Store Credit for Magento 2 - PWA, GraphQL, API


Magento 2 Store Credit extension allows creating a restored amount in each customer account. They can use store credit to pay for or buy products with discounted prices. Stores can reward, refund or cashback with store credit. Increase customer engagement and boost sales.


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Store Credit

Store Credit for Magento 2 - PWA, GraphQL, API

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Store Credit for Magento 2 - PWA, GraphQL, API

Common applications and great benefits of store credit

It is unenviable that while selling products to customers, the mistakes may occur such as wrong items, late delivery, especially refund order. In the cases, to express the apology, stores can present shoppers a sum of credit which is suitable with the aim to eliminate bad experience and regain customers’ satisfaction.

Store credit balance is an effective and sensitive way to increase customers’ commitment to an online shop. This works as a second account of a customer, so he/she will pay more attention and accumulate more credits to make the account bigger. Hence, of course, customers definitely visit and shop at your store more frequently.

In specific promotion occasions such as Christmas, New Year or Birthday, customers can be rewarded with specific credit amount to their credit balance. The credit will work as the powerful motivation to encourage shoppers to take advantage of the gift and make purchases quickly.

With specific products which store owners would like to increase sales, stores owners can attract customers’ notice by applying credit usage to buying these products. The special products can be the ones which are facing bad sales for a time or have just been released.

Frequent customers will be returned a credit amount equivalent to x% of their spending after a specific shopping time. This way will improve significantly customer retention, especially the customer’s loyalty.

Add/subtract store credit easily

Magento 2 Store Credit allows store owners to edit the credit balance of customers. From the admin backend, admins can fill in the amount to change the current balance. Accordingly, the credit total in customers’ account will increase or decrease depending on the admin’ s configuration and specific purposes.

Besides, for each update of credit amount, the notes can be left and they can be visible to customers as notices or only visible to admins.

Magento 2 Store Credit extension

Buy store credit product with a lower price

Magento 2 store credit and refund extension

Mageplaza's Store Credit for Magento 2 allows customers to change the amount of credit within the range set by admins to and this is applied a specific product called “Store Credit Product”. After customers select a specific number in this credit range, the price will be calculated based on credit number. Customers are likely to buy the product with a very appealing price thanks to their credit budget.

Each credit policy can be set for a product from admin backend and depends on the store owner’ purpose in each sales campaign such as the wish to improve sales for specific products.

Credit balance notification

One interesting feature of Store Credit extension is the automated notification function. To support customers to update their credit balance quickly, Store Credit module allows store owners to enable email notification to send balance updates to customers’ mailbox.

Therefore, customers can be always updated about their credit budget and active in their credit spending during shopping. This also shows the profession and good customer care from the shopping store.

Magento 2 Store Credit & Refund extension

More features

Extension Compatibility

Store Credit extension is properly compatible with Magento 2 extensions such as Gift Card extension, One Step Checkout, Loyalty Program, Free Gifts

Credit from refund order

Allow customers to receive credit from refund order value

Credit for tax/shipping

Credit can be used to pay for tax or shipping fee

Credit for customer groups

Select customer groups to apply store credit policy

Credit display

Display credit on the top link, checkout page, customer account page, admin order

Limit credit spending

Set the number of Credit that is applied to each order

Transaction grid

View, create customers’ credit transactions via a grid

Edit customers’ credit

Easy to edit the current credit balance of a customer from backend customer editing

Magento 2 Store Credit Full Features

For store admins

General Configuration

  • Enable/ Disable the module
  • Select customer groups allowed to use store credit
  • Allow displaying balance on the top link
  • Enable to force to cancel a transaction if the credit balance is not enough
  • Allow tranfering refund order expenses to the credit balance
  • Allow/ Disallow refunding store credit products

Customer transaction and credit editing

  • View, create customers’ credit transactions via a grid
  • Edit current credit balance of a customer from backend customer >editing.
  • Create Store Credit Product whose price changes based on credit.

Spending configuration

  • Select Admin Order/ Checkout page where the credit is spent.
  • Select Products to be allowed using credit from the list
  • Allow spending credit to pay tax or shipping fee
  • Set limitation for credit spending for each order
  • Enable credit return to customer balance if the order is refunded.
  • Enable email notification of balance updates

For customers

  • Make use of credit to gain lower price
  • Have better experience during shopping
  • Select credit amount to change the price of store credit products
  • Be given back equivalent spent credit if a product is refunded

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26 January 2021

Friendly support

Store credit keeps my customers come back. And very easy to set up. The support is also on point! I had to ask lots of questions but they are very responsive and seem friendly.

Lindsey -Verified Purchase
30 January 2020


A wonderful module, easy to install and does the job just right! very easy to configure, enables manual transactions and ability to refund orders using Store Credit.

Mayyar -Verified Purchase
12 December 2019


Store Credit for Magento 2 it's very good

ibrahim -Verified Purchase

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