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5 Detrimental factors for a Multichannel Selling Strategy

Every e-commerce enterprise has a dream of making their business bigger as a demonstration of their talents and abilities. Once you decide to expand your business or your channels to sell goods, you are sure to need a detail strategy for your enterprise.

However, to be successful as a multi-channel seller is not an easy mission. Therefore, before getting down to your expanding plan, make sure that you already take five factors as following into your consideration.

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Table of Contents

Pay attention to customer experience

Pay attention to customer experience

The very first thing that any store owners need to consider is customer experience at their stores. In other words, customer is the determining factor in every multichannel selling strategy.

All businesses are opened with the purpose to sell as many products as possible to consumers; therefore, how to make customers purchase goods at your store and come back are of utmost importance. In 2021, the percentage of companies which compete on experience of users is expected to reach 89%. It means that, this is the shopping doers who decide the success of your company.

Hence, ignoring feedbacks from consumers or bringing them bad shopping experience is the biggest mistake ever. When your business can create a sense of satisfaction among buyers, they are more likely to continue to shop at your store.

Gradually, your store will build up loyalty among consumers and keep buying goods from retailers who can always meet their expectations.

So, remember think about customers before making any decision and try to satisfy them as much as possible.

Select the appropriate sales channels

Select the appropriate sales channels

If you want to be a multi-channel seller, it is sure that you have to decide which shopping channels are suitable to grow your business. Before figuring out the most appropriate ones, you can answer some questions to clarify what channels you are looking for. For example, where are customers shopping? Where is the most potential site to invest?

Although there are several channels, you should not add all of them at the same time. Instead, take each channel into account to figure out the most suitable one since each channel has its own challenges and difficulties to access. Therefore, in the first place you can select one or two new channel to focus on easily.

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Choose suitable Multi-channel Retail Systems

Choose suitable Multi-channel Retail Systems

When you already decide which channel to develop your business, the next factor you need to think about is the most suitable system. The system that you choose is very important as it will directly affect the effectiveness of your store and decide whether your e-commerce runs smoothly or not.

Before deciding, answering some questions may be helpful for you. For example, can you use your own webstores? Are you looking for a new POS? Is a cloud-based POS system necessary for you store?

Additionally, having an up-to-date backend system is also essential for any online merchants. If you website is outdated, try to update as soon as possible before expanding as it will be difficult for the system to work for all new channels.

When you decide to increase the number of your channels, it means that, your business processes will be more complicated. For instance, you need to share your data for customer’s orders, update your inventory, and keep your product information up to date. Therefore, think carefully before making any decision.

Integrate Systems

Integrate Systems

The next thing you need to do after choosing suitable channels and systems is integrating your systems. This step is considered as a fundamental action to pay the way for the success of your multichannel business.

If you manage to integrate your systems, you can provide better shopping experience for your customers.

When you expand your business through several channels, you should not have each channel with its own system. Instead, it is of utmost importance to have a central management system to address all your orders, inventory, and product data. This system will provide you an overview about all channels or your business in general.

If you cannot integrate all your lines of business, it may cause bad experience for both shop assistants and consumers. For example, there are some customers who search your items online and then go to the bricks and mortals to buy it. Also, customer can purchase your goods online, and then return them in store.

That is the reason why having a mutual management system for all channels is very important. By doing that, you can ensure to bring customers good shopping experience throughout all channels.

Besides, it also easier for you to manage your inventory, address customer orders more quickly and generate higher quality for product information.

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Improve Multi-channel Capabilities

Improve Multi-channel Capabilities

When you develop the scale of your business, you may think about including more advanced capacities for your multichannel strategy. The more capacities you get, the more opportunities that you do not need to worry about competitors.

There are some capabilities that involve distributed order management, supplier integration, and unlimited capabilities. And these factors all significantly contribute to create a sense of satisfaction among customers.


In summary, to be a true multichannel seller, store owners need to put much effort to expand their channels. There are five important elements that you should take into consideration; however, creating good shopping experiences for customers is the determining factor in making the success of your strategy.

Besides, select the appropriate sales channels, choose the suitable systems, integrate all the systems and eventually enhance multi-channel capabilities also greatly contribute to customer experience and the function of business in general.

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