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Moneris for Magento 2   v1.0.0

Moneris for Magento 2
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Moneris for Magento 2 allows store owners to accept a great number of payment methods directly on the store site. With Moneris, customers can stay on the store during checkout instead of being redirected an external page. This considerably increases the conversion rates of the online stores.



60-day Money Back


Lifetime Update


365-day Support

Compatible With

CE, EE 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x

The Great Benefits of Moneris for Magento 2 Stores

Moneris with Great Benefits for Store Owners

  • done_outlineMotivate payment process
  • money_offCost-effective process
  • add_photo_alternatePayment procedure becomes professional
  • group_addIncrease loyal customers

    Because the payment is processed with security and convenience, especially, customer credit card vault function allowing storing card information for the future checkout, the customers tend to come back for next purchase and become loyal to the store.

Significant Benefits of Moneris to Online Shoppers

  • thumb_upFreely select preferred card types

    Moneris supports almost popular credit card types including Visa,

  • touch_appSave time with saved card information
  • buildMake transactions with very high security
  • moodHave the better experience at the store site

Extra Moneris payment right at the checkout page

Moneris payment extension is specially built for merchants in the USA or Canada. Customers from US or Canadian stores now can have an extra payment method - Moneris displayed at the checkout page.

When customers go to the checkout page to process payment, they just need to click on Moneris option and fill in the required information related to credit card.

At this process, store admins can configure whether customers will be redirected to Moneris’s check-out website or not.

Magento 2 Extra Moneris payment

Moneris supports multiple credit card types

Magento 2 Moneris supports multiple credit card types

A noticeable feature of Moneris is accepting payment by almost commonly-used cards all over the world. These card types includes:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Diners Club
  • JCB

Here are among the most popular payment cards which are used spreadly in all around the world.

Save card information for later use

Moneris Payment for Magento 2 supports Customer Credit Vault feature. When this function is activated at the admin backend, the credit card information customers used will be stored securely.

It means that the next shopping times, customers do not need to fill the card number, expiration date, verification number again. They just need to select card options (with the suggestion of the four ending numbers) and process purchase quickly. This saves a great deal of time for repeat customers with future payment and enhance payment convenience without risk.

Ensure transaction with high security

Magento 2 Moneris Ensure transaction with high security

Moneris for Magento 2 ensure very high security for every transaction thanks to the application of CVS/ AVS verification and 3D Secure.

The Card Validation Digits (CVD) (referring to the numbers appearing on the back of the credit card) and Address Verification Service (AVS) (referring to cardholder’s address such as street number, street name and zip/postal code) provide a mechanism for checking the authenticity of a transaction by comparing information entered by the shopper during the payment process, with details held by the card issuer.

Besides, 3D Secure provides an additional layer of security for online credit card and debit card transactions.

Moneris payment information at backend and frontend

Customers can manage their cards used at the Stored Payment Methods section of My Account page at the frontend.
Customers can view the saved cards details including card number, expiration date, type. They also can delete any saved cards which they no longer use.

At the admin backend, store owners can view the Moneris credit card information at each admin order.

More features

Refund Moneris orders

Support refund online or offline the Moneris orders from admin panel

Applicable countries

Allow admins select to apply Moneris payment for specific countries

Flexible Payment Action

Merchants receive payment instantly after payment checkout (Authorize and Capture) or based on later projected sales (creating invoice) (Authorize)

Extension compatibility

Properly compatible with other Checkout & Payment Extensions: Catasi / Nexi Payment, SagePay payment, Stripe Payment

Full Moneris Payment Features

For store admins

General Configuration

  • Enable/ Disable Moneris Payment extension From the backend, you can select Yes to turn on Moneris Payment. If they want to turn off this module, they can easily select No.
  • Select the environment for Moneris testing There are two testing environments, including Sandbox and Production, from which admins can choose the suitable one.
  • Select Merchant Server: Canada or USA You can apply Moneris with servers from USA or Canada.
  • Input Store ID and API Token It is able for store admins to input Store ID and API Token (from registration with Moneris).
  • Enable/ Disable Hosted Payment Gateway (redirecting customers to Moneris's check-out website) By selecting Yes or No option from the backend, admins can easily enable or disable redirecting to Moneris site.


  • Set title for Card payment section Admins are allowed to set the title for Moneris payment on the checkout page.
  • Select payment action: authorize or authorize and capture Merchant can choose to receive payment instantly after payment checkout (Authorize and Capture) or after creating an invoice (Authorize).
  • Select Card Types to apply Moneris Moneris extension supports customers with almost popular credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB.
  • Allow/ Disallow Customer Credit Vault If the merchants want to store the credit card information of customers for later uses, they can enable the Customer Credit Vault. If not, they can easily disable this function in the backend.
  • Set the title for Vault section at the checkout page Admins can freely set any title for Vault section at the checkout page.
  • Select applicable countries Moneris extension allows store admins to apply Moneris payment for specific countries.
  • Allow/ Disallow debug mode In the setting, the merchants can easily enable or disable the Debug Mode to allow/ disallow diagnostic information to store in log files on the Magento web server.
  • Set the display order for Moneris payment Merchants can freely set the display order for Moneris payment from the backend.

Verification and Security

  • Enable/ Disable AVS Verification Moneris for Magento 2 comes with AVS verification, which ensures high security for every transaction. Merchants can allow/ disallow AVS Verification as they want.
  • Select result if AVS Verification fails Store admins can set the results in case AVS verification fails.
  • Enable/ Disable CVD Verification The Card Validation Digits (CVD) offers a mechanism for checking the authenticity of a transaction by comparing information entered by the customers in the payment process with details kept by the card issuer. The merchants can easily allow or disallow this application in the setting.
  • Select result if CVD Verification fails In the Verification and Security section from backend, store admins can set the result if the CVD verification fails.
  • Enable/ Disable 3D Secure Verification An additional layer of security for online card transactions is 3D Secure. To enable/ disable this application, admins can select Yes/ No option in the setting.
  • Input response code and message In the Response settings, admins can enter codes (errors customer can meet) and the messages at these cases.
  • Compatiple with Store Pickup, Custom Checkout Fields, Payment Restrictions.

For customers

  • Able to make payment via a number of card types With the support of Moneris extension, customer can freely to make payments via their preferred card types.
  • Make transaction with high security and convenience Thanks to the excellent security system with the application of CVS/ AVS verification and 3D Secure, the payment process becomes more securable and convenient.
  • Have the card information stored from the next purchase The credit card information of customers is saved securely. Hence, from the second shopping time, customers only need to select the card options (with the suggestion of the four ending numbers) and make the payment quickly.
  • Have a better shopping experience When the customers make their payments more quickly and conveniently, they will be more satisfied during their shopping time and want to come back to purchase again and again. </details>


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