Magento 2 Advanced Reports Extensions in 2021

The Best 12 Magento 2 Advanced Reports extensions from hundreds of the Advanced Reports extensions in the market as derived from Mageplaza Ranking which is using Mageplaza scores, rating reviews, search results, social metrics. The bellow extensions were picked manually by Mageplaza experts, if your Advanced Reports does not include in the list, feel free to contact us. The best Advanced Reports list is ranked and result in 2021, the price from $99 to $499. Find more Magento 2 extensions here.

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Mageplaza Magento 2 Reports extension FREE is a simple

Advanced Reports extensions for Magento 2

Magento Vendor Name Highlight features Description Price Actions
mageplaza logo


Advanced Report by Mageplaza

  • Support 2 informative advanced reports
  • Include the report comparison
  • Support 16 report cards
  • Informative line-chart reports supported

Magento 2 Reports extension by Mageplaza is an innovative module which helps online stores track, process and manages their business better with advanced customizable reports. Statistical data collected from customers, orders, sales, and products on a regular basis are quickly sorted out, providing a great help to store owners in both business and marketing decision-making.

landofcoder logo


Advanced Report by Landofcoder

  • More than 28 Report Types over periods of time
  • Illustrate data with visual graphs such as bar, pie, etc
  • Using profit-calculating formula
  • Clear Interface on the Backend
  • Enable to customize the display of charts
  • Multiple filters with different options

Your Magento store will be much more successful if you can easily have the deep insight from statistical data. Through it, you absolutely can build an effective marketing strategy for your store.

aheadworks logo


Advanced Report by Aheadworks

  • Flexible reports to analyse sales data between categories and products
  • Display graphs with visual trends from the reports
  • Report quickly even massive orders
  • Using markers and multiple parameters for the charts
  • Segment group of customers
  • Compare data of a period to the others

This extension will make you understand more about your store performance. It can analyze the data of sales from multiple views and fast evaluate your business.

Advanced Report reviewed by Mageplaza

Magento 2 Advanced Report reviewed by Mageplaza

Advanced Report by Magento 2 Advanced Reports review by Mageplaza

  • Adding 14 types of detailed report
  • Customize report graphs and data grids
  • Advanced dashboard with informative report
  • Applying multiple filters
  • Enable to export report data

This extension of Magento 2 will help your store to expand the reports functionality. It is easier to understand massive statistical data through sales, products and customer purchase. Therefore, you can predict the accurate trends and set up the best strategy.

apptha logo


Advanced Report by Apptha

  • Give visualizable charts by sales data from Google Analytics and 7 types of reports
  • Enable to filter by custom dates and days, or even number of rows such as 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100
  • Compare data in graph with previous time
  • Displays revenue and transaction counts, quantity sold, revenue, tax information, shipping cost
  • Enable to filter based on durations such as day, week, month and custom
  • Easy to export report/data to CSV or Excel

The Advanced Report of Magento is a helpful tool for every store owner to evaluate data and number from activities such as sales, products and customer behavior of your shop. It will make you have the most accurate predictions and the best decisions.

magestore logo


Advanced Report by Magestore

  • Flexible data reports based on Sales, Customers, Stock, etc
  • Easy to export reports
  • User-friendly dashboard and visualizable charts
  • Enable to customize report view
  • Enable to filter data

It takes us a lot of time to have an overview of the data and number from your business. This extension will be an effective tool for you to have default reports for your Magento store. The owner of the store also can have the best view and understanding about their sales, customers, etc, therefore, their business will be more successful.

mirasvit logo


Advanced Report by Mirasvit

  • Deeply analyze the number quickly
  • Customize Reports
  • Besides analizing data, Advanced Dashboard can check whether achieve your goals or not
  • Clear Interface on the Backend
  • Filters Flexiblely
  • Using International KPI to analyze

It is important for any business to Analyze the huge of data and numbers every day. The Magento 2 Reports extension uses UI technologies, which can help you have deep sight of your shop sales.


Top Advanced Reports extensions for Magento store

Magento Vendor Rating Highlight features Description Price Actions
landofcoder logo


Advanced Report by Landofcoder

  • Mutiple Report Types
  • Enable to set schedule to send Report Via Emails
  • ComprehensiveAbandoned cart
  • Adding profit-calculating formula
  • Filter data for different periods of time

To make the best decision for your business, it is very important that you must analyze the information after collecting them from the activities such as sales. The Magento Advanced Report is the best tool which has 28 different reports for the store owner to manage and understand about their store.

aheadworks logo


Advanced Report by Aheadworks

  • Including 13 different reports
  • Enable to export to CSV and Excel files
  • NoInform on the pages as banners
  • Adding promotional products
  • Illustrate the data by graphs and tables

After collecting the number and data from different sources such as the sales, it is not easy for the store owner to analyse them. This extension plays as an amazing tool for you understand more and illustrate the data.

Advanced Report reviewed by Mageplaza

Advanced Report reviewed by Mageplaza

Advanced Report by Advanced Reports review by Mageplaza

  • 9 types of reports
  • Illustrate with graphs
  • Enable to export Reports
  • Customize report easily
  • Compare Data with previous periods

If your store can be equipped with such a useful analytics tool as Advanced Report extension, you can easily manage and understand all of your sales data. Therefore, it will be easy to meet the customer demands, more successful.

mageworx logo


Advanced Report by Mageworx

  • Deeply analyze sales reports
  • Reports detail product popularity
  • Enable to visualize sales funnel
  • Segment data in different ranges of time
  • Compare data over different periods of time
  • Clear and easy access to all data in one dashboard
  • Finding by category and product attributes

This extension is a good way to arrange your data as well as analyze them. Therefore, the store owner will know much more about sales performance and products popularity, so they can have the best strategy for their store.

mirasvit logo


Advanced Report by Mirasvit

  • Comparing numbers in different periods
  • Enable to filter by store view or by any column
  • Enable to export to CSV, MS Excel
  • Enable to export charts to JPEG, PNG, GIF

The better you understand and analyze the data of your store, the more successful your store is. This extension will is very useful for you to predict sales trends and increase the sale.


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These 12 Advanced Reports are ranked based on following criterias:

  • Rating review on Magento Connect, Magento Marketplace and vendor's website.
  • The price, features.
  • The vendor's reputation and Search Engine Ranking.
  • Social media metrix such as Facebook, Twiiter, Google+.
  • Mageplaza team and expert review.

Top 12 Advanced Reports Vendors

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