Magento 2 Mega Menu Extensions in 2024

The Best 11 Magento 2 Mega Menu extensions from hundreds of the Mega Menu extensions in the market as derived from Mageplaza Ranking, which is using Mageplaza scores, rating reviews, search results, and social metrics. The below extensions were picked manually by Mageplaza experts, if your Mega Menu does not include in the list, feel free to contact us. The best Mega Menu list is ranked and evaluated in 2024, the price from $0 to $249. Find more Magento 2 extensions here.

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Here is a list of Best Mega Menu for Magento 2:

Magento Vendor Name Highlight features Description Price Actions
magezon logo


Mega Menu by Magezon

  • Allow creating unlimited navigation levels
  • Offer drag and drop interface
  • Support horizontal, vertical, and accordion navigation menu
  • Make your menu more attractive using 7 supported elements
  • Provide a fully Responsive UI design

Ninja Menus an extension which is easy to use and creative. By using intuitive drag and drop interface, you can create your own navigaton menu without requring any profession knowledge in coding and technical.

magedelight logo


Mega Menu by Magedelight

  • Allow showing images and videos in mega menu
  • Can generate sticky menu on site
  • Can select different animations effects
  • Include different design styles such as horizontal, vertical, drill down
  • Allow dragging & dropping menu fields in menu
  • Allow setting Mega menu anywhere

This tool allows creating various animation effects for the shop, thus impressing customers at first sight. Besides that, with many menu styles, customers can choose according to their favorite style to use. With such great features, this is the best extension for store owners to serve your store.

amasty logo


Mega Menu by Amasty

  • Allow choose Horizontal and Vertical Menu include effects: Fade, slide, toggle
  • Change different menu styles easily such as width, color, icon or position
  • Improve site speed
  • Can be compatible with mobile menu
  • Can select style your own mega menu without editing CSS file

Magento 2 Mega Menu extension is a perfect choice for your store. It will help you rearrange the products in a scientific and beautiful way as well as make it easier for customers to find products on your site.

magetop logo


Mega Menu by Magetop

  • Drag and drop menu builder panel
  • Multiple themes/skins option
  • Multiple languages, stores, websites & pages
  • Responsive & Mobile menu support
  • Support any Magento theme

Magento Mega Menu is an easy to use plugin for creating beautiful, customized menus for your site. With no setup required, tons of options to choose from, and the ability to show categories, subcategories and posts, Magento Mega Menu is a must have plugin that also boosts SEO and user engagement.

cmsmart logo


Mega Menu by Cmsmart

  • Mega menu includes 7 styles
  • Custom and install easily
  • Can set different color for menu
  • Contain both horizontal and vertical menu
  • Include outstanding options in menu

Mega Menu allows you to choose different styles in the menu. This helps customers feel new to your website. Besides, you can change the color in order to be more eye catching with the customers.

ibnab logo


Mega Menu by Ibnab

  • Allow choosing horizontal menu for your store
  • Adjust the category's label properly
  • Allow showing categories and sub-categories conveniently
  • Allow adding, deleting and editing menu items on store easily
  • Can compatible with tablet and mobiles
  • Allow use easily without coding

You are having a mess about the different products in the store, you do not know how to arrange them properly, Mega Menu extension in Magento 2 will help you solve all the problems that you are entangled.

landofcoder logo


Mega Menu by Landofcoder

  • You can be easy to drag & drop
  • Include 2 menu styles: vertical and horizontal
  • Responsive mobile menu
  • Assist widget or can insert code to file XML on any position
  • Include 7 Submenu styles: Anchor Text, Dynamic Category Listing, Product Listing, Product Grid, Child menu, Default Category Listing, Content
  • Data auto-backup
  • Dynamic Magento 2 Navigation Menu
  • Support Multiple Effects for your store
  • Can set mega menu on any position

To navigate your customers to what you want, Mega Menu extension is a great selection. With this tool, you can display the product wherever you want on the website, which will help customers choose and purchase products easier.

magenest logo


Mega Menu by Magenest

  • Allow generating a new menu
  • Allow establishing mega menus or fly out menus
  • Allow adjusting menu items
  • Support 100% Open source
  • Install and configure easily
  • Interface is so friendly for user to use

Menu is an important function on every website. It is the place to attract customers first, as well as get the attention of customers. Creating an attractive menu is an effective way to boost sales and impress your customers with your store.

magesolution logo


Mega Menu by Magesolution

  • Allow inserting menu without limiting
  • Can insert menu to any position to create code automatically
  • Different stores can add different menu
  • Allow generating menu for category, cms page or any URL
  • You can insert icon/custom HTML to menu
  • Allow supporting mobile responsive menu
  • Allow inserting video, images to attract the customers on menu

The Magento 2 Mega Menu is launched with useful features for both shop owners and customers. Even if they do not know the code, with this tool, they can easily manage all the information on the website conveniently. Customers search for products faster and shop owners arrange products for more searchable customers.

rootways logo


Mega Menu by Rootways

  • Allow choosing different menu styles
  • Allow tabbing menu
  • Can select full and half width menu
  • Allow managing category products on store effectively
  • Allow placing the number of columns of menu
  • Display content menu properly and attract customers

Magento 2 Mega Menu is the fastest solution to help customers find their favorite products quickly. This tool will navigate customers to the best suitable categories for them.

ubertheme logo


Mega Menu by Ubertheme

  • Responsive different devices
  • Contain Horizontal and vertical menu to select
  • Friendly user interface
  • Easy to drag and drop
  • Include over 10 animation effects
  • Easy category items management
  • Allow assisting multiple websites & multiple languages

Mega Menu extension includes many different effects for you to choose. Besides that, it is compatible with most different devices and the interface is very friendly, that is the reason why you need to choose this module for your website.


The Best Magento Mega Menu extension

Magento Vendor Rating Highlight features Description Price Actions
cmsmart logo


Mega Menu by Cmsmart

  • Menu navigation is flexible
  • A menu bar can be generated easily
  • Can choose horizontal and vertical menu to use on site
  • Variety responsive menu for site
  • Can establish blocks

Mega Menu extension allows both admin and user to manage all the information on the menu and arrange them to fit your website.

mage-world logo


Mega Menu by Mage-world

  • Allow selecting vertical and horizontal menu style
  • Allow showing and managing your categories, sub-categories and products
  • Allow inserting static block, image or text to attract customers
  • Easy to install

You have implemented promotions, but not attract customers. That's why you should choose the Mega Menu extension for your wbsite. It will help you impress the customer as soon as the customer visits your site, then boost sales for the store.

magestore logo


Mega Menu by Magestore

  • Generate Horizontal & Vertical Mega Menu contain some effects as Fade, slide, toggle
  • Adjust the style of menu such as width, color, icon and position to be suitable for your store
  • Site speed is fast
  • Allow set mobile responsive menu to improve UX
  • Can choose the style your own mega menu without editing CSS file

This module is the perfect solution for you to create a perfect sitemap for your store. When customers visit your site, they will not feel confused before choosing the product, Mage Menu will guide them the right path to select the best product.

rootways logo


Mega Menu by Rootways

  • Easy to generate different menu styles
  • Allow placing number of columns
  • Can insert products easily and quickly
  • Allow inserting content, columns, image or video on site
  • Compatible with almost devices

If you are looking for an extension to help you manage all products on store effectively, Magento Mega Menu is a smart solution for your to resolve them.

ubertheme logo


Mega Menu by Ubertheme

  • Include dynamic Menu on store
  • Allow customizing menu on site
  • Contain flexible space for Magento store
  • Easy to install

You want the product on the store to be displayed to your liking, and have a nice layout for customers when shopping, there is no reason to reject Mega Menu Extension from Ubertheme. It will help your store take a big position in the customer's mind.


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These 11 Mega Menu modules are ranked based on following criteria:

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  • The price and features.
  • The vendor's reputation and Search Engine Ranking.
  • Social media metrics such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+.
  • Mageplaza team and expert review.

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