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The Best 19 Magento 2 Order Management extensions from hundreds of the Order Management extensions in the market as derived from Mageplaza Ranking which is using Mageplaza scores, rating reviews, search results, social metrics. The bellow extensions were picked manually by Mageplaza experts, if your Order Management does not include in the list, feel free to contact us. The best Order Management list is ranked and result in 2019, the price from $0 to $199. Find more Magento 2 extensions here.

Order Management for Magento 2

Magento Vendor Name Highlight features Description Price Actions
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Order Archive by Mageplaza

  • Orders are archived automatically based on conditions set on the backend
  • The frequency of order archiving can be configured with ease
  • Shop owners get notification emails when orders are archived
  • Archived orders are managed in a grid
  • The module supports API
  • Orders can be archived manually
  • Archived purchase orders are available for consumers to view
  • Command lines can be used to archive or unarchive orders
  • Works well with Mageplaza Delete Order and Mageplaza Order Export

Outdated or unexpected orders now are archived with ease by Mageplaza Order Archive for Magento 2. The module keeps the order archive grid organised and up-to-date with new and important orders. Hence, store owners can classify and manage all orders effortlessly.

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Custom Order Number by Mageplaza

  • Customizes order number easily
  • Sets billing document number based on order number
  • Allows changing order increment ID
  • Provides flexible order number pattern
  • Enables customizing order number prefix

Mageplaza Magento 2 Custom Order Number allows stores to change the order increment ID in order to ensure the sensitive business data will be protected. Besides, by showing customers a professional order number system, your stores will attract more new customers.

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Delete Orders by Mageplaza

  • Allows deleting test orders
  • Deletes all orders or individual order
  • Related invoices, shipments, credit memos can be deleted
  • Supports multiple stores
  • Supports multiple languages

Mageplaza Delete Orders is an extension for Magento 2, which allows you to delete not only order but also all the related documents such as invoices, shipments, credit memos easily. This will be a perfect solution that could help you to remove all test orders. Consequently, you will no longer be confused and your admin backends will also be well-organized.

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Mass Order Actions by Mageplaza

  • Applies one action to mass order
  • Allows creating invoice and shipment combination at once
  • Shipment for mass orders are created at the same time
  • Add multiple tracking numbers to mass order by one click
  • Mass invoices or shipments are printed via pop-up
  • Invoice for mass order can be created at once

Magento 2 Mass Order Actions is a great method to help you apply various actions like creating invoice or shipment for mass orders at once. As a result, it would help store admins to reduce a great amount of workload, which would lead to a significant improvement in the workflow of the online stores.

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Order Attributes by Mageplaza

  • Collects unlimited orders' attributes from checkout page
  • Offers multiple types of order attributes
  • Allows customizing attributes based on shipping methods
  • Provides various order attributes' display positions
  • Enables attributing priority and visibility

Mageplaza Magento 2 Order Attributes extension enables more attributes to be added to orders and display them on various positions on the checkout page. As a result, this module will be an effective tool to help store owner collecting adequate information during the checkout process, which would lead to customers’ satisfaction for successful orders.

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Order Export by Mageplaza

  • Exports customer data fastly
  • Allows exporting orders in present templates
  • Provides store owners 6 export types
  • Enable filter orders to export
  • Export files can be auto-uploaded to a remote server
  • The results can be reviewed quickly

Magento 2 Order Export by Mageplaza enables store admins to export various types of data such as order, invoice, credit memo, and shipment to the popular output formats like CSV or XML. Besides, these export data can also be quickly and easily backed up or delivered to the related third parties.

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Order Grid by Mageplaza

  • Supports extending order grid with nearly 30 extra columns
  • Allows displaying billing/ shipping information on order grid
  • Enables multiple item details to be added on order grid
  • Orders on gird can be hidden/shown based on status
  • Orders can be filtered without any difficulty
  • Allows changing column header, showing/hiding columns

Order Grid for Magento 2 by Mageplaza is a great extension which allows store admins to add more extra columns to the grid and logically group them. Consequently, admins will be able to view the order grid easily, as well as manage and process orders effectively.

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Order Labels by Mageplaza

  • Allows adding unlimited columns at order grid
  • Labels for orders will be auto-assigned by conditions
  • Supports creating beautify order labels using lively icon
  • Images can be attached to order status labels
  • Enables setting the display order for each label
  • Multiple labels can be applied for one order
  • Labels can be updated via pop-ups

Magento 2 Order Labels allows stores admins to add unlimited extra columns in the order grid. Then the labels with colorful images or icons will be auto-assigned to orders at the backend order grid. As a result, this would help clarify the order recorded with better information and illustration.

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Same Order Number by Mageplaza

  • Allows adding a suffix to an ID
  • The info will be displayed clearly from the frontend
  • The same IDS will be automatically set for related billing documents
  • Enable buyers to view record from their login account easily
  • Customers can easily track and recognize the relation between documents

The module Same Order Number from Mageplaza supports store owner to create the same Increment ID for associated billing documents such as Order, Invoice, Shipment, and Credit Memo with ease. As a result, your orders, as well as other documents, will be organized much easier.

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Order Management by Fooman

  • The process of orders in bulk with only one click
  • Order statuses can be changed in bulk
  • Keep track of information
  • Allow changing the information of the suppliers
  • Ability to consider shipping addresses and shipping details
  • Allow choosing a custom order status

In default Magento, you can not customize customer information, invoices and other parameters, which makes it difficult every time you want to add or edit an invoice for a customer. To solve this problem, Order Management extension will help you do everything in a flash and save time and money.

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Order Management by Iwdagency

  • Ability to delete Orders quickly
  • Ability to modify Order Status
  • Allow updating Customer, Shipping & Billing conveniently
  • Can change Payment & Shipping Methods easily

It's time for you to select this module for your niche. This tool not only saves you time in editing orders but also makes it easy to manage them efficiently.

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Order Management by Mageworx

  • Include order function for store in Magento 2
  • Easy to manage/process order
  • Allow editing orders in store
  • You can adjust products to an order
  • Allow modifying order billing details/taxes and shipping details
  • Can edit order discount coupons
  • Order comments function is added
  • Improve default Orders Grid

The releasing of Order Management will help your store improve revenue the easiest way. With this tool, it facilitates quick and easy order processing, the modification and management of customer information, or order information is also convenient without spending a lot of time.

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Order Management by Webtexsoftware

  • Improve quick order function in Magento 2
  • Include effective order processing toolkit
  • Allow modifying orders without canceling
  • Able to edit products in the order easily
  • Ability to show configure order billing details
  • Can modify order shipping details

With this extension, you can easily edit order management on your Magento online store. In addition, the management of billing and shipping information is also more effective.


Order Management for Magento 1

Magento Vendor Rating Highlight features Description Price Actions
Order Management reviewed by Mageplaza

Order Management reviewed by Mageplaza

Order Management by Order Management review by Mageplaza

  • Allow you to add any attribute to the grid
  • Order grid includes Bills and Orders
  • Allows you to establish the priority of orders with colored flags
  • Important purchase order data is securely protected
  • Order management process is simplified and more convenient

The Order Management extension is a great tool for you to make ordering process easy and fast. Besides, admin has customized orders, customer information, customer requirements for easy order. Make sure to please your customers.

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Order Management by Fooman

  • With only one click, you can send invoice and mark all orders
  • Auto-create native invoices/shipments
  • Auto-send any configured sales emails
  • Allow choosing mass order status updates
  • The shipping address and details are viewed on the Order Overview Screen
  • Able to establish different user permissions for different tasks

The Magento Order Management extension will make your order processing process much faster than usual. You will no longer spend much time managing orders at the request of customers. This will take place in a few simple clicks. Do not hesitate, select the Order Management extension from Fooman.

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Order Management by Saleswarp

  • You can madify orders easily
  • Auto-update orders for Magento store
  • You can delete orders or save them
  • You can manage orders effectively
  • Can boost the sales

Using this solution, retailers do not need to update many systems or calculate data manually. The Order Management extension will automatically update your order at a glance, save time and money for you, and significantly improve the productivity and profitability of your store.

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Order Management by Schogini

  • Expand the standard orders grid
  • Customize the view of the standard orders grid according to your hobbies
  • Allow editing orders easily on the orders without canceling them
  • Magento Orders can be archive or deleted depending on you
  • Easy to manage Order Comments

If you are looking for an extension that can help you solve your order management problem, Order Management from Schogini is a fantastic choice. You can easily customize, edit, or manage orders. Besides, you can also expand your order grid to improve your store's brand.

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Order Management by Mageworx

  • Allow customing Orders grid in the default Magento backend
  • Can add many different Order Grid columns
  • Custom orders
  • Able to edit or add the number of products to any order
  • Allow deleting/ saving orders
  • Allow you to add Order Comments
  • Order processing become quick

Order Management extension will help your order processing process quickly and easily. The data is calculated accurately, the order adjustment is also more convenient for shop owners. From there, it will greatly boost your Magento store sales.

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Order Management by Mgt-commerce

  • Allow you to manage orders quicker
  • Can save a lot of time and money
  • Allow viewing all orders with a product thumbnail, product count and the order and billing address
  • Easy to install

Choosing Order Management is a wonderful solution for your store if you want to improve sales and profitability. Managing easy orders for your customers will give you more time to serve more customers. That's great!


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