 77.05 million households by 2025, offering affiliate partners a lucrative opportunity. The time is ripe to get involved.

When marketing smart home devices, building trust with your audience is essential. Customers often have concerns about security and privacy when considering the best products for affiliate marketing, so it’s crucial to address these apprehensions in your promotional approach.

Why is this a great niche to target?

  • Global Search Volume: 47,000

  • Expected Commissions: 5-20%

Some affiliate programs for Home automation products:

  • The Smarthome Affiliate Program

Smarthome offers an extensive range of smart devices, including lighting, security, cameras, temperature control, door locks, and more. Additionally, they provide solutions for home maintenance, window coverings, plumbing, with new products continually added to their platform.

Affiliates can join the Smarthome partner program through platforms like ShareASale, Viglink, and other affiliate networks.

  • The Samsung Affiliate Program

Samsung, a well-known producer of smartphones and electronic appliances, also offers a wide array of smart home devices, spanning monitoring, laundry, and entertainment solutions.

9. Jewelry

Jewelry is a thriving billion-dollar niche that appeals to nearly everyone today. Adorning oneself with necklaces, bracelets, and various accessories has been a longstanding means of self-expression, showcasing social status, and boosting confidence. China leads the world in jewelry and watch production, followed by the United States and India. The industry remains dynamic with ongoing innovations, including lab-created diamonds that are indistinguishable from natural ones.

Given the vast array of available affiliate marketing products, the jewelry market proves highly profitable for affiliates and is relatively easy to promote.

Why is this a great niche to target?

  • Global Search Volume: 756,000 searches

  • Expected Commissions: 5-15%

Some affiliate programs for jewelry:

  • The Swarovski Affiliate Program

Swarovski affiliate program

Swarovski, renowned for its crystal jewelry, offers a captivating range of products, from watches to accessories and home decor. Their items, while more affordable than real diamonds, exude charm. The brand frequently features discounts, maintains an outlet for older collections, and operates a loyalty program for customers.

Affiliates stand to earn appealing commissions for every sale made through their affiliate link or coupon code. The program is accessible through various affiliate networks, including Viglink, Flexoffers, DCM Network, and more.

  • The Angara Affiliate Program

Angara distinguishes itself as a jewelry manufacturer that manages the entire process in-house, encompassing cutting, designing, and quality control. With generations of experience in the gemstone business and over 17 years of retail expertise, Angara primarily targets the U.S. market. They boast branches in more than 64 countries worldwide and maintain manufacturing facilities in Los Angeles, Jaipur, and Bangkok. Angara has garnered recognition in esteemed publications like Forbes, Harvard Business Review, and Newsweek as the top online jewelry producer and retailer.

Affiliates are entitled to receive up to 8% commission on all sales originating from their affiliate links, with a generous 30-day cookie duration. The industry-high average order value exceeds $1,100 USD. The program offers an array of promotional tools and a 24/7 reporting system, with enrollment accessible through the LinkShare network.

10. Gaming Products

The gaming niche, propelled by rapid technological advancements and product developments, presents lucrative affiliate opportunities. Online gaming transcends mere entertainment, offering promising career prospects and attracting substantial billion-dollar investments. Data indicates a nearly twofold increase in mobile gaming advertising revenue in the United States from 2020 to 2024. Moreover, gaming products enjoy a broad audience, appealing to both school-age children and adult professionals.

Affiliate partners can deliver value to their audiences and endorse gaming solutions through various means, including creating tutorial videos, reaction videos, and sharing gaming-related content like news and reviews. The relatively nascent nature of this niche offers ample room for bloggers and marketers to explore.

Why is this a great niche to target?

  • Global Search Volume: 507,000 searches

  • Expected Commissions: 1-20% average

Some affiliate programs for gaming products:

  • The Logitech Affiliate Program

Logitech, a global leader in computer accessories and the originator of innovations like the laser mouse, offers a diverse range of affiliate marketing products, including mice, keyboards, web cameras, speakers, headphones, and an extensive selection of gaming peripherals, flight controllers, and driving simulators.

  • The GameFly Affiliate Program

GameFly presents users with the option to rent or purchase games through a subscription model, delivered to their doorstep. These video games are compatible with various systems, including Xbox, PS4, and more. GameFly is sought after for its library of highly popular gaming products, such as God of War and Assassin’s Creed, often at more cost-effective rates than competitors.

11. Insurance Products

The demand for travel insurance affiliate programs is on the rise, offering marketers the opportunity to recommend trending affiliate marketing products and earn substantial commissions while providing users with a valuable service for worry-free travel.

The pandemic has heightened interest in insurance products, with more travelers opting to safeguard themselves against potential expenses and prioritize peace of mind. Insurance products encompass a range of options, from travel insurance to life insurance and property insurance.

Why is this a great niche to target?

  • Global Search Volume: 833,000 searches

  • Expected Commissions: Fixed price commissions mostly depending on the insurance value

Some affiliate programs for insurance products:

  • The Insubuy Affiliate Program

Insubuy affiliate program

Insubuy, a leading insurance provider for U.S. travel, boasts over two decades of industry expertise, offering a comprehensive selection of coverage options. Users can conveniently compare quotes from different providers and make online purchases.

  • The VisitorsCoverage Affiliate Program

VisitorsCoverage, headquartered in Silicon Valley, is an insurtech company that extends travel insurance to millions of travelers across over 175 countries worldwide. It holds the distinction of being the largest provider of visitor’s insurance for travel to the United States, with a broad array of travel insurance coverages available.

The VisitorsCoverage affiliate program provides rewards ranging from $1 to $100, contingent on the policy tier and price. With strong conversion rates, a global reach, and an assortment of promotional tools, including links, banners, widgets, and more, it offers a compelling opportunity for affiliates.


To thrive as an affiliate marketer, staying attuned to emerging market trends and exploring related niches is essential. Commence your affiliate venture by endorsing top-selling affiliate marketing products, and gradually pinpoint offers that resonate particularly well with your audience.

Consistently monitor analytics tools to validate the effectiveness of your campaigns and endeavor to provide relevant context for each affiliate link, fostering trust with your followers.


Marketing Manager of Mageplaza. Summer is attracted by new things. She loves writing, travelling and photography. Perceives herself as a part-time gymmer and a full-time dream chaser.

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