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Call for Price for Magento 2   v1.0.0

Call for Price for Magento 2
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Magento 2 Call For Price extension by Mageplaza supports e-commerce shop owners to manage the product price visibility. This extra extension for Magento 2 is useful to specific purposes that push buyers to contact to store as well as hide product prices effectively.



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Compatible With

CE, EE 2.1.x - 2.3.x

Call for Price in use

Why is hiding prices necessary?

  • perm_phone_msg Encourage customers to contact to receive product price

    Hiding prices leads to communication between stores and buyers become more closely. The support then will be more detailedly and better. The negotiation can be done privately and sensitively. Therefore, it increases the success rate of purchases thanks to productive interaction with customers.

  • security Keep prices secret from competitors

    With the products are sold by a large number of distributors, the shop owners would like the price to be non-public to avoid competitiveness and losing potential customers.

  • show_chart The price of a product is economically volatile

    The price is frequently changed due to the effect of economic fluctuation. In this case, showing the fixed price is not possible. At each period, customers should contact directly to get the updated actual price.

  • image_search Draw fully customers' attention to feel and assess the value of a product, not the cost

    In case, a customer feels curious about some kind of product while at that time, the price is showed and immediately he finds that he can not afford it, his intention of buying will be eliminated right away. The hiding of prices encourages customers to invest more time to understand deeply about product value before considering its price.

Various applications in Magento online stores

  • link_off Hide Add to cart button

    The "Add to cart" button will be hidden in this case. The purpose is mainly introducing details of products. The store would like to provide products information to visitors instead of aim to encourage customers to make the purchase at a specific time. This application can be used when products are not available (out of stock or upcoming in near future). For example, the upcoming release of a new mobile version.

  • chat Popup request form

    A pop-up as request form will appear, suggesting customers to fill in before approaching product price. The most important field in this form is leaving a message to store owners. This is significantly helpful to customers who are wholesalers because they would like to make big orders and wish for direct negotiation for the best price. For instance, a fashion retail store would like to order a large number of clothes.

  • swap_horizontal_circle Redirect to CMS page

    With the product which requires a special purchasing procedure and the store owner would like to give the instruction carefully for the buyers, the redirecting function of Call for price/ Get a quote button is useful.
    By clicking on this button, customers will be navigated to a new detailed page. It can be How to buy or Contact us. For example, a type of shoe which is distributed internationally, so customers will be linked to the right distributor site near the customer's location.

  • account_box Log in for Price

    Customers are required to log in to see the product price. Login to see price button now is commonly used in professional online stores. The price will only be shown to the users who are really keen on and do not mind signing up to approach more product information.

Replace Add to cart button with various options

Mageplaza Call for Price allows admins to customize freely Add to cart button. There are different replacement choices which meet specific purposes of store owners. On the product page, the price will be hidden, and the button "Add to cart" will be replaced with some options as follows

  • - Hide "Add to cart" button.

  • - Popup a quote form.

  • - Redirect to an URL.

  • - Log-in to see price.
Magento 2 call for price help hide Add to cart button

Rule-based action for Call for Price

Rule-based action for Call for Price

Call for Price by Mageplaza allows admin to assign a specific Call for Price action to specific products or categories. The action will be applied depending on flexible conditions such as Product Category, Product Attribute, or Attribute Set. In case admin would like to set a separate rule for one product, it is also possible in backend setting.

Admin can easily view, manage rule information in the management grid. The main attributes are status, action, store view, customer group.

Easy to manage visibility

Flexible module settings of Mageplaza Call for Price allows admin to set price visibility to certain visitors. It can be customized by customer groups (General, Wholesale, Retailer), by store views or any groups admin want to set. Hence, the price will be hidden accordingly.

This option assists store owners to manage price visibility effectively and encourage particular customers to contact directly.

From the rule management grid, admins can easily view which customer groups are applied specific rules.

Easy to manage product price visibility

Advanced Call for Price Report

Advanced Call for Price Report in Magento 2

A noticeable feature of this module is Advanced Call for Price Report. The report will appear in the dashboard of admin backend with the reported monthly figures of the number of requests, names of requesters, all requested products, top 10 requests for product prices and comparison chart between two continuous months.

This feature supports store owners keep an eye on every update, access the concerning level of customers about shop products. Besides, store owners can make sure not only do not miss but also come back to any requests of potential clients quickly. As a result, this will improve customers' satisfaction and increase shop ratings.
This module is properly compatible with Mageplaza Advanced Reports Extension.

More features

Extension compatibility

Call for Price is properly compatible with related extensions developed by Mageplaza: One Step Checkout, GDPR, Google reCaptcha, Social Login, Advanced Reports .These extensions also support each other well to bring about the best results.

Request management

Admin can easily view and manage all requests from customers on the backend grid. Here the main related information will be shown clearly including names of requesters, email addresses, phone numbers, concerned products, the status of feedback, configured store view and customer groups.

Email notification

Email notification can be activated from the backend configuration. It helps admin be noticed when a request has been submitted. Hence, the store can give the reply to customers in time.

Hide Add to compare/Wishlist

In case Magento store owners find the built-in features Add to compare or Wishlist not useful to stores or customers, right from the backend configuration of Call for Price, admin can disable these features.

Full Features List

For store admins

General configuration

  • Enable/ Disable the extension
  • Create the status name for request: To do, Doing, To review, Done
  • Create Term and Condition URL link in the request form
  • Disable/ Remain default function: Add to compare, Wishlist
  • Disable Shopping cart by Customer groups: General, Wholesalers, Retailers
  • Disable the Checkout page by customer groups: General, Wholesalers, Retailers
  • Enable/ Disable email notification to admin

Request Management

  • View, manage and edit all information of customers' requests via request management grid including product name, SKU, store view, status, customers' information and messages
  • Choose status for a particular request
  • View, edit each request information

Rule Management

  • View, manage and edit all rule information by rule management grid
  • Set name, status, store view, customer group, valid time, priority for a rule
  • Choose an action for the button: Hide Add to cart, Request form Popup, Log-in Popup, Redirect to an URL
  • Choose a name for Button label
  • Add redirect URL to the label
  • Set customer information fields of the request form: Name, Email, Phone number, Note
  • Enable/ Disable Terms and Conditions checkbox
  • Set conditions applied for specific categories
  • Choose separate rule for a product

For customers

  • Log-in to see the price
  • Fill the request form to ask for the price
  • Be navigated to a new page for more information
  • Directly communicate with store

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