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Shopware is a 2000-founded German-made e-commerce shop system. It helps internet retailers swiftly set up an online store. Shopware just revealed at the Shopware Community Day 2020 that they are releasing a new feature, Shopware Cloud, which is an appealing alternative for D2C (direct-to-consumer) businesses. This makes Shopware even ‘hotter’ in the eCommerce sector. In today’s blog article, we’ll go over some general Shopware information as well as some important points regarding your Shopware account if you’re a novice. Let’s not waste any more time!

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Why should you use Shopware platform for your online store?

Shopware, as they frequently underline, is the simple option for e-commerce initiatives, which certainly holds true for more than 100,000 clients, including well-known brands such as Borussia Dortmund, Jägermeister, and Haribo. The following are some vital reasons why you should choose Shopware to launch your online business.

  • Technology and design symbiosis: Stefan and Sebastian Hamann established Shopware because their respective hobbies, IT and design, provided the ideal foundation for the development of a successful online retail system. Not least, in order to improve the consumer experience, Shopware places a high value on an intuitive and well-structured front-end. Individually tailored mobile-friendly Shopware templates In addition, the program features a pretty simple back-end.

  • The Shopware shop is simple to set up and manage: The ease of setting up an online shop is a significant benefit of the German e-commerce system. Shopkeepers with no prior expertise might benefit from a plethora of videos and clear directions. In addition, there are no setup or installation expenses. To guarantee quick and efficient fulfillment, third-party fulfillment services can also be incorporated.

  • On-premises and cloud-based solutions are available: The change of the software architecture to a headless and API-first approach is especially encouraging for shops that are still in the early phases of their operations. After all, in e-commerce, lowering the complexity of diverse projects is becoming increasingly vital. This allows e-commerce businesses to follow the whole company growth route with a single software solution.

  • Shopware is quite adaptable: Shopware has four distinct plans based on the size and demands of the webshop, making them an excellent choice for both small e-commerce merchants and start-ups, as well as large worldwide corporations.

Community Edition Starter editions Professional editions Enterprise editions
€0 per month €0 per month €199 per month or 2.495 one-time cost On request
Download for own local hosting Cloud & not Self-hosted Cloud & Self-hosted No Cloud & Self-hosted
  • Marketing focus: Shopware has provided above-average chances for online merchants to boost the exposure of their online stores. As a result, the German store system provides its consumers with very straightforward search engine optimization. There is also the option to interface with well-known email marketing companies such as Mailchimp. Shopware, like Shopify, has a plethora of extensions and modules for connecting extra sales channels and automating order processing.

  • Shopware neighborhood: Shopware’s vast and active community is another plus. Users provide their first-hand knowledge on practically any relevant issue, assisting other clients. Aside from the user forum, the Shopware ecosystem includes a plethora of blog postings designed to assist e-commerce firms, as well as over 900 wiki pages. Furthermore, Community Day is an annual ritual in which the Shopware community gets together.

General information you should know in Shopware

Now, as you already know many outstanding features of Shopware and how you can leverage them to become successful with your online business, you may wonder where to start.

Below are some of the critical information that you need to know before using Shopware so that you can minimize the difficulties of using this eCommerce platform.

Shopware Account

The account serves as the core center for all services related to Shopware’s functioning. It includes a list of your shop’s licenses, support-related information (commercial versions), and instructions on how to offer and enter extensions in the store, as well as manage software and extension subscriptions.

Shopware ID

The Shopware ID is the single login identification that may be used to access all Shopware portals, including the forum, the shop, and your account. This information may be used to log in to your plugin management in Shopware administration, for example, to download updates or buy extensions.

The user administration is now replacing the shopware ID. Log in with your Shopware ID and switch to a personal user account if you still have one.

Personal account sections

The navigation bar is located on the left side of your Shopware account. There are sections for **Partner, Manufacturer, Merchant, Academy, Company Data, and My Data. **(Not all of these sections may be available depending on the account type.) If you open one of the regions, you will see further submenus for that area. You may access the various areas inside an area by using the dropdown menu Select area.

Personal account sections

Shopware ID & customer number

Your customer number may be found in the top left corner of the navigation bar.

Your email address is your Shopware ID, which may be located in the lower-left corner.


In conclusion, Shopware is a worth trying eCommerce platform. Both of the founders are developing Shopware in a way that can live up to each and every customer’s expectation. Before you decide to choose Shopware to be your companion,we hope that our aforementioned information is useful and helps you out with your online businesses.

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